Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 14th September 2014

You could start the week agitated and stay that way. Maybe you feel too much is happening ? Your highly tuned nervous system could go into over-drive. True, you may be excited by developments - especially those with either educational or international connection. By midweek you might really appreciate time alone to consider the small print or to go back over earlier conversations. What might really concern you is the possibility of having done the wrong thing and 'rocked a boat' in the process. By Friday you might really appreciate a good laugh. The presence of someone who is a natural risk-taker, doesn't appear to fear consequences and who advises that things are changing, and that a new rule-book is in operation and that these are simply early days, should help hugely. Given that developments are likely to leave you with new contacts that could be followed up next week, it ought not to be too hard for you to see positives before the weekend and to create a plan to follow these through next week.