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Aquarius Monthly October 2021

Until the night before the Full Moon on October 20, Mercury is retrograde in another of the Air signs. Retrogrades bring rethinks. Jupiter Saturn and Pluto are also retrograde nand it will likely be after the Full Moon when these planets are in direct motion before progress is made. Where money is concerned, there are presumably many steps you could take that would give you greater financial control. Given the pressure that the backbone of your solar chart has been under now for many months - and which doesn't complete until at the very earliest January 2022, - preserving your position should be top priority. To this end, it might be useful to discuss matters with your financial adviser around Friday 15th when you could be alerted to opportunities you haven't yet considered. Then, as the Sun arrives at the apex of your solar chart on 23rd, you may be in prime position to take advantage of offers. In this, it would be wise to think of playing the long game. In short, October - for Aquarius especially - is all about saving and building security.

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