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Libra Monthly February 2018

It's rare for a solar eclipse to highlight the research and development area of your solar chart at the same time that Jupiter passes through one of your key financial zones. Given these cosmic dynamics, it's probable that your financial affairs are about to take a sharp turn. You may be aware of this from the first day of the month. Communication and travel costs are likely to be high. Yet these should also prove a wise investment. By the solar eclipse on 15th, investing in a partnership or agreeing a monthly outlay that will reduce pressure, may be paramount. With the Sun, Mercury and Venus all in Pisces by 19th and thus accenting day-to-day affairs, you will have to take care not to squander energy; health or financial. Indeed, by Sunday 25th, it could be noted by a partner that you do need to get a better grip. A conversation with a financial adviser on Monday 26th should prove most useful. In terms of investment, ensuring that you're not overpaying for phone or Internet connections should prove a useful exercise.

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