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Aquarius Quarterly

Mars is moving through another of the Fixed signs and on August 1st, aligns with both the Lunar Node and your ruling planet, Uranus. This should prove a red letter day. It comes just a few days after the Leo (your opposite sign) New Moon, and yes, developments may be linked to decisions taken with or by a close colleague or partner. Of course, it may be you that decides to go off on a tangent and do your own thing with travel involved. Of course, travel doesn't have to be literal: it could be of the mind. It may be that you now know that you need different types of experience, and are prepared to go wherever is necessary to get that. Oviously much depends on your exact date of birth, and for some Aquarians, a physical move will be necessary. Property matters could have particular attention at the Full Moon on July 13. Other key dates this quarter - and for all signs - include August 20 and the Full Moon on September 10. It would be as well to be prepared for financial shenanigans between these dates. If on holiday, take special care if you're using currency with which you are not familiar.

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