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Taurus Monthly March 2017

The early part of this month could find you feeling decidedly financially destabilised. Your ruling planet Venus turns retrograde on Saturday 4th. This is not an exact repeat of a similar formation back in 2009 but it might be helpful to think back to that period and financial lessons learnt then. Between 4th and 10th would be excellent for a review of insurance policies of all kinds. Mars then enters your sign on 10th and remains there until the 21st of next month. Mars makes this transit every couple of years and these weeks tend to be good for foundation building. That may be particularly true this time, - and particularly between 15th and 17th. Around 21st you might be advised to move savings from one place to another. This clearly would need to be done with proper advice. Whilst it might appear that a cooperative savings scheme would work well, it may be that it's wiser to wait until after Venus concludes her retrograde phase on April 15th before this move is made. Best gains, are likely to come through both discounts and reorganisation of insurance policies.