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Scorpio Monthly April 2017

The start of April, coincides with Mercury's arrival in your opposite sign. Mercury is noted as the planet of commerce and this particular transit, - though it occurs annually - is extended (thanks to retrograde motion) in 2017. It's very likely that discussions held before April 10th and which might need to be abandoned for the rest of that month, will be concluded in the last days of May. It may be particularly important that you apply due financial diligence in the first six days of the month. Noting that the Sun opposes Jupiter on Friday seventh, it would be as well to be circumspect and ensure you are not promising - or being promised - more than you can be delivered. It's probable too, that in the days following the Full Moon on the 11th and before Venus stations on 15th, that your actions will mark you out from the crowd and perhaps as early as Monday 17th, lead to a singular offer. This will require careful consideration. Those of your sign are noted for their financial acumen and it may be that you draw the conclusion that it's better to accept slightly less now with the promise of more later. In short, before the end of April it may be important to you to get your feet firmly under the table ready to seize an opportunity at the end of May.