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Virgo Weekly Sunday 25th September 2016

Your ruling planet, Mercury, has only recently turned direct. At some level, you may feel you're still trying to catch up with yourself. You might also come to the conclusion that throwing money or goodwill at a problem will result in its resolution. You may well be right. Yet it's as likely, that the Sun's alignment with Jupiter in neighbouring Libra on Monday that you may not need to do as much as you think. It's quite likely also that through international connections the potential for realising a dream will be apparent. Though you may not be able to seize on an opportunity this week precisely, plans could yet be put in place. This week too, Mars starts its biannual transit of the most creative zone of your solar chart. With the impetus to develop a talent and probably, a childhood hobby growing almost by the day, before the end of September you could be enrolled on a course or at least made contact with those happy to assist you in excelling in this area.