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Virgo Monthly May 2018

Approximately every seven years Uranus changes signs. Its ingress on May 15th coincides with the New Moon and comes just ahead of Mars' move into Aquarius. This will likely bring a change of pace for all signs. Your financial base may be affected by changes in the workplace and your routine thrown into disarray. A strong possibility is that the cost of importing or exporting alters; bringing with it the need to monitor daily costs even more than normal. This though should work well for you from Sunday 20th. Indeed, your ability to micromanage and to double-check figures presented by others will surely bring you plaudits. Even so, resolving a dilemma and learning that the costs of a makeover will be far greater than anticipated, could result in you closing the month feeling that though you've navigated successfully through one financial storm, that there are others on the horizon and that even more attention will have to be given to securing a financial safety net.

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