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Virgo Love Friday 28th April 2017

On the romantic front, a gear change is on the horizon. In recent weeks your ruling planet, Mercury, has been retrograde. It now appears to slow down and by early May will appear at a standstill. This doesn't mean that in any sense you've slowed down, but it is possible that you haven't been wholly tuned in to others. A further possibility is that it's you who's been giving mixed messages. The wind could be taken from your sales as early as this Friday. That might then lead to you concluding that there is an obstacle to overcome before you can move forward. Yet reviving passion could be done - and as early as Monday. Then, before next weekend and tuned in completely to what someone has been trying to convey, you could swim easily into fresh emotional waters. Relationships of all kinds are set to benefit but perhaps especially with those born under the Fire signs of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius