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Libra Weekly Sunday 22nd November 2015

You could experience a crisis around Wednesday's Full Moon. The probable platforms include an examination, contract or overseas connection (or all three). Though this situation has likely been developing since February, you might now be asked to make a decision or agree a plan or time-line. On the one hand (how very Libra) this could suit you. On the other - and with another project also demanding attention - you might not want to be pinned down. It may well turn out to be a case of choosing one path over another - not easy for you at the best of times! In relinquishing interest in one area you could experience a sense of loss. Yet if that other project is to be pulled off successfully, then it will surely take considerable energy to meet a revised time-line. Perhaps all that's needed to cheer you up is to know that a strategy is agreed and that someone (a Gemini or Sagittarius?) is fully supportive.