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Pisces Monthly February 2018

Financial events quite beyond your control could affect you midmonth. These are likely to be connected to long-term savings plans or even tax arrangements. The fact that you don't appear to have control does not mean that you need be ignorant. Indeed, over the first few days of February, you could astound a few people, by showing active interest in calculation of risk. Insurance matters particularly will surely have your attention. Mars is now travelling over the apex of your solar chart and before the end of the month will be at right angles to Venus in your sign. This suggests tension. It's probable that you will want to undertake an adventure but that a close associate will not. Given that you may well be in the mood for greater risk- especially around your birthday, it might be wise to arrange a meeting with a third party who could perhaps suggest limits to risk whilst also recognising your need to swim in new financial waters. You may be particularly interested in different currencies or overseas investments. Bear in mind that the period between a lunar and solar eclipse is often a good time to break a habit. It's possible then that before February 15th, you could take a short financial course that proves rewarding, and sets you up to take advantage of opportunities appearing after next month's New Moon.

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