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Scorpio Monthly June 2017

One of your ruling planets, Mars, moves into another of the Water signs on June 5th and stays there until July 21st. Between those dates your financial acumen is set to surface. Anyone with any doubts about your abilities in this field should be clear by the end of June that you are a skilled negotiator and even able to find trophies where others feel all is lost. It would be as well to be aware that though much is promised in the early days of June, that these might not be delivered. Indeed between June 15 and 18th you could reach a financial buffer. It might then be necessary to renegotiate terms when it becomes clear that someone is unable to fulfil obligations. It may be that restructuring this partnership is essential. A further sea-change in financial relationships is likely after the solstice on June 21st. It's then, and with the financial current much faster than it has been, that you could spy bargains and make shrewd investments. These may well be related to the sea (holidays), media or pharmaceuticals.

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