Monthly Horoscope for March 2015

Cash flow could be affected by events quite beyond your control after Saturn stations on 15th. From then, and until the lunar eclipse on April 4th, you may well be affected by world events that challenge you to think about financial matters differently. Yours is a sign known for its love of stability. With Uranus (planet of surprises) reaching key turning points this month, it could feel as though a series of 'hand'-grenades' are going off. It might be as well to anticipate extra expenses anytime from 15th and for the next fortnight. Of course, and for a few, it may be that serious offers are made. If you are into buying and selling, then this could yet prove a month to remember. Certainly if there are items you no longer love or cherish, realising their value through sale could make a real difference to cash flow before the end of the month. A further - and strong- possibility is deciding to invest in improvements (or repairs) that have awaited attention for some years. Re-using, re-vitalising and refurbishment could each play key roles and may be linked to possible changes to your tax position.

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