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Aquarius Love Friday 7th May 2021

Think of this weekend as 'warm up' time with betetr times ahead. You now have a better idea of what it is that you want and the type of person you would be happy to share your life journey with. Recall that both Jupiter and Saturn are passing through your sign. Jupiter brings the promise of better things but Saturn, moving more slowly and behind Jupiter, suggests caution and delay. There are matters that must be discussed and problems aired before you can move forward. All that should be easier after Tuesday's New Moon in another of the Fixed signs. By then, Venus will have joined Mercury in Germany: adding to the need to talk and deal with disquiet. Then, just ahead of next weekend, Jupiter moves into Pisces and things should get really interesting. Finding ways and means of dovetailing your needs with those of a significant other then takes priority. If you are already in partnership, negotiating these trends ought not to be too difficult. If, however, you are still ascertaining whether or not a partnership can work, see these next few days as a challenge requiring courage.