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Taurus Monthly October 2017

With Jupiter's arrival in your opposite sign on October 10th, your financial position could be altered. It takes Jupiter the better part of a dozen years to travel through the zodiac. For half of that time it appears below your solar horizon and the other half above it. You are now coming to that second stage. Progress is entirely possible but will of course, require careful management. Excited as you may be in the first few days of October and especially around Venus conjunction with Mars at the Full Moon on 5th, it would be wise to ensure that a safety net is not compromised. That risk continues through the middle of the month. Yet by Wednesday 18th and with Mercury joining Jupiter in Scorpio, an investment could bring reward. This is likely to be something you've done off your own bat and is perhaps linked to a potential second revenue stream that you could develop between now and the early part of the next decade. It wouldn't be so surprising either if in the last few days of October you were approached with a view to forming an alliance with someone who sees that investing in your expertise would bring them reward too.

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