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Libra Monthly April 2017

This month's Full Moon is accented through the presence of Uranus - suggesting particular volatility around 11th. Added to this, your ruling planet stations just four days later. With Venus at right angles to the Galactic Centre, you too could feel as though you're on a new path. Opportunities to accrue and to build your reputation are probable from the week beginning Monday 17th. In particular, long-distance business partnerships are accented from Friday 21st when Mars arrives in another of the Air signs. True, you may feel that all this is preparatory work and that true gain won't be made until after Jupiter stations in your sign on June 10th . It's probable however that you are making a significant mark and that others are considering how best to reward your efforts. It wouldn't be at all surprising if you were asked to think about a new contract or financial arrangement in the last days of April: to which end, it might suit you to arrange a meeting with your financial advisor for as early next month as is practicable.