Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 14th September 2014

Contact with friends abroad is probable. You might even make preparations for a trip. Such is your thirst for information presently you might also be eager to hear someone speak about a subject you feel passionately about. In a way, this week may be all about getting your mind in good condition ready for a feat of facts and ideas that tease the brain cells next week. True, you might also be ready to stretch limbs and improve physical fitness levels and might even be encouraged to do so by someone for whom this is part of their daily routine. With your profile at work increasing you might also decide that it's time to improve your image. You could do this by buying a special pen, updating your Facebook profile or, for maybe arranging promotion material. All this may be in preparation for travel or meetings with those who work in a similar field to your own and with whom you hope to do good business before month end.