Love Horoscope for Friday 18th July 2014

Saturn stations in your sign suggesting a moment for pause and reflection. Given information now coming to light you might really need this. It's perhaps the case that a situation is even more complex than you thought. It would be understandable if you felt wounded or aggrieved. True, there will be a very few Scorpios who, this weekend arrive at deep and meaningful levels of commitment: rather more could face truths that are less than comfortable. Perhaps more than at any time you need to be told how much you mean to someone and what you bring to their world. That - and much more - could be made plain after the Sun reaches the apex of your solar chart midweek. Until then it might be as well to note that the cosmic weather is decidedly unsettled and that it will take at least a few days for everyone to adjust. That said, what is experienced could be felt so, so deeply and take even you to emotional well-springs you hadn't realised existed.