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Virgo Weekly Sunday 7th February 2016

Monday's New Moon marks the Chinese New Year. This is the Year of the Monkey as was the case in 1956, 68, 80 and 92 (the year beginning with the Aquarius New Moon). For some, this is deemed a not-so-good year. To ward off any bad effect, it's said that wearing the colour red is a good idea. Important aspects involving Pluto (presently passing slowly through the creative zone of your solar chart), take place mid-week. Even if you're not born in the years mentioned above, you could consider either the wearing of red or carrying red notebook to be helpful if facing important meetings. Valuations and costings could yet be a big theme over the next seven days. It's likely that a tentative agreement made at the very start of the year will be back for review and then formalisation. If you drew a 'line in the sand' some weeks ago, then very soon you should know exactly where you stand. Whatever happens, it appears a fresh routine or schedule will be implemented.