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Sagittarius Monthly May 2018

This is likely to prove an expensive month for all signs. You may already be aware of pending rising daily costs (interest rate increase perhaps). These could hit hard midmonth. It may be that expertise - either related to property or health is expensive - proves costly. Urgent repairs could drain resources. Yet the month is by no means all bad and through partnerships you could yet make gains. In particular, the last weekend of the month could find a debt repaid or the sale of no longer wanted item boosting coffers. The period around the Full Moon in your sign on Tuesday, May 29th looks to be particularly important as regards financial matters - though there may be large bills to meet, these are likely to take the nature of an investment. Around this time too, you may be asked if you're willing to undertake freelance work or to work over-time. This too should give a much needed boost to your financial base.

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