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Virgo Monthly August 2017

Obviously eclipses affect all signs. This August, there are two: a Lunar in Aquarius and a Solar in Leo. You might think, since your sign isn't involved, that you'd be spared the effects. That though is unlikely. For the whole of the month, Mercury passes through your sign, turning retrograde on 13th. Given that eclipses usually mark both endings and beginnings of chapters, you might not be the one who's going off in new direction, but will almost certainly be affected by decisions taken by others. Be prepared for things not to run smoothly. Indeed, whatever is agreed before the 13th could yet be turned on its head and turned round again in September. Negotiating prices will surely be tricky. It's entirely possible that others will feel that you're the one who's moving the goalposts. Your questions, though reasoned and careful, might be seen as prevarication. Care will be needed. As for all signs, it would be wise to ensure that data is fully backed up. This is where expensive errors could occur. The good news however, is that a promising aspect between Jupiter and Saturn in the last days of August suggest that your asset management will be more than competent and that though true, the entire month could prove expensive, that you'll cope.

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