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Libra Weekly Sunday 7th February 2016

Monday's New Moon marks the Chinese New Year. This New Moon highlights the research and development - or pleasure area - of your solar chart. If you need to launch a new project, doing so within the next fortnight should be considered. Note that Mercury is now returning to the position it held at the very start of the year. By next Sunday, plans that were much discussed at the end of 2015/start of 2016 should gather momentum. Indeed, it's highly likely you'll arrive at a sound strategy before the weekend. True, this could be costly and might require a large outlay. You might though consider this to be a sound investment. Relationship-wise this should prove an exciting time too. It's likely that at least one other person or institution wants to do business with you. Applying a little due diligence to the contract involved will require energy - yet you might find this easier to do this week rather than next.