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Aquarius Monthly January 2020

You could experience some unhappy financial moments as 2020 gets underway. One of my colleagues has described 2020 as the year of the "Great Financial Reset'. Certainly around the Lunar Eclipse on January 10th many people could experience chilly financial winds blowing in their direction. For you, the need to make essential repairs or improve your environment might need to move up your agenda. You might also be made aware of the fact that you don't have sufficient savings and that pension arrangements are no longer adequate. All this would be debilitating: yet those of your sign have a gift for thinking differently. By the time the Sun arrives at its square position to Uranus on 23rd, you could perhaps see a way out. True plans will likely take some time to implement. Yet by spreading resources and yes, undertaking bartering or exchanging services, over 27th and 28th you could successfully both plug a financial leak and perhaps cultivate a small but significant second revenue stream.

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