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Taurus Monthly April 2017

Mercury, the planet associated with commerce, has now arrived in your sign. It doesn't move very far into Taurus until it appears to turn round. This rather suggests you could be walking a financial tightrope during April. It may be that you're not yet in full possession of facts as regards liabilities. Robbing Peter to pay Paul, money-juggling and endlessly checking to see that deals are as good as they can be will surely require considerable mental energy - particularly between April 10 and 20th. This month's Full Moon on April 11 could bring surprises your way. Whether these are good or bad (and much depends on your personal chart), the art will surely be to stabilise your position and preferably by Monday 17th. To this end it might suit you to arrange a meeting with a financial adviser for early that week. Note too, that as the Sun moves into your sign, Mars moves into neighbouring Gemini. This transit happens every couple of years and tends to bring with it a surge of commercial activity. From Friday, April 21 st you could be more actively involved in selling and buying and, even before the end of April, making unexpected gains.