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Virgo Monthly October 2017

This month's Full moon on fifth coincides with a conjunction of Venus and Mars in your sign. Clearly much depends on your personal chart, but it's entirely possible that a relationship crisis will occur around that date. This need not be a bad thing, and in fact could even mark the forging of a promising fresh alliance. Just a few days later, Jupiter, which changes signs just once a year, arrives in Scorpio. This is an energy that should suit you well. Those of your sign tend to be good at networking. Whether freed from a relationship that is no longer rewarding or in the early stages of one that shows considerable promise, as early as 18th you could be moving in very different financial waters. Negotiating these could, of course, prove costly; change usually is. As for most signs, you could find the middle of the month tricky. Rather better news is probable after Mars moves into one of the financial sectors of your solar chart on Monday 23rd. This marks the start of several weeks of promising encounter. In particular, the weekend of 28 -29th, could find you bargain basement hunting successfully. Making an appointment with your financial adviser for around this date could also alert you to investment opportunities you hadn't considered and which take into account your considerable knowledge of particular sectors.

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