Monthly Horoscope for September 2014

The days around the Sun sign change in any month are important. September's solar gear change is, of course, the Equinox (23rd) and marks a distinct change of pace in any year. This year that's likely to be obvious to all. By then those of your sign may be in the early stages of a new financial partnership - most likely determined in the first few days of September and sealed by the Full Moon (9th). The latter is likely to bring exciting developments. Those who are interested in investing could be lured by high-tech companies. Still others might decide it's time to upgrade a mobile phone or buy a season ticket. It's likely that more will be going out than coming in then. The direction of cash should change from September 20th. It's perhaps at this time that you might like to consider banking arrangements and whether these suit needs. You might also decide - between 23rd and 25th that it's time to invest in your image. Take care that this doesn't leave you cash-strapped before the end of the month. If you would like to learn more about planet cycles and global finances, please sign up the free newsletter Click Here for Details