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Taurus Love Friday 16th February 2018

Following on from Thursday's (15th) Solar Eclipse in another of the Fixed signs, it would be understandable if you were rather confused by other people's behaviour over the weekend. It may be that the social scene is unsual and that at some level you feel others are play-acting. It should all feel rather different after Monday with the Sun's arrival in Pisces. From then, and through to the First Quarter Moon next Friday re-engaging should prove easy. True, you might yet wonder about someone's motivation and whether or not they really are attracted to someone whom they feel is ideal for them. Your role may be simply to listen and not advise. The fact that others want you to share in their emotional life might even be seen as a form of compliment. Your own romantic life should receive a boost after the Moon reaches your sign on Wednesday. From then, and with a boost from someone born under one of the Fire signs, (probably Sagittarius), you could make plans for next weekend that ensure your romantic life is fuelled.