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Sagittarius Monthly January 2017

Most unusually, and in the early days of January, Mercury, the planet of commerce, slips back into your sign. It does so at the First Quarter Moon in another of the Fire signs on January 5. This suggests that significant attention will be given to business matters. It may be that there are property decisions to be made and agreed upon before the Full Moon on January 12. This could take the form of a joint production. Certainly it seems likely that another person will have keen interest in this investment. That theme is set to continue until the Sun moves on into Aquarius on Friday 20th. That date should see a marked change in the financial pulse globally. You may remember that Saturn is presently passing through your sign. On each occasion when it did this during the 20th century, there were significant falls in equities. A repeat may well occur in 2017. Being prepared for this is surely imperative. This might, for some, require cutting losses - and before 28th. It might also be to your long-term advantage, to review your total financial position, the legacy you want to leave and long-term pension arrangements. In short, an unusual feature of the start of 2017 is your apparent willingness to resolve long-standing issues.

The quarterly scope is expanded to cover 2017.

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