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Virgo Monthly April 2017

April is likely to offer a bumpy financial ride for all signs. The combination of a Full Moon combined with Uranus' position on April 11th and Venus' station at right angles to the Galactic Centre just a few days later, suggests high volatility midmonth. As the lunar node leaves your sign this month too, it may well be that you feel one door is closing whilst another is opening. Mercury arrives in another of the Earth signs and until the 20th, accents financial matters involving loans and credit card management. There might also be foreign exchange matters to consider. It would perhaps be best to deal with these before Monday 10th. Much of course depends on your personal chart, but it may be that optimum deals can be found in the very early days of the month. You will of course need to take care that you don't overstretch - particularly between 6th and 9th . It would be better perhaps to be circumspect and to check with a financial adviser if it feels you're dealing with matters out of your usual comfort zone. A positive period for financial matters is the week beginning Monday 17th. It's then that you could lay ground work and make small investments that bring good return. What may be delightfully surprising, is that someone who up until now seemed to avoid financial responsibility shows signs of meeting you at least half-way.