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Libra Monthly October 2017

Jupiter moves from your sign on October 10. This doesn't mean that you move away from the limelight rather, it could indicate a year when both ethics and financial matters assume priority. All this may be made clear at the Full Moon on October 5th giving you just a few days to prepare for action. That Full Moon coincides with an alignment of your ruling planet, Venus, with Mars in neighbouring Virgo. It's perhaps time to give thought to both long-term financial arrangements pensions et cetera and your legacy. Given that Uranus continues its journey through your opposite sign, it may be that partnership matters are not yet stable. It might be as well then, to give careful thought to your personal position and what you can do to protect assets. Between 5th and 10th taking time to study your financial position may be no bad thing. Thereafter, you could consider making an appointment with an advisor for around 28th. Securing your position whilst at the same time looking for opportunities for growth might then be handled with ease. It might be suggested that the best way for you to invest presently is in timely research and data management. In this, you could benefit from the attentions and experience of a Virgo.

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