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Aquarius Money

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The kind of savings plans which appeal to Aquarians are those where ethical considerations have been taken into account. Co-operative banking appeals to them but then so too does the idea of having a Merchant Bank account which is exclusive. Aquarians may need both in order to fulfil the two radically different parts of their make-up. Again, their savings pattern may go from one extreme to the other. They may save regularly for a while only to become bored with the game or have need of the ready funds. Then they have long periods when they do not save at all. This mirrors their spending habits generally. At one point they may spend, spend, spend, and at another time control their spending to such a degree that others become concerned that they are trying to do without essentials. It is this proneness to extreme and exaggerated behaviour that makes it so very hard to suggest ways in which Aquarians may help themselves to build a more secure financial base. They may crave security but can all too easily sabotage any gains that they have made by making a sudden withdrawal and leaving themselves back at square one. Even elementary checking of their bank statement is too trifling or tedious for them. The real problem is that they can excel at budgeting and yet at other times show themselves to be total spendthrifts. They become bored by routine and almost have to do something to break out of what they perceive as a rut even if this means that they leave themselves financially vulnerable.

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