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Libra Quarterly

With your ruling planet, Venus, retrograde until April 15th and stationing at right angles to the Galactic Centre, it's probable that you will take off at speed after that date. True, there may well have been a hiatus around the Full Moon four days earlier. Though it could take until mid-May before you're firmly established on a new path, the first weekend of that month could find you in exhilarated and excited state. The fact that you're working in partnership with someone who clearly has experience and good connections will surely be of great assistance. Note however, that Saturn continues its slow progress through the sign of Sagittarius where it accents contractual obligations. Whether you put yourself under a deadline or are forced by someone anxious that you complete a task this quarter, the end of May through to mid-June could find you under singular pressure. True, you have been here before and that earlier experience should serve you well. Not to be underestimated, is the very considerable assistance you're likely to offer others through these months. Indeed, without your active participation several people could be truly stuck. In particular, your assistance with travel arrangements or even simply walking to and from appointments may be of real value to others. Both career and domestic matters are likely to require particular attention in the last week of June. It's then that you might come to the realisation that there are items you could now do without. Planning their sale might then have your full attention.

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