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Taurus Weekly Sunday 23rd April 2017

Wednesday's New Moon is in your sign. It might then seem that others are waiting for you to take the lead. A realistic assessment of progress could be made earlier but prompt the suggestion that you rethink strategy. It might be pointed out that costs of doing things in the way in which you propose will be significantly higher than previously thought. In particular, the design and distribution of information may be exceeding budget. Note though that Mercury is retrograde and that towards the end of the week that planet aligns with your Uranus: it may then be possible to find technology that could do a task cheaper and better. All those born under Taurus may find their writing skills are put to the test in the coming weeks - perhaps prompting the purchase of a better pen so that what appears on the page pleases you at every level. Deviation from your usual routine is probable after the New Moon and may be as a result of reconnecting with someone you met in a very different place and who's been incubating an idea since around this time last year.