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Virgo Weekly Sunday 15th October 2017

Mars doesn't leave your sign until early next week. Before it does, it seems there is much for you to do. Recall that Jupiter has recently changed signs. New opportunities should now emerge. True, you may be doing more short distance travel then you're used to. Your days are likely to be exceptionally full. The art however may be to be selective about the tasks you take on. The less multitasking you can do the better. Without question, those of your sign tend to be versatile. You have nothing to prove in that department. Rather, it's important that you use your energy wisely. Don't spread yourself too thinly. By Thursday's New Moon it might be suggested that there are ways to shortcut certain tasks. Take particular care that these don't result in you putting down poor foundations. Paring down either financial or physical energy might not be to your long-term advantage. It might also be wise before the weekend to carry out some kind of audit - especially if you delegated tasks. You need to know that these have been done both well and discreetly.