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Aquarius Monthly November 2018

This November is likely to be turbulent on the global financial stage. It's recognised that when cosmic events coincide, that financial matters dominate the world stage. The New Moon on November 7th and accents the very apex of your solar chart, coincides with Jupiter's arrival in Sagittarius and Uranus (one of your ruling planets) returns to Aries. Just over a week later, Mercury arrives at a station as does Venus, and within a day of Mars arrival in Pisces and the Lunar Node's move into Cancer. You don't need to know what each of these events might mean: what's important is that there is an accumulation of planetary activity. Some people could be panicked. Others may see this as opportunity. Holding steady and having faith that all will be well will likely be challenge for all signs. It might suit you - and especially if you're involved in the world of education, publishing or the law, to consider joining forces with others. It may be that as part of a team or collaborative that you could make financial gain. That said, emphasis really needs to be put on long-term security and controlled risk management.

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