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Mars has now begun a six-month stint in the Fire sign, Aries. It might seem as though this wouldn't affect you but it probably will. Aries covers the local communications area of your solar chart. What is going on in your local scene is about to become increasingly relevant. This could be about traffic management but it is perhaps as likely that you will be involved with local education or even political projects. Note that Saturn has now returned to neighbouring Capricorn. This gives you a little reprieve from too much responsibility until that planet moves into your sign properly in December. Through both this quarter and next, reviewing future plans and the investment needed to make these happen will likely have your full attention. Take care around the August 3rd Full Moon in your sign when global news could affect you significantly. From then and through to August 19th, reaching out and determining what support you could have from family and the wider community should prove a worthwhile exercise. Expect to get moving at fast pace from September 6 when it seems your particular expertise will be much in demand - but with the demand that you make up for lost time and do so by mid-November.

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