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Libra Weekly Sunday 21st August 2016

Hold the thought that in a few weeks, Jupiter will enter your sign at the first time in over a decade. This planet is associated with good fortune and abundance. However, these transits also have a track record of bringing more than you can handle. Whether this is in a good or a bad way, soon you will surely be super-busy. The present period then should be used for preparation and focused efficiency. There may well be things that need to be tidied up. Ensuring that paperwork is up-to-date and that you are clear as to obligations would surely be wise. An extraordinary alignment of planets before the weekend takes place in neighbouring Virgo. This is one of the Mutable signs of the zodiac and you may well find that those born under Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces have plans they want to discuss with you. As far as you are concerned, their timing could perhaps be better. It's probable that relatives have long-term plans they'd like to discuss with you and that these will require careful consideration. In short, the balance of your scales could be very much disturbed. Ensuring you have adequate quiet time and comfortable space in which to feel anchored may be imperative .