Love Horoscope for Friday 17th October 2014

Temporarily it could feel as though you're on an entirely different wavelength to someone you have been close to in the past. Note that we are between eclipses and that lines of communication will probably be restored after Thursday's solar eclipse. At a quite diferent level you might also wonder how you've got quite so out of step with friends who've always seemed to be there when you need them but now seem totally absorbed with other matters. It may be that they're in the process of making a big decision and that you'll all soon have much to celebrate - even as early as Sunday evening. In the love stakes it's someone born under one of the Fire signs (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) who could have greatest impact on your heart-strings this week. It's even possible they'll find a chord that rings so, so true that before next weekend you are sharing telepathic moments.