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Libra Weekly Sunday 25th September 2016

For the first time in over a decade the Sun and Jupiter align in your sign. And yes, it is possible that you could have something to celebrate. It's as likely, that multiple communications with those who live some distance away or who are involved with higher education or publishing, will see a dramatic start to the week. Mars arrives in another of the Cardinal signs this week also. As it transits the very base of your solar chart, you might decide that considerable energy needs to be put in to domestic matters. Asset management, insurance, wills, legacies et cetera might all warrant attention. With your ruling planet, Venus also changing signs this week, your approach to these issues will surely be very different even to the thinking of just a few weeks ago. It may be of course, that as of Monday you have considerably more information on which to base decisions. One way or another, it appears likely that this week will see you taking charge in a way that surprises but delights those who want to work with you.