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Scorpio Quarterly

It might be suggested by some that Jupiter's move into your sign on October 10th will mark the start of a year of opportunity and potential expansion. It's certainly likely that the desire for more will be apparent. Yet considering the position of one planet alone is insufficient. Mars joins Jupiter in your sign from December 9th. This is interesting in that it is possible that markets will reach a top on December 3rd and that that will be followed by marked correction. Those of your sign have a reputation for being good bargain hunters. It may well be that from mid-December and as, perhaps, chillier financial winds blow across the world, that you are right able to identify excellent investment opportunities. Keeping your ear to the ground, especially around November's Full Moon would be wise. It's in the first fortnight of November too that you might be approached with a view to forming a financial partnership. It may well be that in joining forces you're able to capitalise on a trend and experience financial reward as a result. This though is unlikely to be a long-term investment and could be simply this quarter's quick fix. If there are financial banana skins this month these are most likely to appear around October 19th when care should be taken not to overspend.

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