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Aquarius Love Friday 27th March 2020

For the first time in almost three decades, Mars and Saturn align in your sign. Generally this is regarded as the 'brick wall' combination. There is something hard and 'solid as a rock' about this. And yes, it is possible that you will issue an ultimatum. This though may not be in a negative sense at all. Sandwiched between two fabulous aspects involving Venus, it may be that you're now ready to make commitment. Certainly it seems that where relationships are concerned, you will be thinking along new lines. True, Saturn doesn't stay in your sign for very long before it returns for a few months back into Capricorn. It makes final Aquarius ingress along with Jupiter on December 20th. So it may be that what's offered now is simply the overture of what's to come. In the romantic and social sense, it would appear that long-term friendships are now being given full attention.