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Sagittarius Weekly Sunday 17th June 2018

It would be wholly understandable if you felt to be under singular pressure. In fact, that feeling is unlikely to dissipate until after the Full Moon at the end of June. Concern as to someone's well-being could be your top priority. There's also the issue of property management and how best it can be maintained. The period around the solstice on Thursday - when Venus opposes Mars - looks to be important for all signs. By then, it may be hugely important to focus on assisting a colleague through what is clearly a tortuous period for them. This will likely throw any of your own difficulties into perspective. Contact with those who live and work far away should act as significant balm. Indeed, through these, a trip for later in the year could be planned. Though not necessarily part of your career portfolio, having this to look forward to should help you deal with mundane and demanding matters.