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Libra Weekly Sunday 22nd May 2016

Venus opposes Mars this week. (The last time this happened in this part of the zodiac was in 1969). With Jupiter and Saturn (the business cycle) also reaching a critical point in their cycle, you could arrive at a make or break moment. It would be understandable if one commercial partnership came to an end - and probably because numbers no longer stack up. With Mercury now moving forwards, a further possibility is that a close colleague will arrive at a career turning point and that as a result your workload increases. There's high probability of you having to make tough decisions (perhaps not your strongest suit) and important then that you understand what, if anything, would be compromised in the rocess. With the final costs of a long term project at last available, the fact that your asset base feels to have been deeply shaken might worry you too. Viewed as a foundation from which you then start the upward trek and with the support of someone who's 'been there and done that', you could yet turn around a difficult situation as though you'd ploughed a field and are now ready to plant.