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Virgo Monthly June 2017

The First Quarter Moon on June 1st is in your sign and is perhaps the optimum moment to assess financial decisions taken since your birthday in 2016 and to see if rewards have been as expected. It might even be possible to take early profit with a view to reinvesting later in the month. After Jupiter turns direct in one of the key financial zones of your solar chart on June 9th, cash flow will surely pick up pace. Promising as this may be, it would be as well to be prepared for the financial brakes to be applied between 15th and 18th. This may very well be connected to family responsibilities or property issues. It might also be necessary after 21st, to consider uniting in fresh financial partnership. Again, it would appear that a relative is involved. One of your great strengths is the ability to negotiate and to cut through to the bottom line. Your attention to the finer points can lead to discount. In this way, you could secure a bargain before the end of the month and in the process, gain considerable respect.

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