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Taurus Monthly July 2016

July could be viewed as a 'financial sandwich'. First there's a busy and arguably expensive period from 1st through 10th with particularly high expenditure likely on 7th. This could be linked to foreign currencies or imported items: needed (and arguably an investment) and essential. Secondly, from 12th through to the Sun's entry into Leo on 21st unexpected developments might lead to fast cash flow (depending on your personal chart). What seems certain is that this will be a financially choppy few days. First hint that the path ahead will be different could come around 17th when, thanks to a tip off, there's the potential to revalue an item or service. This could then lead to the determination to invest in what could yet become a second revenue stream. Working from home or making it so that an area of home works well for you looks to be a dominating - and likely lucrative theme. In particular, 22nd through 24th should be rewarding.

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