Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 20th July 2014

If you are seeking support - even investment - of any kind, then after the Sun changes signs midweek you could hear of positive development. True, there's probably still considerable paperwork and documentation to be done (something you have a gift for) but as of Saturday's New Moon you'll likely tackle this with ease. Until midweek note that the cosmic weather might best be described as choppy. That might not bring out the best in people so that there may be times when you wonder what, if anything would please certain people. Keeping your eye on your final goal might not be so easy under these conditions. Yet by Friday, and by showing a deftness that others may have forgotten as one of your singular traits, you could pull a team together that includes those with considerable experience and at least one person whom you know well, who has little experience but a natural flair that suggests they'd be an asset.