Love Horoscope for Friday 20th March 2015

The period between any two eclipses (as now) can feel weird - but is also a time when dramatic events often occur. With Mercury still moving through your opposite sign it would be understandable if you were confused about others' motivation and their plans. You might also wonder where, exactly, you fit in. True, it could be that a certain person is 'under the weather' and can't give sufficient time or energy to your relationship. It seems likely that concerns about where you're going - and who with - will dominate between Sunday and midweek. It probably won't be smooth sailing after that either. However, a decided mood change is likely before next weekend. You may find that there's greater willingness to listen to your fears and a desire to 'sort things out'. Those not yet involved may also find during this next fortnight that there is greater interest in you and your plans and the suggestion of an invitation for an event after April 4th (which would suggest a union is moving to new footing).