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Aquarius Love Friday 17th May 2019

This weekend's Full Moon is the regular one across the Taurus-Scorpio axis. This year that event is unusual in that it coincides with the first alignment of Venus and Uranus in Taurus for many, many decades. All those born under a Fixed signs (like yours) are likely to be particularly affected. The Aquarius sentimental side may be greatly on show. True, you could as easily fall in love with a property as a person. Fact is, that your emotional scales are likely to be tipped to extreme level. By Tuesday, with both the Sun and Mercury moving into another of the Air signs, there will likely be much for you to discuss. Fact is, that in developing a new partnership, your domestic routine will no doubt need to change. Exciting as this may be, do factor in quiet time when you allow emotions to catch up with you.