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Libra Weekly Sunday 15th January 2017

It's arguably time to restructure. It seems likely that an increased workload will require better organisation. It may be imperative for a particular task to be finished before Friday. The fact that others throw last-minute yet good ideas at you suggests increased pressure and the need to revise general strategy. It may be that there is a financial incentive to being better organised. The written word could have particular power as well. Indeed, it may be that a contract needs to be signed and that the optimum day for doing so is Friday after the Sun has moved from Capricorn and into another of the Air signs, Aquarius. It seems likely that this will involve a deepening partnership with someone you've worked with in the last couple of years and who sees you as having unexplored talents. Much as you might prefer to concentrate on this relationship, the demands of a Scorpio could be draining. For this reason, it would perhaps be wise to factor in time to be alone on Thursday whilst you gather your thoughts.