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Scorpio Love Friday 21st October 2016

As of Sunday, the Sun begins its annual journey through your sign and at some point over the next few weeks you will experience your solar return or birthday. As with many other signs, you might still be recovering from events last weekend however. Even if not directly involved, there will surely be news to catch up on. Focusing on the present, and the needs of those who are similarly trying to absorb developments could prove challenging. The art may be to have play-time on Sunday when you deliberately watch movies, listen to music or do something highly creative but that doesn't warrant focus on a partnership. That time will come. Indeed, rebalancing a union and taking it to its next level is probable mid-week. To get there, you might first need to understand even better where someone is coming from. Here, you may be right in thinking that they've been manipulated in the past and are struggling to be independent.