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Libra Weekly Sunday 13th August 2017

Mercury is now retrograde in neighbouring Virgo. Coincidentally, Venus, your ruling planet, opposes Pluto. On Monday then, you may have very good reason to reflect. It isn't necessarily the case that you made a bad decision in the past, but probably true that you haven't paid as much attention to detail as you might have done. This is something that needs to be put right and perhaps quickly; ahead of events scheduled around next Monday's Solar Eclipse. Dealing with muddled communications, ensuring people have the facts that they need and that they are then given the time and space to work on these should be seen as priority. It might also be wise and, - perhaps given particular attention toward the weekend, - to review your wish list. There might yet be plans that can be realised before your birthday. In particular, and with the assistance of a Capricorn or someone older and very experienced, you could at least prepare the ground for the next stage of your career.