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Virgo Love Friday 23rd September 2016

Mercury, (your ruling planet), is at last moving forwards again in your own sign. This, together with a very positive aspect between Venus and Pluto forming over the weekend, suggests you could find exactly the right words to pull someone round to your way of thinking. Though it might have seemed in recent weeks that they were working entirely against you, now you may sense that they understand where you're coming from, and that they are prepared to listen to your argument. The way in which you present your case on Saturday might actually delight them. Don't be surprised if they ask you to go through this again on Sunday: they might simply be enchanted by the words that you use. That word enchantment seems wholly appropriate for the remainder of the week. It may be that because you are energised by opportunities now opening up, that the aura around you is so magnetic others feel compelled to get near you. As a result, surely your social life if not your romantic life will take off.