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Aquarius Monthly March 2021

As viewed from Earth, all the planets are in direct motion (no retrogrades). That implies opportunity and a sense of things at last moving forward. And yet, in the past, March has seen market volatility and 2021 is unlikely to be an exception. The dates around the Full Moon on March 28 look to be particularly troublesome. Of course, this doesn't need to involve financial matters but accountability - at every level is et to be a major theme alongside reorganisation of major trading deals. At a personal level you could be affected - especially if you are involved with anything deemed 'international'. Extreme care will be necessary. Tax matters might also require particular attention - ideally between 16th and 20th when it may be possible to take advantage of new schemes. In the last few days of March, the focus is very much on savings and investment - particularly where career or property are concerned. Noting that Mars will have arrived in another of the Air signs on Thursday 4th, you may be more than a little interested to weigh up the various credit deals on offer.

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