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Taurus Monthly August 2017

The lunar eclipse on August 7 comes hard on the heels of what could be described as a clashing chord in the skies. It wouldn't be surprising if your domestic or even career roots felt shaken as a result. It might be necessary to dig deep into resources. Note though that there is a solar eclipse on August 21. This is in another of the Fire signs and draws attention to the base of your solar chart and assets and resources. It may be that by then you're prepared to self invest. Whether this takes the form of home improvement or enrolling on a course or backing a relative (all depends on your personal chart), fact is that ahead of Jupiter's arrival in your opposite sign on October 10, you may be ready to put down solid foundations that see your financial situation much improved before the end of the year. In all this, it is of course important that you don't build up any debt. That though may not be necessary given that others may be ready to cut good deals: especially between 7th and 21st.

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