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Virgo Love Friday 9th December 2016

I like to use the phrase 'cosmic punctuation marks'. It seems to me that every so often that there is need to stand still and assess. You might benefit from taking this action this weekend. Though you may have a fairly good idea of where you stand and what your long-term responsibilities will be, taking time to assess who you can trust is likely to be a big factor in this coming week. Not that the next seven days will be devoid of fun: indeed, there's ample evidence to suggest that impromptu social events will find you at your best. It's likely too, that those born under Sagittarius or Capricorn will have much of your attention. It's probable though, that it's those born under the fixed signs of Scorpio or Aquarius who could capture your heart. How you develop this relationship may be something you give considerable thought to between now and the end of January.