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Taurus Weekly Sunday 15th January 2017

Thursday's Last Quarter Moon is in your opposite sign. It might be as well before then, to reflect on all that happened over the last couple of years and whose support has proved invaluable and whose you could have done without. In 2017 Venus has a retrograde period. With your ruling planet in this condition the opportunity to refine working relationships increases. It may be that you need to address your working hours and the boundaries you wish to place. Time differences and international relations could be something of an issue. With the Sun's arrival at the very apex of your solar chart on Friday coinciding with Venus making strong aspect to Pluto, the potential for putting in place a system that would work well for you increases. Indeed, though increased communication and the need to be firm with someone who at some level appears to be a loose cannon is probable, you could end the week feeling better in control and happy to engage in event planning.