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Scorpio Weekly Sunday 13th August 2017

Think undercurrents. We are now in that magical period between eclipses. Mercury is also retrograde. On top of that, early this week Venus opposes one of your ruling planets, Pluto. The combination suggest this might be the perfect time to revisit old working partnerships but also to tune into fears. It's probable that many people will be changing direction or at least considering it. These are not the best conditions for launching something new. On the other hand, those with your particular gifts could tune into what's not being said, what really needs to be done and, soon after next week's Solar Eclipse, announce a schedule and a way forward. What you hear on a grape-vine may not be entirely accurate. Yet you probably know that anyway. What might fascinate you is someone's perception of conditions. These may be very different to what you suspect the reality to be. This then could be a week for polishing your investigative and detective skills.