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Scorpio Monthly February 2018

This month's Solar Eclipse is in another of the Fixed signs. Combined with Jupiter moving through your sign, by 15th, you could feel to be on a financial turntable. It might of course feel as though more is going out than coming in. That feeling might even be exaggerated over the weekend of Friday 9th to Sunday 11th. Quite separately, a financial leak or even loss could trouble you the following weekend on Saturday 17th. Given these probable cosmic conditions, it might be as well to take time out on Saturday 3rd, to ensure that insurance policies are up-to-date and adequate. Investments warrant particular care after Monday 19th. From this date though, your financial acumen should be on display. As always, able to tune in to possibilities where others think there is none, you could attract a bargain. Indeed, by Monday 26th, you could pick up an item up 'for a song' which, by your birthday this year, proves to have been one of the best investments of your year. This may be arts or jewellery related.

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