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Pisces Weekly Sunday 26th March 2017

Since Uranus entered neighbouring Aries back in 2010, you may have felt like one of those dolls that are never quite knocked over but which are essentially permanently unsteady. You may have felt this particularly with regard to finances. It might be as well to be prepared to be knocked off balance again this week and not too long after Tuesday's New Moon. With Jupiter and Pluto coming to apparent right angle with one another, many people could take steps which feel right for them but which destabilise you. It's arguably more important than ever that you focus on the small print of anything that requires long-term commitment. These transits though should not all be viewed as negative. There's high probability of a partnership forming before the end of the month and which could develop into something more - though perhaps not until mid-May. It's quite likely too, that several times in this coming week you'll experience telepathic connection that in turn leads someone to think that they need you on their team.