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Sagittarius Monthly February 2017

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, stations on Monday 6th just slightly ahead of Mercury's move into Aquarius. This suggests a significant switch of energy. True, it may be that a financial partner is affairs are involved. Whatever, you may be excited, and by Saturday 11th have something to celebrate. Yours is not a sign that is generally risk averse. However, since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 you may have been more cautious than in the past. With both Venus and Mars passing through Fire signs this month, the temptation to make interesting investments will surely increase. In particular, you may be drawn to technology but might also consider investing in leisure pursuits. Before the Sun moves into Pisces on the 18th, you could consider a major investment which could in fact be a holiday for later in the year. Fact is that with so much planetary attention in Fire signs presently, your adventurous spirit will surely not be far from the surface. And yet: the solar eclipse on Sunday 26th is in one of the Water signs and accents the very base of your solar chart. It may be that a certain amount of cash will be required for property purchase or even renovation. Though this could be seen as a long-term investment, for a few days at least you could feel financially destabilised.