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Pisces Weekly Sunday 10th December 2017

You might not be the only sign counting down the days until Saturn moves out of Sagittarius. Before it does though there are matters to be dealt with: many of these responsibilities that you've carried for the last 30 months or so. There may be moments when you feel quite overwhelmed but equally, you may be right in concluding that balance has been all wrong. Putting this right should be easier to accomplish after Saturn makes that sign change. Before then, your expertise could be tested. It may be that it's a child who asks an awkward question or someone retired who looks to you for advice. Either incident offers a platform for you to seek someone who could both help this other person and you. Before the weekend you could be truly excited by this developing dialogue. Career-wise, this may be the start of something challenging in the nicest of ways. At a different level entirely however, your social network looks set to expand in a way you'd never previously considered possible.