Monthly Horoscope for August 2014

Mars now moves through your opposite sign and, coinciding with the new Moon (25th) aligns with Saturn. It's entirely possible that a professional financial partnership will soon begin or an existing one put on new footing. All this may be linked to mid-month developments as Venus (your ruling planet) aligns with Jupiter at the base of your solar chart. It's then that you may be most clear about assets and how you want to develop these. Property matters may be exceptionally important. It's possible too that you'll give careful thought to legacies and how these might be managed. A series of uncomfortable aspects take place during the latter half of the month and could leave you concerned both about work-play balance and your long-term financial cushion. It may be that you're not able to provide as much support for someone as you would like and that you have to make plain the limits of the support you can give - especially as it seems developments in the workplace could affect income from mid-October. If you would like to learn more about planet cycles and global finances, please sign up the free newsletter Click Here for Details