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Taurus Monthly July 2015

On 19th, Venus (your ruling planet) arrives in an area of your solar chart that's associated with speculation. 2015 is special in that Venus will turn retrograde and return to the 'assets' zone of that same chart before making its real move into the 'speculation zone' in October. Note that there is real danger of you having your fingers burnt in a speculative venture begun late July. True, it could be that a holiday proves more expensive than you thought (a LOT more). You could perhaps avert real crisis by taking action between 21st and 23rd: setting limits and, maybe, drawing on an insurance policy to defray extra costs. In many ways July should prove a supremely focused financial month. Though July could begin with great optimism, by 14th it may be apparent that matters aren't running as smoothly as you would like. Diligence, and, maybe, partnership, will surely help. Indeed, it could be that with the support of someone younger, you could 'rescue' a situation before end of the month.

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