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Aquarius Money

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Aquarius is the last of the group of signs known as the Air group. It is a complex sign. Individuals born under this sign often seem to contradict themselves. Others may think that the words and actions of Aquarians are at variance with one another. Aquarians would abhor this comment since they know that they are always true to themselves. The problem is that for them every moment in life is different and has to be honoured accordingly. If this results in disparity in behaviour then so be it as far as Aquarians can see. They are an unusual group of people precisely because that is what they want to be. They may enjoy the intellectual exercise of analysing others but do not like it when others weigh up their actions and behaviour. Freedom and independence are essential characteristics of Aquarians and it would be anathema to them to concede that others are able to predict their behaviour. They have to be able to respond to the moment. However, they have a natural feel for the future and are often far ahead of their time. Life to them is made richer by new advances and ideas. All too easily they are exasperated by the past and frustrated by those whose behavioural patterns are built on historic and traditional approaches. They may have respect for that person's point of view, but require that others understand that they have to do things their own way too.