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Virgo Weekly Sunday 28th August 2016

This week's solar eclipse is in your sign. As you might expect, this sophisticated New Moon promises a change in direction. It may be that this will affect all areas of your life; from family dynamics, through finances and on into your career which may now be reaching new phase. With Mercury turning retrograde in your sign also, there could be a sense that you're turning the clock back. This may be temporary. A strong possibility is reaching out to someone you worked with in the past. Though they may be long gone from the scene you shared years ago, their recent experiences and advice could be hugely helpful. It might be valuable too, to take time out mid-week to put on paper the pros and cons of taking certain steps. You could also draw up a timeline to conclude at Mercury's next station (which neatly coincides with the Equinox) by which time you should know what options are really available. This could be a fun exercise if carried out with someone born under one of the air signs of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.