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Virgo Weekly Sunday 25th June 2017

By mid week, your anxiety levels could not only be rising but may be obvious to all. For some, this could even manifest as a rash or allergic reaction. It's perhaps worth bearing in mind that it's not yet a year since a solar eclipse in your sign. It may be that you're still in the process of readjustment. With your ruling planet Mercury, opposing Pluto on Friday it may be that once more you need to dig deep into resources. It might also be useful to reconnect with those you were working with a year ago. Though it's unlikely you can pick up exactly where you left off, it could be that new rules and terms of engagement can be agreed. Aware however of shifting sands and the precariousness of certain positions it would be understandable if your worry levels rose. The good news though is that those born under the Water signs of Cancer and Pisces especially may be attuned to your sensitivity and go out of their way to assist you.