Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 26th October 2014

If you've been prevaricating (yes, you!), then this week, as Mercury moves forward in your sign, you could amaze others by making several decisions without fuss and with apparent ease (which might prompt some to wonder why you didn't take this action weeks ago!). Re-inventing yourself - or at least determining the image you want to present in the coming year - may be part of this. From choosing a new pen, redefining your signature, finding a new image or agreeing a design, it seems you'll be happily in action mode all week. As with many other signs, you may feel there's much you want to get done before the end of the month. What's interesting in your case is the drive (iron fist) that you put to good use. At both the domestic and career level you could move things forward quickly. One strong possibility is submitting a written document midweek and learning that this work is pivotal to a project - and may lead to a regular commitment.