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Taurus Monthly August 2016

Mid-month there is a lunar eclipse in another of the Fixed signs. That coincides, on Thursday 18th, with Venus your ruling planet making excellent aspect to Pluto. Much depends of course on your personal chart, but from that date, repositioning and reviewing your financial position will surely be priority. This might well be led by a developing situation involving a close family member with whom you share financial interest. Though this could be viewed as a dark cloud on the horizon, just over a week later, when Venus aligns with Jupiter in the research and development area of your solar chart, you might determine to put full focus on developing a second revenue stream. Indeed, with a Solar Eclipse in that same area due on September 1, it seems likely that investing in your creative talents will yet prove a shrewd move. Of course, for many, August is holiday time. With currency fluctuations likely to be greater than usual this August, it would surely be wise on Monday 1st, to take action that won't leave you vulnerable to wild moves in exchange rates.

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