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Scorpio Monthly August 2017

Two eclipses make this August special: the first is a Lunar on Monday 7th, followed by a Solar on Monday 21st. Between the two dates - often a highly eventful period, - Mercury turns retrograde. It's likely then that this particular fortnight will prove extra-dramatic but, perhaps confusing. Prior to the Lunar Eclipse, Uranus arrives at its station whilst Jupiter and Pluto reach their Last quarter phase. The fact that these events take place within the space of 48 hours suggests that August 4 might be eventful. This could prove a turbulent period on world markets but affect at the personal level too. Given that these two eclipses are in Fixed signs of the zodiac like your own, it's not unreasonable to imagine that you will be challenged. Resistance may be futile. It's probable that you do need to have a financial rethink. It may be that a banking enterprise in which you once trusted is no longer fit for your purpose. Whilst all this might sound negative, this month does appear to offer ample opportunity to reach out to new areas and, in the very last days of August especially, consider investment opportunities which until now have been outside your comfort zone. With the assistance of someone who's already 'been there and done that' (your financial advisor?), you could do much to shore up your position.

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