Monthly Horoscope for July 2014

Just as the Moon reaches Last Quarter bringing to a final phase developments begun about two years ago, Jupiter moves into another of the Fixed signs of the zodiac whilst Saturn appears to stand still in yet another. The net effect suggests your financial base is about to expand but that costs will be large. You may soon have more income but find that the costs of servicing this increase are higher than you had imagined. As early as Friday 4th it should be clear what it is that you have to do to curtail runaway costs and the kind of administration that will now be needed. It's also highly likely that there will be a physical expansion of your world. It could be that you decide to either invest in an extension or that you concede that more has to be spent on keeping your world in good shape. By 22nd an assessment of your asset base may be necessary. You might also find it useful - around 28th, to discuss with a financial advisor how best to handle a tax position that's out-with your experience. If you would like to learn more about planet cycles and global finances, please sign up the free newsletter Click Here for Details