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Libra Weekly Sunday 10th December 2017

Mars has now moved into Scorpio, joining Jupiter in an area of your solar chart that is all about ethics and finance. There will inevitably be decisions to be made. Generally, these conditions do not always find you at your best. With Mercury retrograde, you may be tempted to look back into the past to see if there were any clues left as to what would be the optimum way forward. Note that by the winter solstice on 21st, Saturn will have arrived at the base of this solar chart. This is where the process of putting down solid foundations begins. This is in effect the beginning of a new 30 year cycle. With that in mind, using this week to assess the present balance sheet rather than focus on old decisions would be wise. It might help too if, especially as the Moon moves through your sign (Monday through Wednesday), that you didn't appear to prevaricate too much. Others don't need to see indecision: what they perhaps do need to see is that you are doing considered risk management.