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Pisces Love Friday 17th November 2017

Those born under Water signs like your own ought not to find it difficult to tune into the potential of this weekend's New Moon. Even if you don't do this consciously, it's probable that others will notice you and that your allure and magnetism will propel them toward you. By the time that Neptune stations in your sign mid-week (coinciding with the Sun's arrival at the very apex of your solar chart), you could, - at the romantic level anyway, - be inhabiting a very different space. True, your imagination could run riot. It's not definite that you will be brought back to earth with a bump before the end of the month, but it is likely that a sibling or neighbour will feel the need to advise caution. Dreams are of course important - but what you don't presumably need is to experience deception or loss. Going slowly, - at least for the next few weeks - might be the best tempo to adopt.