Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 3rd May 2015

Monday's Full Moon promises a creative surge resulting in a super-productive week. Sabotage however could take the form of spreading yourself too thinly, or allowing those born under the Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) to exert too much influence. Note that Mercury (your ruling planet) has now begun at extended stay at the top of your solar chart. It's probable that you will be testing your multi-tasking abilities whilst at the same time determining just who you can and cannot work with. It might not be possible to resolve this issue in the short-term. Wheeler-dealing could continue for some weeks yet. It might be as well to anticipate that issues of integrity (whose word is really their bond) will be a running theme. By next weekend, the need to discuss all this with someone (a relative most likely) whom you know you can trust, will surely be imperative.