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Sagittarius Monthly June 2017

It's probable that key decisions will have to be taken by midmonth. Optimistic as you may be before June 5th, it would be as well to think carefully about future obligations. Decisions taken are likely to have ramifications for at least the next seven years. Of course, it could be that it's not you who's taking on an extra financial burden but someone close. It might help, - preferably before 15th, - to discuss matters with a financial adviser. There's high probability of interest rate rise from the end of the year and thought should be given to that potentially extra burden. All this said, you could yet make some excellent financial moves this month. By focusing on those items and services which you use on a daily basis, you could identify promising areas for further investment. It would be unsurprising if these were linked in some way to either publication or to transport. At a different level entirely, you might also consider taking part in a training course before August. In investing in yourself in this way you may go some way toward securing your financial future.

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