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Aquarius Monthly February 2019

As you are probably aware, until 19th the Sun is moving through your sign. With all major planets in direct motion too, this suggest that the first three weeks of February will be exceptionally busy and go-getting: including obvious drive to attend to financial matters. Yet it could also prove expensive. Mars and Uranus arrive at an alignment on Wednesday 13th perhpas prompting you to seize what seems to be a bargain but which could break your budget. Be aware that the financial tide could as easily turn in the other direction after the Full Moon on 19th. Whether or not you are an active trader, you might need to keep tighter rein on costs for the last 10 days of the month. A very strong possibility - and especially over the last weekend in February, - is discussing long-term pension plan and investment strategy. It would be wise - especially given the fact that Mars will be transiting over the base of your solar chart, - not to ignore fluctuations in the property market and indeed, even consider obtaining a valuation.

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