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Libra Monthly December 2017

You've had a couple of years now of talking about what you'd like to do. With Saturn's arrival at the base of your solar chart at the winter solstice 20th, determining which of those to invest in and which need now to be left behind takes priority. The good news is that from the Full Moon (3rd) through to the 23rd, Mercury is retrograde (a perfect time for review). Though what's proposed (most likely between 9th and 16th) might sound exciting, you've had enough experience now to know that it's essential to apply due diligence before you spend any more. As for many signs, you might also be attracted to the idea of minimalistic living. Getting rid of items you no longer need would work well before 20th and yes, could give you a cash reserve for 2018. Financially then, this should prove a most interesting month. Property matters might well require considerable attention from 20th through to the start of 2018. At the very least, what should and what could be done and obtaining estimates would surely be a wise use of time. With Jupiter now moving through one of the better financial zones of your solar chart, you may be right to think that by this time next year your position will be better.

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