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Sagittarius Monthly April 2017

Venus, the planet often associated with financial matters is retrograde through until the 15th. Venus arrives at this major station where it is at right angles to the Galactic Centre, and just a few days after a Full Moon accenting Fire signs. It's very likely that between Monday 10th and Saturday 15th, that a reassessment of the Sagittarius financial position will take place. This could involve obtaining valuations or otherwise gaining expert advice. A few days later, on Friday 21st, Mars arrives in your opposite sign. Those already in financial partnership, may find that their partner's affairs move off in different direction after that date. Midst all this, focus will surely need to be given to leisure activities and related investment. This in turn, could lead to what could yet become convoluted sale and purchase agreements. Note that by month end Mercury will be retrograde. It's not always the case that a retrograde Mercury brings messy complications but in this case, and particularly in the last weekend of April, it might seem that matters have become unnecessarily so. It could then take until the early days of May before these are straightened out.