Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 19th October 2014

As of the end of this month it should be clear that you are on a new commercial path. At the very least, the way in which you operate seems set to change. Of course you may have been planning this for some considerable time. It's likely too that a substantial investment will soon be required. True, all this could be related to home improvement. Yet perhaps that can't happen until a flow of funds is assured and yes, you may need to wait until after Mercury turns direct at the weekend for things to fall into place. Though you may be bamboozled and confused by options given to you as the week opens, by midweek the way forward should be clear (making decision-making SO much easier). The really good news is that it seems someone (a Taurus?) is really watching your back. Whoever this person is, it seems they understand that you 'can't make an omelette without breaking eggs' and that you will need to deal with temporary upheaval.