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Virgo Weekly Sunday 17th June 2018

The working week begins with the Moon passing through your sign. And yes, it's possible that others will turn to you for advice and direction. It might be as well though not to give others too many options. Coincident with Thursday's solstice, Venus and Mars oppose one another. It will suit many people to arrive at quick decisions. The more options they are given, the greater the chance of them choosing something inappropriate or unworkable. Note that throughout this summer - dominated by two solar eclipses and lunar eclipse that much is set to change. Ensuring that there is flexibility within any arrangement is surely imperative. It is though probable that you will pull off an exceptional deal or show others your high level of expertise mid-week and further possible that someone, (possibly born under either Aries or Libra), will suggest that you formalise your partnership. Exciting as this may be, it would be as well to take time to consider carefully if you would feel entrapped by this development.