Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 17th May 2015

Mercury turns retrograde on Tuesday - a day after a New Moon. This significant change of pace could be felt in many ways. A rethink will surely be necessary. Note that Pluto has been slowly moving across the base of your solar chart for some years. Like a plant that's needed repotting, it's likely that you've outgrown your environment. Yet it may be that's you haven't quite formulated plans as to what changes should be made. What you thought was 'perfect' may now prove to be less so. Between now and June 12th new ideas are set to emerge. This might require a return to the drawing board. With the pull of either a long period of study or a trip that would take you out of your comfort zone also to be considered, it may be necessary to dig deep into archives for old certificates or prepare a fresh c.v to show all you have attained in recent years.