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Virgo Weekly Sunday 22nd April 2018

By the end of this week, Venus will have arrived at the apex of your solar chart: likely accenting both property and career matters. From Wednesday through until mid-May there should be ample opportunity to show others exactly what it is that you want. Priority might need to be given to a creative project that could take as much as 30 months to achieve. You've been through a cycle like this before - roughly around a decade ago. Now, the prospect of stripping things back, starting again ought not to be as challenging as it was back then: you have experience on which to build. In particular, as the Moon moves through your sign over Wednesday and Thursday, not only could you put forward a range of options each of which requires different levels of financial commitment, but you could put forward the practical timelines that could be implemented. In short, before the close of April you could have a clear plan and structure in place.