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Taurus Quarterly

This promises to be an exciting quarter. For a start, the Sun and Mars align at the very base of your solar chart. It's been 15 years since there was a similar conjunction in this area. A month later, on August 21st there's a solar eclipse also in Leo. All this attention at the very base of your solar chart suggests developments on the home front. Your asset management might require adjustment. It's not just at the domestic level that you could experience fresh starts however. Coinciding with all this, the opportunity to develop your career and to make fresh contacts promises excitement. Add to this that from July 26th (and yes, within hours of that Sun- Mars alignment), Mercury arrives in your research and development area. It doesn't really move out of this until the very end of September though yes, for the first week in September there is a slightly different energy at work. All told though, you could tap into a rich stream of ideas to develop from September. Within all this, a new relationship looks set to develop. This one could be as much a partnership of like minds as it is of either financial or emotional engagement.

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