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Aquarius Money

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Investing in themselves is something that Aquarians have to do anyway. Few others can understand what it is that they want to do and they are almost too futuristic themselves to be able to present their case to bank managers or venture capitalists. It is almost as though their vision of the future would be damaged by too much focus on practicalities or details. Preparation of a business plan may be intellectually stimulating - but not for long. Yes it would be better if they gave these matters greater priority, but it appears that in doing so their energy and enthusiasm for the project is somehow diminished. They are at their best when allowed to focus on the main aim and objective. They are more than capable of making it all happen and have no fear of investing capital, time and expertise until they have achieved their goal. There is no question that they will not pay employees a fair price. In all things, Aquarians strive to be true and kind. What all this means is that it may be some time before they have extra reserves with which they can then play the markets.