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Aquarius Love Friday 18th January 2019

Monday's lunar eclipse is in your opposite sign. Though that doesn't necessarily mark an ending it could do so. Given that this eclipse comes hard on the heels of an aspect that won't recur in a particular quadrant of the Zodiac for another eight decades, this is likely to be an important turning point for many. You are unlikely to be exempt. On the positive side, once this very special full moon is in the past, you'll likely know far better where you stand within a key partnership. Whether it's moved to deeper and more secure level or whether you agree that it's in its concluding phase, there will presumably be opportunity midweek to consider what it is that you would find romantically fulfilling in 2019. Indeed, in the period between the lunar eclipse and next Sunday's last quarter moon in another of the Fixed signs, you could determine a strategy for moving forward.