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Pisces Weekly Sunday 17th June 2018

It's an extraordinary coincidence that this week's solstice coincides with the opposition between Venus and Mars. There's high probability of this being a key turning point in many relationships. This applies as much to business partnerships as it does to romantic liaisons. Given that bracketing this event Mercury, moving through another of the Water signs opposes Saturn and then Pluto, it may be that you're involved in a major archiving or clearing out process. Retrieving an old contract could be important. Aware now that certain people will be unable to fulfil obligations, it could be that you could step in to the breach and in some way pull off a hat-trick. Accessing parts of your brain that have, - at least from your point of view, -been dormant for some time should prove exciting. It's probable too that those born under the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will be particularly appreciative of your ability to take the reins when they feel unable to cope.