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Sagittarius Monthly October 2017

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, changes signs on October 10th. It's common, as annually Jupiter moves from one zodiac area to the next, for this to bring turbulence affecting all areas of your life and common for this to prove expensive period as a result. In this instance, the need to acquire knowledge via research might require a carefully planned budget. Preparing this around the Full Moon on October 5th seems likely. Though it might seem to some that this is an impulsive move, it's probable that this idea has been incubating for some time. No less important may be plans suggested around the 15th that would require you to make an important journey before the end of the month. Certainly travel or investing in travel companies might have your attention between 24th and 29th. Bearing in mind that Saturn continues to move through your sign, it would be best to proceed with caution and if possible, clear any outstanding debt as fast as possible. A credit squeeze is probable from December 20. All this aside, those in financial partnership may find that ripples in their associates financial life requires the two of you to consider long-term investments with more energy than has been the case. You surely won't be alone in seeking the advice of a financial adviser before the end of October and might in fact do well to arrange this meeting for week beginning October 9th.

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