Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 1st March 2015

Friends and colleagues have exciting plans and you could be SO affected. At home ideas as to how to improve conditions may leave you agitated - but in a nice way. Buoyancy of this nature is unlikely to last - though that need not be a negative. Before the weekend showing you are in control, can prune costs where necessary and have clear vision will surely be necessary. This though could unsettle the balance in a key relationship. Cosmic rhythms are set to change in the coming weeks bringing with them considerable turbulence. It may be that you are slightly ahead in sensing that it will be necessary for someone (you!) to take a stance. That said, and before you get too carried away, it might be as well to review the past: there is always the possibility you could prevent costly error being repeated. In short, it would be as well to assess the probable long term impact of your actions and, perhaps, ensure that you have a Sagittarius (or partner from a different culture) totally on side.