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It shouldn't be hard to feel the effects of the Sun's alignment with Mars in Leo: the first of its kind for 15 years on July 27th. That's followed on August 21st by a solar eclipse. Perhaps, and rather more importantly for you, will be developments in the first fortnight of July. It could feel as though your world is being shaken to the core. Note that Pluto has been passing the base of your solar chart since 2008. You've coped so far and no doubt can do again. A degree of upheaval though seems likely. The positive part of this is that a network could turn into a support system even before July 27. From that date -and with so much accent on associations and friendships, - your world could go into a different kind of spin as others offer exciting possibilities. Given that Mercury will be retrograde for some weeks this quarter, it might be as well to take time out in August and consider carefully exactly what it is that you would like to achieve: not just before your birthday but immediately afterwards. It seems probable that a career change is on the horizon - one that might even be more financial rewarding.

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