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Pisces Weekly Sunday 15th January 2017

This could prove an important week for those of your sign. Recall first that both Venus and Mars are travelling through your sign. It's probable that your particular gifts will attract attention. Indeed, by mid- week more than one person may be anxious to work with you. The terms of that agreement though could prove challenging. Fact is that around Thursday's Last Quarter Moon, you may need to focus on legalities and, in particular, a proposed timeline that you see as being unrealistic. That said, with others anxious to move forward and as the Sun moves from Capricorn to Aquarius on Friday, their impetus may be to almost ignore challenges and push on regardless. Your warning notes might not be heard the some days yet. For this reason, it would perhaps be wise to ensure that a paper trail is in place so that you can show where others have ducked responsibility. Negative as all this might sound, there may well be promising news from a large organisation. Whatever kind of service they think you can provide, it should be clear that your efforts are appreciated and if not tangibly rewarded, then at least recognised.