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Scorpio Monthly May 2018

The arrival of Uranus into your opposite sign on May 15 coincides with the New Moon in Taurus and comes between Mercury's arrival in that sign and Mars' move to the base of your solar chart. These combined forces could bring financial shocks to many people. You might feel this acutely and so would be well advised - before May 11th -, to ensure you have adequate safety nets in place. This is not to suggest that May is all bad financial news. However, it seems to be the case that whenever a slower moving planet changes signs, that there are global financial tides to negotiate. These could be extreme especially midmonth. You could find bargains and new information sources by Friday, May 25. Indeed, around this time you may feel excited to learn about investment opportunities due to appear before the end of the year. Though there may be unexpected personal costs to negotiate in the last week of May ,you could nevertheless conclude the month feeling that you understand better what works for you and what doesn't and alert to the opportunities that might arise when Venus stations in your sign in early October.

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