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Aquarius Quarterly

This will surely prove a financially challenging quarter for all signs. Jupiter's move into Sagittarius comes just a day after the November New Moon: probably bringing with it a sea change in global financial affairs. It may then be obvious that certain sectors and even countries are headed towards rocks. Protecting assets could then be your main concern. Those of your sign are generally good at working within the community. You may find that by joining a savings or investment club you can steer your financial ship away from these rocks. This looks to be particularly true in the last days of October. As is the case for many other signs, the last week of November is to be negotiated with extreme caution. News then reveal just how expensive certain items and services are going to be in 2019. You may need to change plans as a result. Actually, from Friday, October 5th as Venus turns retrograde at the apex of your solar chart, should you choose to do so, you could tune in to these undercurrents and, before Venus stations mid November, shore up your position. Imperative is surely to plug any leaks and effect essential repairs. A purchase made mid-October (possibly for a very large item) looks though as though it could be a sound investment. In later years you might even come to review this as excellent pension planning.

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