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Libra Weekly Sunday 16th October 2016

Mid-week, Mars and Pluto align at the base of your solar chart. This is not the first time they've done this since 2008 so you do have some experience of the challenges this brings. Following on from Sunday's Full Moon, it's probable that you now need to review career plans. It may be that a business proposal is put to you and that it warrants serious consideration. Another possibility is that a close friend or partner is similarly challenged. Determining how the two of you are going to work through your separate challenges will surely require several weeks of careful thought and planning. This though, may not be something that works particularly well in your own situation. Here, it appears there is a degree of urgency and that a decision (yes, that horrid word), will need to be taken before the end of the week if you're to seize an opportunity that might well involve an international connection. A further, and strong possibility is that you will experience a power struggle - possibly involving a Scorpio - who is disinclined to find any compromise.