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Virgo Monthly March 2017

There is no intention to worry you, and it should be recalled that what goes down has a tendency to also come back up, if history repeats then it is entirely possible that March 2017 will be reminiscent of March 2009 when indices fell dramatically. Even if you do not invest, it's probable that you will feel exposed to chilled financial winds after Venus turns retrograde on March 4. This is absolutely not a time to take risk and under present planetary formations suggesting stormy financial conditions. What can wait until next month probably should do. No month however is all bad and there are some dates worth noting as being promising for shopping trips. These would include Saturday 18th, Tuesday 21st, the weekend of 25th and 26th and Wednesday 29th. Though of course much depends on your personal chart, March could see more going out than coming in cash wise. It may be that balancing the accounting books won't be possible until mid-May.