Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 31st August 2014

You won't be the only sign to experience a surge of energy this week. In your case though the need to revamp seems particularly strong. It's probable you've outgrown a space and that reorganisation is needed. The optimum time to get this under way would be between Sept. 6th and 13th. Before you get started a plan needs to be agreed. It may be that you really need the support of someone born under a Fire sign (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) . There may be a financial hurdle to overcome. It may also be that you need to chase up estimates or at least get a sense as to the full implications of planned developments. It's possible also that routine maintenance will need to be undertaken. This could take the form of a car service or a review of subscription commitments. There is a sense too that before the weekend you'll be dealing with an ending which though it could be painful at one level, might also leave you with greater freedom and room to develop an interest that's been 'on hold'.