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Scorpio Monthly October 2017

Jupiter arrives in your sign on October 10. This passage only occurs once in every dozen or so years. Though many would have you believe that this is a period for success and optimism, it can also prove exhausting and demanding; which then takes financial toll. It's perhaps imperative that in the days leading into the Full Moon on 5th, that you ensure that paperwork is up-to-date, that you have in place any financial expertise that might be needed and, in particular address insurance matters. Whether buying a policy or investing in insurance companies, time taken to compare prices and look at balance sheets should prove wise. You might also consider (regardless of your actual birth date), what kind of gift you would like to give yourself for your solar return. Choosing whatever, and seeing this as a long-term over a decade investment, might well lead you to the conclusion that you need to know more about developing technology. Items and services attracting your attention around 19th could perhaps be bought at low price in the very last days of the month. Indeed, and perhaps thanks to information given by a Capricorn or experienced adviser, you could implement a tax saving plan before the end of the month.

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