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Taurus Monthly June 2017

Financial matters could have more priority in the first few days of the month than at its end. Indeed, if it's been some time since you balance the books, doing so over the first weekend of June could prove a useful move. As of June 5th, costs related to local transport and even to owned vehicles could rise. Determining the full cost of debt would be wise. Hints, if not definite statements as to proposed interest rate rises could be given between June 15 and 18th. It would be as well to factor this in to any long-term thinking. Investment wise, you could find bargains around Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th. The latter could prove a useful shopping day. You might also consider, - in the last three days of the month, - setting aside some funds for leisure activities or a hobby which could at some stage in the future become a second revenue stream.

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