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Libra Monthly May 2018

Anticipate a sea change in your financial affairs from mid-May. True, planetary conditions will affect all signs. The arrival of Uranus in one of the key financial zones suggests a review of your investments and, principally, how you handle risk. Following on from the New Moon on 15th, Mars arrives in the speculative zone of your solar chart. These fresh energies - together with Uranus' ingress suggests fast moving developments. Determining how much you're prepared to spend on a hobby or indeed, the research and development part of your career could be uppermost in your mind by the time the Sun reaches another of the Air signs, Gemini, on May 20th . By the close of that week, involvement in advertising and how best you make others aware of what you have to offer could make significant difference to your cash flow. From that same date, Venus arrives at the apex of your solar chart: once again suggesting the need to invest more in your career. It is entirely possible that before the close of May you will receive an interesting offer to combine forces with a view to both reducing costs and increasing income.

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