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Aquarius Love Friday 15th March 2019

Venus is passing through your sign. On Thursday, which happens to be both a Full Moon and the Equinox, that planet reaches its Last Quarter phase with Mars. As you'd likely expect, the combination of these two planets could mark a relationship turning point. It seems likely that you will reach a key stage where emotional matters are concerned. It might be as well to hold the thought that Mercury is still retrograde in Pisces. Not only does this bring the potential for misunderstandings, but also for expensive mistakes. It may be that you spend far more on an outfit than is really necessary and where the impact is not as great as you'd hoped. Yet also at the Equinox, Venus makes splendid aspect to Jupiter. It may be that someone passing through or who is involved in an intense period of study or planning an adventure, creates a ripple of desire and is instrumental in bringing a curious invitation your way.