Love Horoscope for Friday 26th June 2015

There's an escapist theme playing in the sky this weekend which could manifest in a myriad of ways: with the desire to assist someone who's unwell (so you enter their world which is far away from the norm) or perhaps you'll be the one who over-does it in some way and so aren't quite yourself. Or perhaps the desire to be transported to a different frequency will be so great that you're happy to watch the longest movie ever or sit through hours and hours of music. In whatever way it appears that experiencing release from the usual will be uppermost. It could be that a friend (born under Virgo or Pisces?) takes you for a trip down memory lane and in the process reminds you of something (an enthusiasm?) you've lost. Revising this could take some weeks but start here. Whilst you're so inwardly focused you might not realise you've cast a spell on someone and that they're reading your polite replies for real interest in them. This could lead to romantic mayhem or rom-com next weekend.