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Pisces Monthly February 2017

At the end of February there is a solar eclipse in your sign. This particular eclipse aligns with one of the four Royal stars of Persia. Since a solar eclipse is a special kind of New Moon, it's reasonable to think that this will bring a new beginning. Of course, many of you may have been waiting for this for the better part of a decade. With Neptune having stationed on this degree back in November, it is entirely possible that unbeknownst to you, that developments have been taking place in the background and that the stage is being set for your entrance. As with all eclipses, the effect could take place ahead of the actual event. There seems little doubt that the first three weeks of February will find you exceptionally busy. Cash flow could be fast as a result. The really big changes though are likely to happen after the Sun enters your sign on Saturday 18th. It's then that you may be made aware of just how much is been going on in the background and the financial implications. Shocks and surprises may be the order of the day around this very special eclipse. A strong possibility is that you will be the beneficiary of funds created through an emergency. Whether this is from an insurance pay-out or a community bonus, this could be the needed sum to enable you to move forward with a savings or investment strategy.