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Taurus Monthly February 2017

With an excess of activity in neighbouring Aries, you could experience a surfeit of hidden costs which, by the last week of February threaten your financial stability. True, some costs may not be at all displeasing. In fact, between 7th and 14th you may feel you're making several sound investments. At least one of these may be linked to overseas interests or investments in items and services designed to make routines easier. You could even make some gain through these by Tuesday 21st. From that date and through to the end of the month attention should surely be given to long-term investments pensions and perhaps tax considerations. It might be wise to seek some professional advice as it's entirely possible that you've run up a bill that would be challenging to pay off before the end of the year. What might be suggested is that you enrol on a savings plan - perhaps with a cooperative bank or institution. Offset against all this, is the probability between 7th and 25th of increasing income through a second revenue stream.