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Libra Weekly Sunday 4th October 2015

Hold the thought that you're coming to the end of a professional phase and that this Sunday's Last Quarter marks the final stages. True, matters might not be concluded until July next year but the fact that an end is in sight will surely be helpful. Don't assume that the coming weeks will be repeats of recent ones either. Mercury stations in your sign on Friday and yes, though there may be 'clearing up' matters to attend to before the start of next month, you'll likely then have the energy to resolve these. The hard bit could be the start of the week when you may feel you don't have much more to give. It may be time to delegate! You may also find that being close to water, exercising (dancing or swimming) helps hugely. Even watching others excel in these areas could lift your spirits and, within days, bring you the energy needed to complete that last lap.

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