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Virgo Love Friday 24th March 2017

It's said that those of your sign are issued with diplomas in worrying right at the start of life! Yet trying to get things right and the ever never-ending quest for perfection can be all consuming and exhausting. With the Sun and Venus aligning this weekend, perhaps you need to give yourself time off for good behaviour. Consider whether others have been pushing you in directions that don't bring out the best of your talents. Conversely of course, it may be that you've helped someone out so much that they want to make you a permanent fixture in their life. Either way, recall that Venus is retrograde and that it will be mid-May before normal service resumes. For you, that normal service should perhaps include a relationship where you feel supported in that the other person listens carefully to your concerns. With all this going on in the background, don't forget that one of the great lessons of being a Virgo is being witty. Humour could be your salvation if the going gets tough.