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Scorpio Weekly Sunday 23rd April 2017

Mars has now arrived in the sign of Gemini and will spend the next few weeks travelling through that sign. This area of your solar chart is all about intense, passionate and committed relationships. It's probable that you will be drawn into discussions that to you appear critically important. At the financial level, legacies and inheritance and tax matters could be discussed. At the business level, negotiating important contracts is likely. Those not involved in either of these, but undertaking study or research, should find this a near-perfect time for doing so. True, you could feel overwhelmed in the days leading into Wednesday's New Moon. You might also be angered by the apparent intransigence of someone with whom you need to work. Note that Mercury is retrograde and that at the end of this week, it makes an alignment with Uranus - the 'planet of the unexpected'. Changes to your environment have the potential to be unsettling. The positioning of a piece of electronic equipment might need to be carefully considered.