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Virgo Weekly Sunday 26th March 2017

It wouldn't be so surprising if you thought that someone (probably born under either Aries or Aquarius), had gone 'off on one'. Though excited by their ideas, you may be apprehensive as to the costs and risks involved. It may be that a decision needs to be taken before the end of the month. This could feel most uncomfortable. With Venus retrograde until the middle of April, it would be wise not to sign on the dotted line if this can be avoided. If however it's necessary to do a deal before the end of the month, it's surely imperative that this is triple checked by a legal department. Away from work, and on the domestic front, plans could also be made. These may well involve either redecoration or the purchase of a large piece of furniture. What's particularly interesting is that what begins as a standard purchase around the New Moon on Tuesday could end up being bartered for before the weekend.