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Libra Weekly Sunday 4th December 2016

Your ruling planet (Venus), changes sign this week. Its arrival in Aquarius another of the Air signs should bring with it a surge of creative energy. Given that by then the Moon will be in your opposite sign, there's high probability that this will be spurred by someone else's idea. In preparation for this, it might suit you - at least in the early part of the week - to ensure that there is adequate space (both physical and mental) to take this on. Given that for the first half of the week the accent seems to be on domestic matters, by Thursday you might well be craving excitement. Thinking differently, and with the high probability of renewed contact with those who live and work far away, this could prove a turning point week when you gear up to accepting a challenge that might take the bulk of 2017 but which, as early as Friday, you sense would add interest to your life journey.