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Libra Weekly Sunday 23rd April 2017

It's generally recognised that those of your sign have a deep need to please. This particular period of your life then could prove problematic. The arrangement of the slow-moving planets is such that you may well be caught up in major and key events involving many, many people. Pleasing them all is unlikely to be possible. Note that Mars has now arrived in another of the Air signs, Gemini. Its passage through that sign lasts until early June. This should be viewed as a near-perfect time for cautious negotiation. It is arguably not a good time - especially given Mercury's retrograde status and whilst Venus is still crossing over degrees it passed earlier in the year, - for anything to be signed and sealed. There may well be moments, particularly after Wednesday's New Moon, when you feel you're involved in a complicated game of chess. There might even be moments when you feel as though you're being asked to play blindfolded. Looking back in a couple of years' time, you might agree that the present 'stop start progress' being made at least ensures that all voices are heard and that any decisions taken are done with due diligence.