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Virgo Weekly Sunday 22nd November 2015

Considerable planetary attention at the very base of your solar chart, suggests that domestic matters and asset management will take priority over the next two weeks. It may be that a drama occurring before Wednesday's Full Moon requires you to somehow or other find an extra hour in each day. It might also be that there is a natural deadline at the end of this week or end of month. Either way, pressure is likely to be acute. This is not to say that you can't or won't want to rise to the challenge. Indeed, you could pull off something quite startling midweek. Post the Full Moon, reaction to recent events could find you lethargic or needing more rest. Given that your perfectionist streak might well have surfaced and that you might not be entirely happy with all that been agreed earlier, it might also be that you spend the latter part of the week in worrying mode. The steadying influence of someone who has 'seen it all before' will surely be much appreciated on Friday.