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Taurus Monthly May 2016

It might be as well to be prepared for serious financial action from the day before the Full Moon on May 21st and lasting through to the end of the month. Matters you thought were resolved could come back to haunt you. With this in mind, it would be as well to keep a sharp eye out for rising costs particularly in the first 14 days of the month. Whilst essential repairs offer the opportunity to improve surroundings, costs could easily rise. True, you may feel you're making a long-term investment. Even so, confusion about costs could arise. Around May 22 nasty financial shock is possible. The process of resolving this could result in tension in even the most well-maintained of partnerships. It might even be necessary to arrange a meeting with a financier over 26th and 27th. This too though could prove costly. True, all this could be a short-term headache that is resolved before the end of August. It may be that by Friday 27th, you feel exhausted by the many hurdles that have to be negotiated and determined then to pass some decision-making to a partner. Though perhaps not a bad move, safeguards must be placed to avert further financial shocks next month.

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