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Aquarius Monthly April 2020

As you know, Saturn has now entered your sign but returns to Capricorn for the second half of the year. View this epriod as early warning of times to come. It would be unsuprising if you felt constrained. Saturn is all about working within boundaries. Nowhere is this perhaps more important than with financial budgets. All that said, it's highly likely that around the Full Moon on April 8th that you will determine a major investment. Although much depends on your personal chart, it may be that you're correct in thinking that this is exactly the right time to invest in you and your long-term interests. This though might deplete cash reserves - particularly midmonth. It would be understandable if, by the time Pluto stations on 26th, that you determined to make further and likely deep financial cuts. The interesting thing about this is that just as you curtail certain expenses, you are as likely to attract yet another revenue stream. In short, the balance at the end of the month could be much the same as its start despite the financial tidal waves are likely to affect you.

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