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Libra Monthly June 2017

The combination of Jupiter turning direct in your sign on 9th, and Mars' arrival at the apex of your solar chart just a few days before on 5th, suggests a decided upswing in your financial affairs. This might well be linked to career development. In anticipation of this it would be understandable if you push the boat out a little in the first few days of the month. A little caution here would surely be wise however. Other costs are set to surface midmonth. These may well be related to either long distance travel or to the purchase of a vehicle. Either way, it may be necessary to dig deep into savings. Following the summer solstice on June 21th yet another sea-change in your financial affairs is indicated. By 24th you might consider an investment that is very much home and property related. You may be right in thinking that investing in a working area within the home could, in the long run, ensure the potential for a second revenue stream to develop. That said, it would be wise on the very last day of June to obtain advice re-tax and insurance implications.

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