Love Horoscope for Friday 12th December 2014

This weekend could be seen as the closing of a phase. The good news is that a 'celebratory' aspect is at work - which is excellent for any kind of party! It should all get nicely underway on Friday when many people will tune into a relaxed spirit. For you, this might coincide with someone 'flying in' or passing through: adding a new buzz to the social whirl as they do. True, this person may have expensive tastes and suggest plans for the weekend that test your resources. The enthusiasm they bring and the memories they intend to create could have interesting effect on you. In fact, it's possible that you'll be left tongue-tied by Monday. Though it's not necessarily the case that it'll be someone from your past that plays on your heart-strings, reminders of old passions - and the desire to experience those feelings again, could ensure that you determine to stoke these fires - possibly as early as Tuesday.