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Aquarius Monthly December 2018

With so many planets in what are called Mutable signs of the zodiac this December, for many people the financial flow will be fast and indeed furious. Whilst you might try hard to keep a tight rein on finances, you could yet be scuppered by others. It's important - and especially in the days leading up to the New Moon on December 7th, - that lines of communication are good and, in particular, that on Wednesday 5th, that you don't fall victim to a financial scam. The situation should be much improved between 17th and 20th. Though true, through these few days you might also be tempted to overspend, there are also clues suggesting that before the Full Moon (which happens also to be the solstice) on the 22nd, that you could make major and important investment. This may well be connected to either further training or travel. One thing you might consider during the last week of the year, is investing time in improving your knowledge base. Whilst others are having a good time partying, you could have an equally good time gaining knowledge and understanding that gives you an advantage in 2019.

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