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Virgo Monthly December 2017

Obviously, much depends on your personal chart. That said, with Mercury turning retrograde in another of the Mutable signs and the base area of your solar chart, property matters could demand considerable attention. And yes, this could well prove expensive. Of course, it's true that December tends to be an expensive time for all signs: this year though you could feel that pressure acutely. It may be that essential goods and services and even Property Management deplete cash reserves by 3rd requiring you to access considerable financial ingenuity as you prepare for the end of the year. The big cosmic news story though concerns Saturn's move into another of the Earth signs Capricorn, and the speculative area of your solar chart from the winter solstice (21st). This marks the start of a 30 month period when investing in hobbies carries particular momentum. If anyone asks you what kind of gift you would like for Christmas, perhaps you could direct them to those interests. It's probable too, that from the 20th your interest in reading financial papers and observing recent valuations will increase. What seems certain is that before the end of the year you will give serious thought to how a second revenue stream could be implemented in 2018.

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