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Pisces Monthly December 2017

By December's Full Moon (3rd), it may be time for a financial rethink. You can take your time about this as Mercury is retrograde at the apex of your solar chart from 3rd to 23rd. Of course it's normal for this time of year to be expensive for all signs: yet you could find the period 6th to 16th particularly so. Indeed, as early as the morning of Sunday 17th you might decide it's absolutely essential to rein yourself in. It might help to know that from the winter solstice on 21st, the desire to 'go minimal' should appeal greatly. Indeed, if you hold that thought in the early part of the month that could have benefits. Fact is that from the solstice and through to the end of the year your thinking is likely to be very different. It might be possible between 6th and 16th to free yourself of items or even shares that are now costing you more in terms of time and money then you're really able to give. Bottom line is that by the end of 2017 you could be set on a different financial path entirely.

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