Monthly Horoscope for November 2014

It would be entirely understandable if you needed the first two weeks of November to consider developments that occurred during October's eclipse period (8th through 23rd). It may be that a key decision will have to be made and that the first stage of this is arrived at on November 17th and followed up a week later. It seems likely that in financial terms anyway, there is a steep learning curve to climb between 10th and 17th. This isn't necessarily bad news - though it may be that an alliance has to be restructured. In pruning away dead-wood - which is likely before the end of the month - you might also realise hard cash for items that you no longer need. It's likely too that you'll give careful thought to a project that comes under the heading of 'self-investment' but which would require either long distance travel or extra training. The most tricky period - where you could lose sight of long-term aims - could come around 20th. It might be as well to wait until after the weekend before signing important documents - and even then after taking expert advice.

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