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Pisces Monthly August 2017

With Mercury now in your opposite sign and turning retrograde on the 13th, it may be that cash flow is determined very much by others and that it permanently seems to be going in the opposite direction to the one in which you intended. Note, however, that between the Lunar eclipse on Monday 7th and a companion solar eclipse on 21st, much could be up in the air for all signs. If you're an investor, this could prove an extremely tricky period. Trying to determine what is real, and what the absolute facts are may be well-nigh impossible. Add to this the high probability of either fraudulent activity or even major hacking disrupting services, and this could prove an extremely difficult period to negotiate. All that said, it's generally agreed that those of your sign are highly intuitive. You may sense way before things happen what's about to take place. Backing those hunches might well be deemed wise. In particular, you could make particular gain around the solar eclipse itself. With Jupiter, your ruling planet coming to good aspect Saturn on the 27th, the period between 21st and 27th could offer undreamed for possibilities. The art then will once again be to maintain control and not allow others to manipulate your cash flow .

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