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Taurus Quarterly

Your ruling planet Venus is retrograde until April 15. Between the Full Moon a few days earlier on 11th and that date, you could experience relationship turmoil. This may be no bad thing. It may be that the air needs to be cleared. From April 21 and through until early June the accent turns to financial matters. Here you may find you're robbing Peter to pay Paul or in some way juggling accounts. Your ability to do this is greatest between May 4 and the Full Moon on May 10th when seems highly likely that a large swathe of work is headed your way. Of course it's possible that you've always known that this period would be super busy. You may not though have been aware just how beneficial the planetary line-up is for accumulating information and then disseminating it next month. True, there may be days towards the end of May when you feel you've hit buffers. It's possible though that you may have pushed yourself to a physical limit. Once Jupiter stations on June 10 it should be easier to negotiate those hurdles. In particular, any tests taken around June 15 could go particularly well as a result of efforts put in through May. As of June 21, paying even greater attention to physical health would be wise. The last few days of June could prove an optimum time for rebooting self image at all levels.

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