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Aquarius Monthly November 2020

It would be wise to use the first few days of November for reassessment. Until Mercury turns direct on 3rd, getting good handle on your position should be helpful. All this is in preparation for a sea change in financial matters that occurs around the New Moon on 15th. By then, Jupiter and Pluto will have made their final alignment in Capricorn. They won't conjoin in this sign again in your lifetime. On top of that, Mars turns direct midmonth. These factors suggest new beginning. Of course this will affect far more than just financial matters and yes, a degree of turbulence should be expected. It's said though, that one man's disaster is another's opportunity. As always there are options. By using your considerable expertise and negotiating skills, you could make singular and wise investment around Friday 27th - which may yet prove one of your key financial dates in 2020.