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Virgo Weekly Sunday 26th June 2016

It's generally acknowledged that Virgos worry. Even when it seems there's nothing to be anxious about, that in itself can be an issue. Fact is that you seem to thrive when you have something to think about, to perfect, to improve and to nurture. The latter is often forgotten. It's good for Virgos to have something on which to focus their energies. As Mars reaches its station on 29th, mission papers from the cosmos could finally arrive and at long last you may know exactly what it is that you need to do next. This should bring with it quite a buzz before the weekend. True, it probably will require blending the past with the future, (orthodox with 21st Century technology) and yes, you may wonder how it is all going to come together. Yet instinctively you may know you're doing what's right for you and revitalising in the process.