Love Horoscope for Friday 25th July 2014

Saturday's New Moon is at the very apex of your solar chart and follows the Sun's alignment with Jupiter there. So, it seems likely that you - and your desires and needs will be high profile. True, with Saturn still moving through your sign you might be concerned about physical ailments and perhaps won't feel 'at your best'. Even so, with Venus and Pluto (one of your ruling planets), opposing one another, it seems likely that passions will be aroused. Note that Mars has now moved into your sign too and that this will surely put you in the mood for action. Scorpions can stay still for hours and even, apparently, days, but, when they move, they move so, so quickly - which is precisely what you might do before the end of the month. Whether you are the target or have someone in your sights, before the end of the month it should be very clear in which direction you're headed.