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Aquarius Monthly July 2020

For so many months the accent has been on protection and home services. Now the cosmic vibration is changing. Though Mercury doesn't leave Cancer until the middle of next month and certain home improvements might still require cash injection, the accent is moving. Mars has now entered Aries, - and for an extended stay. You might now give careful thought to transport costs as well as to investments in the local area. With the high probability of concern about long-term investments prompting you to read financial papers with greater interest than usual, you might, soon after the New Moon on July 20th be interested to hear how others are making savings and securing these. What you learn in the last few days of July might prompt you to invest in established businesses - an area in which you may not have had interest earlier. It may be the injection of enthusiasm brought about by a younger member who's been studying new ways of distributing goods and services, that prompts used to think about investing.

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