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Scorpio Weekly Sunday 19th February 2017

Your two ruling planets, Mars and Pluto are moving to major phase in a cycle that began last October. Exactly what did you determine to do then that you have yet to achieve? There is a Capricorn (get to the top of the mountain) element to this. True, it could be that you're anxious that a colleague speak up for you (as they may have promised to do last autumn). They might well be doing so now. Indeed, much could be going on in the background. Note that we are between a Full Moon (Feb 11th) and next Sunday's (26th) Solar Eclipse. It might be after that before all is revealed. In the interim, and with recent events and discussions requiring processing time, you might well benefit from a period alone late in the week to determine your next move. Future success will surely require the kind of careful planning for which your sign is justifiably renowned.