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Scorpio Love Friday 23rd September 2016

The general rule is that when two or three planetary events happen within the space of a few hours, then there's high probability of changed behaviour and, therefore, of opportunity at every level. This weekend not only is Mercury no longer retrograde, but Venus moves into your sign as the Sun approaches its annual conjunction with Jupiter. These three events alone should ensure something of a shakeup. Don't underestimate the few weeks in every year when Venus passes through your sign. This doesn't have to coincide with your birthday period and, as is obvious, it's happening slightly earlier this year. Venus' position here though adds to your magnetism. Don't be surprised if you hear from people you haven't spoken to in for some time or if you attract someone who instantly feels that you're the right person for them - even though you've not really had chance to get to know them yet. In short, this could be a week of rapid development.t