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Aquarius Money

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As an Air sign, Aquarians have no difficulty in fantasising about money in whatever form. Money is, after all, simply a means to an end. The handling of cash requires the use of certain practical skills and that bores Aquarians rigid. Cash may require a container of some sort but Aquarians do not dwell on what form this container should take. Not for them the tiresome task of making sure that bills are folded in a certain way or that notes should even be kept separate to coins. Herewith lies a basic problem; the apparent lack of respect that Aquarians shows towards cash masks a healthy respect for finance generally. Perhaps more than any other sign, Aquarians know what can be achieved when finance is available. They are shrewd shoppers, savers and investors but to display these traits requires that they invest in the necessary time to do essential research. This is something that they can only do when they are truly in the mood. At other times, their lack of interest means that they will simply tune out to any discussion about finance or related subjects. It is quite simply too tedious. Yet at other times, their savvy in this area can be outstanding. They may leave others totally confused; blowing hot and cold on financial matters. Their attitude is perhaps the most exasperating of any of the signs to the financial advisor who will not have a clue as to what reaction he/she is going to receive on any given day. One thing the advisor might care to remember is that Aquarians' attention span is short. They are quick on the uptake and do not require to go into long involved discussions on anything quite so mundane as money. They want to set up a plan quickly and with the minimum fuss so that they can get back to what it is that really interests them.

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