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Pisces Monthly January 2017

With both Venus and Mars in your sign until the New Moon on 28th, it would be entirely understandable if you wanted to spend on yourself, define a fresh image for 2017 and mop up old costs. Doing the latter before Mercury turns direct on Sunday 8th would surely be wise. Certainly, by the Full Moon on January 12, having a clear strategy as to how to clear debts and build reserve should take priority. Whilst all this might seem a dream for some, soon after 13th, that could feel more natural and comfortable. It's just possible too, that offers of extra work or certainly a more relaxed income could appear just ahead of the sons move into Aquarius on 20th. The 2017 will surely prove a financially challenging year for the world, even if fractures stay hidden throughout January. Sensitive as you may be, preparing yourself for the squalls ahead would surely be wise. With the New Moon on January 28th should come a little financial ease: either through a pension arrangement or through a large company offering a rebate. With Uranus now moving direct in a key financial zone too, correspondence that's been delayed should arrive before the end of the month and result in you ending January feeling more relaxed about financial matters than at its start.

The quarterly scope is expanded to cover 2017.

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