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Pisces Weekly Sunday 15th October 2017

Though not often acknowledged, those of your sign do have a gift for in-depth research. That trait has no doubt developed since Pluto entered Capricorn back in 2008. This week, not only might you identify something about which you want to know far, far more, but you could attract the attention of someone who shares this passion. Indeed, soon after Thursday's New Moon the two of you could move forward at speed - developing a new way of working and perhaps announcing it on social media. You may recall that Jupiter (one of your ruling planets) recently entered another of the Water signs, Scorpio. This should mark a year of great promise for Pisces. In particular, this could prove a year of adventure; boding well for any kind of training and even perhaps travel. True, a few could get embroiled in legal dispute. In this, it would be wise to take especial care this week to ensure that facts are properly collated and that there is accurate recording of any meetings.