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Aquarius Quarterly

Saturn is now in Aquarius. View this as an overture. Saturn will backtrack (at least as viewed from Earth) into Capricorn for a few months before making full entry at the December solstice. Growing awareness of increased maturity with responsibility is probable.As of April 4th, Venus moves into the other Air sign, Gemini. It's extended stay - through until early August - puts considerable emphasis on affairs of the heart. The pleasure zone of your solar chart covers not only romantic activity but also anything to do with children. Here you may need to practice a degree of tough love making clear boundaries that should not be breached. Through these few months to it would be understandable if you cursed an earlier approach to financial matters. Bear in mind that no one gets up in the morning determined to make a bad decision and what you did in the past you would have done with the best of intentions. It may be that this quarter brings a few tumultuous and rocky waves. Costs could indeed be high and your problem-solving abilities put to the test. By the solar Eclipse on June 21 however, you are likely to arrive at a conclusion about an important property matter.

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