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Virgo Love Friday 24th June 2016

With the Sun making splendid aspect to Jupiter in your sign on Saturday and that planet itself forming a trine aspect to Pluto on Sunday, this could be truly special and memorable weekend. Not that the fun stops there. Increased rapport and understanding with someone whom you now see is looking after a pet project of yours, could either enable romantic expression with this person or give you the space to develop a partnership that would benefit from your kind of intensive care. Note that Mars comes to its station before the end of this month. For you, this should be seen as marking the end of a paragraph. The next one promises that a union will move to the next level. With Jupiter in aspect to Venus next Friday, the indications are that you could be surfing waves of love. Midst all this, you might give some thought to the fact that with work and health matters having demanded so much attention in recent months, that perhaps your life balance is slightly skewed. Discussing how you intend to put this right, should also ensure that someone special knows for sure that your relationship is one of your top priorities.