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Scorpio Monthly January 2017

Mercury, the planet of commerce, doesn't start every year in retrograde motion. In 2017 it turns direct on Sunday 8th, having travelled from Capricorn back into Sagittarius and through an arguably delicate financial area of your solar chart. As is likely to be the case for all signs, it would be as well over these eight days to be as prudent as possible about costs and financial management. That said, it is entirely possible that the attraction of an investment on Saturday 7th will be compelling. Only you can know yourself well enough to know if you have a past and positive history of finding bargains. Thereafter, in the days following the Full Moon on 12th and through to 14th, there are further signs of intelligent risk assessment with the potential for long-term financial advancement. Exciting as all this may be, note that Saturn in 2017 will pass what is known as the Galactic Centre. If the history of the 20th century is anything to go by, this is likely to bring steep falls on global markets. It's imperative for all signs to be aware of this potential and to put safety nets in place where possible. Some may choose to take early profit and perhaps even as early as Friday 20th. This could leave some bargains in its wake. In the last four days of January, you could build financial strength with short-term purchases intended for resale within the space of a fortnight. These dates should also prove useful for any kind of financial engagement - particularly if that involves tax authorities.

The quarterly scope is expanded to cover 2017.

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