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Virgo Weekly Sunday 1st May 2016

Not only is there a New Moon in another of the Earth signs this Friday (6th) but Jupiter stations in your sign on Monday (9th) just a day ahead of Venus making one of the 'best in the book' aspects to that planet on Tuesday. You could view all this as the spotlight shining on you and your affairs. This should affect every area of your life but perhaps no more so than where affairs of the heart are concerned. The New Moon suggests a fresh start and the rest suggests a huge emotional wave (most likely of the positive kind). You may have something to celebrate. As likely is that you'll feel a spring in your step and with that vibration or aura around, it wouldn't be so surprising if you attract significant attention. Those born under the Fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius could be mesmerised: though whether you want to explore one of these partnerships will of course depend on your personal chart.