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Taurus Monthly December 2016

As of Wednesday 7th, Venus, your ruling planet joins Mars at the very apex of your solar chart. Though it's next October before these two form a conjunction, the attraction between the two this December may be such that at least where financial matters are concerned, you are aware that others are reaching out to you as much as you to them. Much could be achieved between 7th and 18th. Indeed, negotiations could go particularly well around 13th and at the Full Moon on 14th. There may well be an unexpected and even inexplicable edge to this. A strong possibility is being rewarded for having taken on extra work since September: though you'd perhaps appreciate the promise of less pressure in 2017. It would appear that your profile within your profession will be enhanced and that even if the cash bonus doesn't come your way there will be some form of tangible reward. What might suit you well after Mercury turns retrograde on 19th, is to invest in small items that would ease the running of your days. This could take the form of physical items or service and yes, you could perhaps consider investing in the companies providing these.