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Taurus Monthly January 2017

With both Venus, your ruling planet, and Mars moving through Pisces for much of January, the need to find an equitable sharing of costs will surely be paramount. Giving this attention before Mercury completes its retrograde period on January 8th should be deemed wise. It might also be that around the Full Moon on January 12, you're asked to consider making an investment that is much linked to a charity. It may be that the rewards of lending leave you feeling spiritually richer. Certainly by Saturday 14th, reappraisal of the way in which you do business and how you deal with profit seems likely. Costs related to travel and which are entirely unavoidable, could put considerable pressure on your budget over 19th and 20th. Indeed, developments here might even lead to reappraisal of a long-term goal and the formation of a business plan that sees this become reality. In short, any excess funds might best be used to ensure a talent is not squandered.

The quarterly scope is expanded to cover 2017.

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