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Pisces Weekly Sunday 25th June 2017

Perhaps it's time to take the initiative. Renewed contact with those you worked with a long time ago could work well. At a different level you could have contact with a college or university. It might even be necessary to arrange a visit. Following on from Saturday's New Moon you might well be in the mood to break out of a rut. You might also decide that something abandoned a long time ago should be given renewed attention. Actually, you might be prompted to do this either by a colleague, a neighbour or perhaps someone born under Aries. Whoever this person is, you might wish you had some of their drive. Yet perhaps you know that unless you put in some effort now an opportunity will be lost. Before the end of June security issues could have your attention too. At the very least it would be wise to check that your computer is safe and that spare keys are in a safe place.