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Scorpio Weekly Sunday 18th February 2018

As of Monday, the Sun joins Mercury, Venus and Neptune in another of the Water signs, Pisces. Those of your sign tend to have a rich imagination. Between now and early March that should be obvious to all. This energy though no doubt needs to be harnessed. This is where a good friend, possibly a Sagittarius, or a wise teacher might have considerable impact. Much discussion may be needed surrounding finance and other energy needed to promote this interest. Tempting as it may be to assume that progress can't be made, recall that as of December 20th , Saturn moved into the sign in which it's said to work best, Capricorn. It may well be that a system is geared to supporting you. Rather than assuming an answer will be 'no' , around Friday's First Quarter Moon you could at least make application and possibly, before the end of February, be pleased with the result.