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Scorpio Monthly December 2017

You're likely well aware that there are some Decembers when it's easier for cash to slip through your fingers than in others. Around the Full Moon on December 3rd, and coinciding with Mercury's retrograde station, the temptation to overspend could be great. Accessing financial acumen and thrift might not be so easy. That talent though could come back to the fore midmonth. Indeed, in the days leading up to the New Moon on 18th, you could access financial bargains that leave others speechless. A major financial gear change affects - all signs particularly from the winter solstice on 21st. Interest rates have already risen. Other costs will surely rise. End of year sales might begin early. If there are essential items to purchase, setting aside a fund for these and making the most of opportunities particularly around 30th would surely be wise. Rather more interestingly though, it might be suggested that you join financial forces and invest in a product or service that is dear to your heart. In this, you could be well ahead of the game. Though it could be another 30 months before rewards are realised, this could yet prove to be one of your more spectacular long-term investments.

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