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Virgo Weekly Sunday 23rd April 2017

Your weekly horoscope: Mars has now arrived in the sign of Gemini, another of the Mutable signs. Its passage through this sign (which takes until early next month) means that it's also crossing the apex of your solar chart. Think of this as an opportunity to energise your mission statement. True, with Mercury retrograde, it might not be possible to push forward at speed at least until after Wednesday's New Moon. You could however at least address the issues or make a list of those things you haven't accomplished in the last couple of years and perhaps, by that New Moon determine whether or not they're still important and how much energy they should be given. Of course, another possibility is that you will be quizzed at length by those who feel you ought to have a better career plan in place. With Mercury's alignment with Uranus at the end of the week, a further possibility is that an unexpected offer will come your way. This might well involve those who work in the field of superfast technology. On that note however, it would perhaps be advisable to check that your virus software is fully up-to-date as there is the possibility of miscommunication mishap between the New Moon and the weekend.