Love Horoscope for Friday 3rd July 2015

Is it possible that you've at last identified a 'heart's desire' and that something (or someone) you've dreamed about since you were a child is now on the horizon? It seems likely that a passion has reawakened and that it would be hard (and probably unwise) to put that genie back in the bottle. With strong connections being made with those you work with and high probability of you being introduced to their friends and family, discussing aims and objectives and listening to others with their ideas as to how you can make dreams reality should ensure you enjoy a special weekend. It's entirely possible that as early as next Tuesday an alliance could be formed. For some this will mean 'becoming an 'item', whilst for others (ie those already in long term union), it's probable you'll be seen with renewed respect - bringing with it a surge of romantic feeling midweek.