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Taurus Monthly February 2018

The solar eclipse on 15th is in another of the Fixed signs. Think of this eclipse as the lights in the theatre going dark before the curtain comes up. In this instance we know that the curtain will rise on your long-term aims and objectives and career options. Investing in these may be something to consider in the days before the eclipse itself. This is not dress rehearsal time, but a pause before the curtain goes up. The response of others to your performance and your long-term plans from Monday 19th will bring with it the need to refine and reconsider. It might be suggested that you invest either in a pension or savings scheme. This is arguably something to discuss with a financial adviser, - and preferably the following week on Monday 26th. With the potential for more coming in than going out this month, it would be wise to focus on securing the long-term. This could include making a deposit before the end of the month to secure a discounted deal.

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