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Aquarius Monthly August 2019

It may be all too easy to be pressured into spending more than you can really afford in the first 12 days of August. Following on from the Leo New Moon (1st), spectacular aspects suggest that many will be in the mood to celebrate and yes, could go overboard in doing so. If you have investments in the leisure industry this might be a good thing! If on holiday however, you will need to take special care that you don't exceed both a budget and empty emergency savings. There is a decided mood change around the Full Moon in your sign on 15th. It might even be that you lead the way in applying a meticulous approach to resolving a financial dilemma. Perhaps having noted which goods and services are now deemed essential, you could determine a buying financial strategy to implement in a few weeks. This is likely to be done in partnership and perhaps with someone born under the Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn. Fantastic aspects involving your ruling planet, Uranus in the last few days of August indicate the possibility of unexpected cash coming your way. Rather than spend this wildly, this could be your moment to consider which investments you could make in October if markets fall as they may well do.

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