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Virgo Weekly Sunday 13th August 2017

Mercury is now retrograde in your sign. It's entirely possible that some will feel that you're going back on a deal that they felt had been secured. That though may not be the case at all. It could be that renewed contact with an old colleague has led to another plan emerging. This needn't distract from what has already been agreed but yes, you're probably right in that it does require attention. It might then seem to others that you are a little distracted. We are however in that period between eclipses and all should be much clearer after the Solar Eclipse next Monday (21st). For now, renewing those contacts, developing themes, comparing networks and distribution lines and, quite probably re-sourcing materials or information, should take priority. It would be wise not to underestimate the influence of someone who is regarded as eccentric but who, presently may be experiencing flashes of genius. Where your particular talent comes in is in translating that into practical endeavour.