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Virgo Weekly Sunday 22nd May 2016

It's the turn of Venus to oppose Mars this week (following on from the Full Moon and the Sun's opposition to Mars). Add to that Jupiter's apparent right angle to Saturn and it seems likely that all signs will experience cosmic punctuation marks this week. Whilst you might prefer to direct traffic, it's perhaps more likely that you'll be caught up in a traffic jam as you allow paper-work, due diligence, checking etc etc to be processed. On the upside this could prove a superb time to study. Indeed, with support from someone following an entirely different discipline to your own, you could make huge headway. It's as likely though that you'll find some people seem to be pulling away from agreed plans. With Mercury now in direct motion and in another of the Earth signs, it might seem as though they are unstoppable tanks. Before the Last Quarter Moon in your opposite sign next Sunday, you could decide that one working relationship needs major overhaul if it's to survive.