Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 22nd February 2015

Unexpected - and fast - developments are probable for another month yet. This week a slight change in career direction is likely - and may be prompted by someone's vision for a far better work-play balance (or is driven by health necessity). A further possibility is that you'll decide to develop a second revenue stream and so increase the work you do from home. You might not be at all unhappy about this given that it appears someone has a clear vision. True, you might not share this (yet) but, as always when there's a clear plan, you rise to the challenge. It may be that this is linked to an idea first proposed as much as eighteen months ago and by someone whom you rarely see but who's always on the periphery. What should also be apparent before the weekend is that your particular discriminating talents are very much appreciated and that a team simply couldn't manage without you. Enjoy !