Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 20th April 2014

We are now in that period between eclipses when the Earth's magnetic field is altered and when many people act 'unusually'. This makes this a near perfect time for breaking ingrained habits and, perhaps, changing course. The latter may be particularly important for you. Of course it's probable (especially if your birthday is between Sept 20th and October 4th) that you've already made great changes. Even so, developments this week could lead you to make more - and even dramatic - changes before the solar eclipse (April 29th). Whether you feel empowered or so, so angered that you break free of restrictions, it's probable that you'll take steps to take charge of your destiny before the weekend. (Though note that you will need to live with the consequences of your actions) And yes, it is possible that it will be someone close who makes an announcement that shakes your very core. Whatever, events taking place now could have far, far reaching effect - prompting you to think often about who you are and where you're going.