Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 19th October 2014

A solar eclipse is important for all signs. Thursday's comes just a few days before Mercury (your ruling planet) appears to stand still in the sky. You could think of the period Thursday through Sunday as being one of 'pause for thought' - especially with regard to anything business and contract related. Don't doubt your instincts. You may be right that certain facts have been kept hidden (could be tax or pension-related). Another possibility is that someone you want to do business with is not in as secure a position as they've implied: in short, you may be asked to provide more. A shift within a partnership that puts you on more equal terms is possible. Mentally you should be at your best after the Moon occults Mercury midweek. All told then, it seems that the first half of the week is about gathering information and that the second (after the solar eclipse) is about redefining an agreement and way of working.