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Jupiter leaves your sign on October 10. Until then, it could feel as though you're at the centre of a whirlwind. Jupiter is supposedly a 'lucky' planet but all too often it can bring too much and too soon. You may well be left reeling by the number of opportunities open to you. The good news is that its relationship to Saturn (at least until October) is positive and so, with one foot firmly on the ground, you could be poised to take advantage of options. That said, your ruling planet, Venus, is retrograde for a few weeks from March 3rd - and in your opposite sign. This could bring with it a little relationship turbulence. This is something you might not enjoy at all. Of course, it's entirely possible that someone to whom you're very close, is resistant to some of your plans. Finding compromise (which is in fact something you want to be good at), could be achieved - but perhaps not until late May. After Jupiter leaves your sign and moves on into Scorpio in October there is the strong possibility of financial advancement. Though this is likely to be linked to acknowledgement of your growing expertise, it might also be linked to a lucky break that comes your way in the last days of July. You may remember that yours is one of the Cardinal signs of the zodiac. The presence of other planets in those same areas is usually indicative of upheaval. There should be plenty of that in the first half of the year. Being prepared, looking after your health, and ensuring that you factored in sanctuary time should be seen as imperative. Indeed, perhaps more than a holiday in 2017 you might benefit from a silent retreat where you have the opportunity to process thoughts and get to know yourself better. Planning this exercise - perhaps for late May or early June - could be hugely beneficial and might even be suggested by someone born under either Sagittarius or Pisces who has your best interests at heart.

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