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Taurus Monthly October 2015

September's eclipses may be behind us but it could still take some weeks before you have a sense of where you are financially. That might not happen until after the Sun arrives in your opposite sign on 23rd. It might also be that you're knocked off your financial feet by a technical issue around 11th that incurs costs to put right. Be wary too of excessive expenditure involving media or advertising or the Internet. If these are areas you're considering for investment, it might be as well to talk through your strategy with someone highly experienced (and probably much older). The possibility of a costly mistake caused through a copying error may be something to consider too. On the very considerable upside, you could align yourself with 'luck' between 21st and 23rd. Those best able to make the most of turbulence during the last week of October will surely be on high alert for opportunity from mid-month. You could be one of those individuals. Indeed, by the Full Moon in your sign on 27th, you may feel you're on target to tap into a rich revenue stream.

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