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Sagittarius Monthly February 2018

The presence of Mars in your sign will no doubt enhance your adventurous spirit. Yet with that comes the risk of overspending. You will surely need to take particular care on 1st and then over the weekend of 9th through 12th. If you can stay your hand and wait until after the Solar Eclipse on Thursday 15th, that could be wise. Indeed, it's possible you could achieve a better bargain around Wednesday 21st. The point to make here is that February may well prove to be an exceptionally expensive month. By its close, with the Sun, Mercury and Venus all at the base of your solar chart and at right angles to Mars, your resources could be stretched to the full. You will need to take particular care that it's not a partner who seduces you with a grand idea but which is not fully costed. Domestic expenses could be higher than usual this month too. These may be heating and energy cost related but as likely to be down to essential repairs. One way or another then, and at least through until almost the equinox on March 21, it would be wise to be circumspect about spending and, in particular, effect damage limitation exercises especially around February 17th .

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