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Libra Weekly Sunday 26th March 2017

Firstly, recall that Jupiter is moving through your sign. Later this week that planet appears at right angles to Pluto. Though you've experienced this combination in recent months, what takes place at the end of this week when Mercury forms part of the planetary picture, could result in you arriving at a decision - yes a decision, - that feels exactly right. Any qualms may well have been allayed by someone either infinitely more experienced in the world of publication, travel or legal matters or born under Sagittarius. It seems likely that you will embark on a path that leaves you feeling more secure - even if temporarily you know it will require upheaval. At a slightly different level, you may be asked to give considerable thought to passing on knowledge. Though not every Libra can be a good teacher, it is probable that your ability to share information will presently prove a valuable trait.