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Scorpio Weekly Sunday 17th June 2018

With Venus opposing your ruling planet, Mars, at Thursday's solstice and accenting the very backbone of your solar chart, it's reasonable to anticipate a major turning point. Note that by then Venus will be in one of the career sectors of this same chart. One possibility is being headhunted. Another is arriving at the decision to move away from an existing position and taking time to find one that suits your many talents rather better. Note however that Venus will turn retrograde in your sign in October. The period between now and December 10th should be viewed as transitional. In other words, it could take until then to find a working rhythm that suits. Noting that there are two solar eclipses and one lunar - together with Mars retrograde period due to take place between now and September, - it would be as well to anticipate a degree of chaos and that being too rigid in your demands would be unhelpful. Scheduling a regular meeting with a career mentor might be your best investment.