Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 29th March 2015

We are still between two important eclipses. It might seem to you that others are moving goal-posts. Certainly it's probable that aims and objectives are changing. Given that yours is one of the signs known to excel at adjustment, you might not be at all unhappy at proposed developments - especially when it becomes clear that there is considerable backing for these plans. Involvement in strategic thinking and scheduling seems likely midweek. It's quite possible too that those born under one of the Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) will particularly welcome your input. Then too there could be reconnection with someone who bowled you over with their enthusiasms in early June last year. Here a decision might need to be made. Take note that the lunar eclipse (a sophisticated Full Moon) isn't always the best time for rational thinking and that it could be early next week before you feel sufficiently clear-headed to take action.