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Taurus Weekly Sunday 19th February 2017

This should prove a challenging week for all signs. Hold the thought that there is a Solar Eclipse next Sunday and that in the days leading into this, the earth's magnetic field is altered. It's hardly surprising that people behave differently during such times and that as a result these tend to be eventful periods. That may be particularly so this week as Mars arrives at fresh phase with Pluto. These two planets rule your opposite sign. A strong possibility is that a partner or close colleague will declare an intention that you know would bring upheaval even if there are commercial advantages. A degree of detachment will surely be necessary if you're to avoid being upset. This though, is where it may be an advantage that Mercury is presently travelling through Aquarius at the very apex of your solar chart. For the long term, you might accept that disturbance now is a price that has to be paid.