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Taurus Monthly November 2015

From Monday 9th day to day expenses are likely to rise. They might even be said to accelerate from 13th. Containing these could be this month's greatest challenge. At one level you may feel that you 'deserve' to be spoilt and that in paying for service, you are actually being kind to yourself. Even so, it would surely be wise to check to see if you can really afford items and services. At another level, it may be that you are particularly affected by rising but ordinary and essential costs. A degree of disillusionment could set in and be compounded by news at the end of the month that suggests a long-term investment will not pay out quite as hoped. Counter-balancing all this though is the possibility that a tax calculation was incorrect and that money is due back to you (though this might not come for some weeks). You might also learn (between 17th and 24th) that someone whom you thought was unable to fulfil their side of a financial deal will come up with a plan that is at least partly acceptable. If you would like to learn more about planet cycles and global finances, please sign up the free newsletter Click Here for Details