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Libra Weekly Sunday 18th February 2018

Following on from last week's Solar Eclipse and in this window before Chiron enters your opposite sign in April, it would surely be wise to turn attention to daily routines and delegation. It may be that you really do have too much on your plate. This fact could be pointed out to you over and over again - irritatingly by those who've been guilty of the same traits in the past. Reminding them of that though may not be helpful. Meanwhile, those not directly on the scene and working far away, could push you into taking on more and more. There will doubtless come a point where you have to say no and that enough is enough. Note that Friday's First Quarter Moon is in another of the Air signs. Ideas that have been incubating since late May of last year should then move to their next phase. Leaving room for the demands this will bring would surely be wise. It might also be imperative if you are to reduce tension in a close partnership.