Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 25th January 2015

It might be as well to anticipate the unexpected as the week begins. Whatever your plans, they may need to be changed at almost the last minute. It seems likely that you'll experience some form of displacement - though could do so happily. Even so, organising a work-load and being prepared for activities at the end of the month is likely to require assistance. It's likely too that an earlier decision (to improve general fitness) will require extra effort to be fulfilled. It's probable also that a project attempted this time last year will be back for review: requiring particular focus before the end of the month with discussions as to how best this idea could be developed in a few months (after the last Uranus-Pluto square mid-March). This then could prove a week to be a week for planning with the assistance of experts (or a good friend born under Sagittarius) much appreciated.