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Scorpio Love Friday 24th June 2016

Mars stations in your sign on the very last day of June from which date it appears to be moving forward. Its extended stay in your sign has no doubt coincided period of, at the very least, deep thoughtfulness and, most probably, intense energy being devoted to relationship issues. For some, dumping of emotional baggage may have been a prolonged and difficult journey. Others may have been grappling with deep life death issues with long-term partners. Still others may have been wondering whether or not energy put into a relationship begun earlier in the year has been worthwhile. It's probable that things are now moving to climax. This weekend it could feel as though you've climbed an emotional mountain. It might be as well to take time to consider just how far you've come. What may be clear is that certain people simply don't have the passion or energy to keep up with you. It might also be clear that others do. It wouldn't be at all surprising if, before Tuesday evening you'd received an invitation that will put you in close proximity with someone who seems tuned to your vulnerability but also alert to the potential a union would offer you both.