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Taurus Monthly October 2016

Until the Full Moon mid-month, Venus moves through your opposite sign. This, together with Mars' transit of Capricorn suggests the building of new financial partnerships and foundations. What's achieved in the first five days of the month could be considerable. However, it may be that you need to invest more than was originally intended and that between 7th and 15th your situation appears almost precarious. A fightback from 19th should bring fast results however. Indeed, if you need further financial assistance this could arrive in unexpected ways between 19th and 22nd. It might, however, be as well to be prepared for yet another financial crisis in the last days of the month. Yes, you will need to be on your financial toes for much of October. It's not the case that you can't make financial advances this month but probable that to do so will require accessing latent financial acumen and working harder than you envisaged being necessary.