Monthly Horoscope for January 2015

Saturn may have left your opposite sign but it is now working its way through an area of your solar chart associated with joint financial partnerships. Given that each side may know that repairs are essential - and costly - the big question may be to what degree you are each prepared to give. What's proposed around 5th might at first seem 'perfect'. However, as more information comes to light mid-month, these plans might need to be altered several times over. Given that for you, the desire to expand horizons is particularly great presently, it may be that the other person feels you're in danger of over-stretching. Compromise is always possible of course and could be reached around 19th. It's just possible too that insurance matters will be involved. True, this could delay progress. Even so, by 23rd awareness of just how much cash you have at your disposal should make a difference to decision making. It's quite possible too that round the First Quarter Moon (in your sign) on 27th, an idea as to how you could stretch finances further will take root - even if it takes until early March to implement.

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