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Aquarius Quarterly

This is likely to be super challenging quarter for all signs but perhaps notably those born under Fixed signs like your own. It should be apparent by the lunar eclipse on January 21st, that others have taken up positions with which they are not entirely comfortable. You too may be dismayed and even wonder if you've made a correct call and are on the right path. Soon after the New Moon in your sign on February 4, the cosmic weather is set to change and opportunties arrive. By the time that Chiron moves from Pisces into Aries mid-February, you may have ascertained which group of people would give you best support. Then, on March 6th , an opportunity could present it is only come about because someone really has changed their mind. The grace with which they do this and the opportunity this provides for you, will likely take you quite by surprise. Property matters may be involved yes, for some born under Aquarius, a move is possible. Whatever, by the end of this quarter, domestic arrangements may be very different and your attitude to asset management much altered.

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