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Pisces Weekly Sunday 13th August 2017

Firstly, recall that we are in that period between eclipses. This tends to be a weird but often magical time. With Mercury having turned retrograde in your opposite sign at the weekend, you might also wonder if others are messing with your head. Anticipate much chopping and changing. It could be that someone - possibly born under one of the Water signs like your own -(Cancer or Scorpio) requires extra attention as they try to get their lives in gear ready for the next stage of their life journey (likely to begin after next Monday's Solar Eclipse). With your two ruling planets, Jupiter and Neptune, coming to the next phase in their cycle on Wednesday, and as the Moon transits the base of your solar chart, it wouldn't be at all surprising if others lent on you for support. Around this time to you might be tempted to take a gamble. It might be as well to be aware that your risk management is probably not in best condition.