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Sagittarius Monthly March 2017

You may recall that Saturn is passing through your sign. This month it crosses what is known as the Galactic Centre: something that happens every three decades or so and throughout the 20th century coincided with sharp falls in the marketplace. This month may be no exception particularly since Venus turns retrograde on March 4. If history repeats, then there may be similarities with March 2009 when markets turned negative. This is not to say that this will be an inherently bad financial month. True, by Friday 17th, you may be anxious about rising costs and this in turn could lead to the realisation that some austerity measures need to be put in place and soon. This may be particularly true for those financially linked to those born under one of the Cardinal signs. Some of these individuals are likely to be high risk takers and, unless kept under some restraint, in the last few days of March could overspend an agreed budget.