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Pisces Monthly June 2017

Mid-June both the Sun and Mercury oppose Saturn across the backbone of your solar chart. This could coincide with a financial crunch. It might be as well to hold this thought in mind even when things appear to be going well in the first 10 days of the month. Early promise could yet become unstuck. This is arguably not the time to practice wishful thinking but instead to focus instead on small print. As of June 1st, Mars arrives in another of the Water signs and will be moving through Cancer through until July 21st and an area of your solar chart often described as the 'research and development' department. It would have course, be wise to be circumspect and not speculate too greatly in the first 10 days of the month. In the last week of June however, your instincts could once again be spot on. Bargains may be available - particularly between 24th and 28th. It's through this period too, that you could earn a little extra - though overtime might be required.

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