Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 29th March 2015

Next Saturday's lunar eclipse is in your sign - and coincides with the Moon's opposition to Uranus. Your scales could yet be unbalanced and you will, surely, have to question just how much that matters. Despite constructive and positive talk in the last days of March, as early as Thursday it may be apparent that co-workers and close partners have plans that are at variance to your own. Determining how you can preserve these relationships whilst acknowledging their need not to feel trapped or coerced into actions they'd rather avoid, will surely be taxing. And then there's the question of you and where you'd like to take your career. At this point in the year - roughly half-way to your next birthday - a review of your position is arguably appropriate. In the process you might decide that something you've been incubating since 2008 now needs to be either abandoned completely or taken to the next level. To do that might require forging alliance with someone whose business is only just getting off the ground.