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Aquarius Monthly June 2019

With both Mars and the lunar node now moving through the sign of Cancer, it's probable that all signs will be particularly focused on investing in family, property and protection. Those of your sign will surely not be immune to this trend. Where you could have the edge on others is that given that Cancer highlights the day-to-day activity area of your solar chart, you may be drawn to investing in essential goods and services. Here you could excel. You might even determine that it's time to invest in a small business or even get one off the ground before the end of June. Certainly, as Venus moves through another of the Air signs from June 9th, drawing up a business plan and preparing that second revenue stream might appeal greatly. What initially appears impossible could, around the Full Moon on June 17th, show signs of being eminently do-able - particularly if you join forces with someone born under the signs of either Gemini or Sagittarius. Indeed, a joint proposition could work well and result in good savings.

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