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Aquarius Monthly September 2020

From a sun-centred perspective, Saturn enters your sign at the Full Moon on September 2. You may be one of the first to apply the financial brakes if global financial trends turn negative. That could lead to considerable financial tension between 6th and 10th. Indeed, it may be that is by 11th there is a parting of the ways. One manifestation of this might be the decision to move savings where you believe they will be more secure. As of Sunday 13th, Jupiter is in direct motion bringing more opportunities for investment. Indeed, the week 13th through until the Equinox on the 20th looks most promising. It's interesting that this year Mercury is moving forward at speed through another of the Air signs. This suggests ideas will flow thick and fast. So too could your cash flow. Yet your spending is unlikely to be reckless. It's more probable you will seize bargains - particularly between 20th and 22nd. It's savings, pensions and long-term investments that will likely have your full attention between 27th and Saturn's station on 29th surprising other with your focused attitude and willingness to conquer latent apprehension about financial matters.