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Pisces Monthly October 2017

One of your ruling planets, Jupiter, changes signs this month. Though it moves to a new sign every year, the date of each ingress varies. This one comes just five days after a Full Moon (5th) that could find you involved in a flurry of financial activity. It may be that you're keen to secure a deposit or in some way make a financial commitment. You might also be right to determine that there are bargains to be had. Promising shopping days include 9th, 10th , 17th, 18th, 20th, 26th, 27th and 28th. Yes, the list is long. It would appear that after months of juggling, you are moving to a position where you have not exactly greater control but more options available. Financial acumen should be most apparent after Mercury moves into Scorpio on 17th. This, together with a series of promising aspects suggests that the last weekend of October could be particularly important. It's then that you could find bargains and perhaps sell an item at optimum price. Curiously, it may be that it's a vintage item or antiquarian book holds someone's attention; the sale of which that could give you a cash boost.

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