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Taurus Monthly February 2016

Two things you might recall: firstly, that Mars is moving through your opposite sign and secondly, that for much of January Mercury was retrograde. As of the middle of February, Mercury returns to the position it held at the very start of the year and issues first raised then require attention. It may be that something you considered purchasing back then, is now available at much reduced cost. A week earlier, Venus your ruling planet forms a conjunction with Pluto in another of the Earth signs. This is part of a series of aspects that began in 2008. You could think of each one as playing a major chord in the sky and demanding that you consider refurbishment and repair. At a different level entirely, there is also the possibility of renewing acquaintance with a group of people you only meet at this time of year. On this occasion, you may be pushed to agree a deal that would mean meeting more often. One of the more major financial aspects takes place on Tuesday 23rd - and not many days after the Sun has moved into Pisces. A possible manifestation is the need to undertake a major accounting exercise. Before work finally goes ahead on something long scheduled, you may need to go through a contract with a fine tooth comb and ensure that all contingencies have been covered. It's entirely possible that small expenses could rise dramatically if fail-safes are not put in place. NB If you would like to learn more about planet cycles and global finances, please sign up the free newsletter Click Here for Details