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Scorpio Monthly February 2017

The solar eclipse at the end of this month is in another of the Water signs. This sophisticated New Moon takes place in the most speculative part of your solar chart. It might help to think back to 1998, the last time such an event took place. Of course, the difficulty is that the cosmos never does exact repeats. Circumstances will no doubt have changed since then. What does seem likely however is that significant action will take place and most likely after the Sun has moved into the sign of Pisces on the 18th. Though it's not in your nature to be overly optimistic, the early part of the month could find you excited to know that things are happening and eager to get final figures by the end of the month. It would be as well to remember, that for a variety of reasons a bottom-line might not be reached even by the solar Eclipse. It could be a couple of months before you know exactly where you stand. That said, the fact that others are addressing issues should be comforting. It should also be apparent especially between 7th and 25th as Mercury passes over the base of your solar chart, that attention is being given to your resources and assets and that every attempt is being made to ensure that these are not compromised in any way.