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Virgo Monthly February 2017

On Monday 6th, Jupiter appears to stand still in the sky and in one of the financial zones of your solar chart. From that date and all the way through to mid-June, reviewing expenses would be wise. Of course this is true at any time, - yet over the next few months, there are periods when you could arrive at excellent deals by being clear about what's on offer. There is a solar eclipse in your opposite sign at the end of the month. You may have already felt the effects of this: indeed perhaps from Neptune's station at the end of last year. Many may have already made career or domestic changes. Turbulence seems likely for some months yet however though these conditions could bring out the best in you. Where others may be significantly challenged in the last nine days of February you could yet excel. Indeed, your ability to adapt to changing conditions and make the best of them will surely be commented upon before the end of the month. With the support of colleagues born under the Fire signs of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius you could also make significant and productive investment mid-February.