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Virgo Love Friday 22nd July 2016

With significant planetary attention in neighbouring Leo, it might seem that all the attention is elsewhere. And yes, some Virgos could experience wall-flower moments. These won't last. Indeed, by the time the Moon enters another of the Earth signs midweek, you may find others gravitating toward you. It might even be that others feel they need to discuss their romantic affairs and even seek your guidance. That doesn't mean you won't experience a little romantic activity yourself. Someone, either significantly older, or with considerable expertise in their particular field, could show very definite interest. They might though, be looking for a little encouragement. You may recall that Saturn is presently passing across the base of your solar chart: which may have felt as though brakes have been applied to your emotions. It might seem that you can't connect with the right person. Be careful of falling into this trap of thinking. What you don't want to do is create a negative force field around you. As mentioned, it's likely that someone does have interest in you but that they need a little encouragement.