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Taurus Monthly September 2016

September contains two eclipses. The first is Solar on the first of the month. The second is Lunar on 16th. Between the two, Saturn effects an apparent hard aspect with Neptune. This latter aspect is associated with dream making and creativity. A strong possibility - and given that this occurs within a few days of the Sun making positive aspect to Pluto both in Earth signs like your own, - suggests investment in a creative project. The rewards for this might not come until next month. Slightly ahead of the Equinox on 22nd, and as Mercury approaches its direct station, you could decide to get rid of items that now cost more to keep than is truly viable. This has the potential to boost coffers within days. Even this though may not be sufficient to absorb the high costs of an outlay that has to be made around Monday 26th. This may be an investment but take the better part of the year before it is realised.