Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 24th May 2015

The week begins with the Moon in your sign - usually an indicator that you're ready to speak up. Then, on Tuesday, Mercury and Mars align at the top of your solar chart. It's just possible you'll have a career fight on your hands. Of course this could manifest as intense negotiation and yes, you could eventually 'win' - though perhaps not this week. Explaining and defining options and possibilities is a strong theme through to the end of the month - though, of course, at some point decisions do need to be made. It may be necessary to undertake a risk assessment exercise. In the process you could yet discover facts that others would prefer kept hidden and yes, at some level you could experience a dark side. It wouldn't be so surprising if a Scorpio did their 'I told you so thing on you'. What you can see - and maybe they can't - is that there is a possible way forward.