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Sagittarius Love Friday 17th November 2017

There are just a few weeks left now until Saturn leaves your sign. It will be the best part of three decades before it returns to Sagittarius. It's probable however, that before December 20 commitment issues will once again need to be faced. That said, this weekend's New Moon coinciding as it does with a fresh phase in the Mars-Pluto cycle should leave you at least be aware that the emotional ground is shifting. Though it might not be doing quite fast enough for your liking, you may be assured that at least one person has your best interests at heart and that, from the romantic perspective anyway, there is still much to play for. As the Moon passes through your sign over Sunday and Monday you could take the opportunity to make clear what it is that you hope for in 2018. The process could also lay down the ground rules for the next stage in a special friendship if not passionate partnership.