Monthly Horoscope for October 2014

Two eclipses this month: a Blood Moon (lunar eclipse on 8th) and a solar eclipse (23rd) mark October as special. It may be that you've come to the end of one working (and financial) relationship but that by 23rd, you are ready to forge ahead with a new commitment. Estimates regarding a task you want to undertake (most likely home-related) could come in higher than expected around 8th and you might then need to consider cutting back or rethinking plans. By the Last Quarter Moon on 15th however, ways around certain difficulties could be found. True, you might then need to make a decision as to how long you expect to work or live in one place. Significant movement in the cash flow situation seems likely between 16th and 18th (this could be a deposit being paid). Almost from the moment that the Sun reaches your opposite sign (22nd), involvement with a team of experts who value your expertise (and are happy to pay for it) seems likely. If there's a difficulty here it's that earlier work might need revision. The long term rewards of putting in extra hours should be obvious however.

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