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Sagittarius Weekly Sunday 23rd April 2017

Mars has now arrived in your opposite sign. This transit lasts until early June and, over the course of the coming weeks, you may find close colleagues (and indeed family), are in agitated state. With Mercury retrograde, it may be that a space clearing exercise is being carried out in preparation for a new phase to begin in early June. You may be asked to renew contact with those with whom you've had little dialogue in the last couple of years. It might also be that a meeting is planned for early May and that you are seen very much as a linchpin - given that you have the expertise and understanding as to how a timetable or format has developed. It's often said that those of your sign are 'skilled archaeologists'. Your ability to retain information almost to the point of you being known as a walking encyclopaedia is, in some cases legendary. Far from being on any sidelines therefore, it could be that you're involved in fragile negotiations over these next few days.