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Virgo Weekly Sunday 24th July 2016

Your ruling planet Mercury continues to be very busy this week and perhaps you too will feel the need to be buzzing around. With others finally recognising the talent you bring to a project it could soon be all systems go and a race to the finish line at the end of the month. Of course it wouldn't be surprising if certain people were on holiday and thus not available to give you backup support. You might still need to contact them though - and especially around the Last Quarter Moon on Tuesday obtain reassurance that once they are back at their desk they'll give unqualified support. It might also be necessary to either fill in a form or write an important letter before Friday. Here again you might wish for support from an elder or expert. This though may be one of those occasions when you have to go it alone. Don't underestimate your inner voice in all this. With Jupiter - the supposedly lucky planet still moving through your sign - inspiration may not be far away.