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Aquarius Money

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As a rule they do not make good financial partners for all the reasons given above. Their need to be free to do their own thing is so strong that it would be hard for anyone else to become closely involved with them. Aquarians would feel seriously threatened and undermined by someone sharing control of their finances. Trying to explain why they had taken certain actions or justifying an expense would seem just too, too irritating. Called upon to explain some financial action, they may display a degree of stubbornness and wilfulness that leaves others quite uncomprehending. Aquarians are indeed 'one-offs' and are at their best when allowed to go their own way.

This works exceedingly well for those Aquarians who are self-employed. They are creative individuals and have no problem with coming up with an idea to market. The idea is likely to have widespread appeal and to be something which improves the quality of life for others. Aquarians will offer a fair deal for a fair price and will have no difficulty in negotiating deals. Their ability to present reasoned argument comes to the fore and they can hold their own until a final agreement is reached.