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Aquarius Money

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Initially, the stock and bond markets are alien places to Aquarians but, with their fast grasp of what is going on around them, it is not long before they understand the basic rules of the game and are ready to join in. Inevitably, Aquarians are attracted to those stocks where the product is futuristic. High-tech stocks usually appeal but their imagination is also captured by stocks which may not have moved for some time. Having acquired even just a little information, Aquarians are extraordinarily adept at sensing when the stock is ripe for a move and buying in at just that moment. The problem here is that the move may not necessarily be in an upward direction and there are all too many Aquarians who have had their fingers burnt by buying too much of a stock which has made a disastrous move downward. This, is all part of life's rich tapestry for Aquarians however. They take such blows on the chin, rarely moan and always resolve to research a little better next time. Once they learn that their instinct is for the market move and that they will need further information at that point before they themselves react to this, they learn to make more informed and rather more rational decisions. Of course, saying that to them would turn them off entirely. Aquarians are not at all afraid of behaving irrationally and can recount instances when that natural quirkiness has paid off handsomely.

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