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Libra Weekly Sunday 17th June 2018

On Thursday, and coinciding with the solstice when the Sun accents the apex of your solar chart, your ruling planet, Venus, opposes Mars. Though this is likely to bring a turning point for all signs, you could feel the change of energy acutely. True, it may be that an even greater eventful period is at the end of June when the Full Moon accents this same axis and suggests something of a 'full stop moment'. It may be of course that you are long overdue for career appraisal. You perhaps need not just a holiday but a break from routine. You likely won't be the only sign of the zodiac approaching this mission to determine a better working schedule. The good news however, is that it seems that several people are aware of your unique abilities and are ready to offer partnership opportunities. Take your time to assess these. There is no hurry. Indeed, given the potential of one of these (possibly involving a Leo), it would be as well to move slowly at first and allow this alliance to develop at controlled pace.