Monthly Horoscope for April 2015

A lunar eclipse early in the month, followed by the Sun's annual alignment with Uranus (4th and 6th respectively), suggests many will be changing directions. What's going on behind the scenes will surely impact your position. True, you may already sense that as of April 20th (when the Sun enters your sign) a new approach will be needed. It's quite possible too that partnership development will leave you at a 'cutting edge' by 22nd. What seems likely is that a plan that's been incubating since August 2014 will at last gather momentum bringing with it a very decided shift in your financial position. This may well require the assistance of a financial advisor. It's likely too that considerable thought will need to be given to an advertising, marketing or style budget. Though the middle of the month could find you anxious about controlling debt, it's as likely that a fresh cash current will enable you to address this issue and, before the end of the month - and perhaps as part of your birthday gift to yourself - enable you to ease gently into a second revenue stream that would make so much difference to your situation.

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