Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 23rd November 2014

A clearing-up exercise could get underway in earnest with the idea of this being completed by the end of the month. Actually, if you can get this done by Thursday, that would be brilliant! After then, and with Mercury joining the Sun and Venus in lively Sagittarius, disruptions and 'international relations' are likely to be time-consuming if exciting. One strong possibility is that having decided on a trip or study programme planned for early 2015, there are budgets to be considered. You may be right that deals will be offered from early next month. For now, renewing contacts in preparation could be viewed as wise. In these last days of November it might also be a good idea to consider your general fitness and arrange health checks where necessary. You might also consider replacing worn shoes as it seems that in some way you'll want to 'step out' early next week.