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Virgo Monthly February 2018

Mars is now travelling across the base of your solar chart. As you might imagine with the red planet involved, you could easily get het up about rising costs - particularly if these are fuel or energy related. It's perhaps time to reassess arrangements and, perhaps soon after the Solar Eclipse on Thursday 15th, look for other providers. Energy, at all levels will surely have much of your attention - especially over the last weekend of February 23-25. It's then though, that you could successfully plug a leak, arrange recalibration or otherwise adjust the financial thermostat. The fact that the Solar Eclipse accents a working area of your solar chart, suggests the possibility of a change in personnel and working patterns. Though this brings the possibility of overtime and extra reward, it's as likely that unexpected costs will arise as a new system is bedded in. Investment wise then, and with Saturn now in the early stages of moving through the research and development area of your solar chart, making small but incremental investments in either luxury goods, or leisure items should be considered.

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