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Scorpio Monthly March 2017

The cosmos doesn't do repeats. Yet there are similarities between this month and March 2009. Then, markets retreated before recovering. Similarly, short and sharp shock is possible before March 17. What goes down however, is likely to go up later. There may well be excellent investment opportunities. Your bargaining hunting abilities should surface, - particularly after Mars enters your opposite sign on Friday 10th. From then on through to 21st, your particular financial acumen and finely tuned antenna could lead you to consider investment in an area that is unusual for you and which, to some, might seem to be on the point of collapse. The financial fractures and fissures apparent in the last four days of March could work to your advantage however. Through these dates, you could secure your position. As far as cash flow is concerned, this month the accent is greatly on savings, long-term investments and optimum tax breaks.