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Libra Monthly March 2017

With your ruling planet, Venus, turning retrograde on March 4th (and in your opposite sign) your financial adviser may be quick to point out that a review of expenditure is essential. Though it could be mid-May before a budget or schedule is agreed, the process should start before Friday 10th and be linked to tax efficiency. From Tuesday 14th and through until the last day of the month, as Mercury moves through your opposite sign, it would be as well to take note of the spending habits of those close to you. It may be that there is much that could be learnt. In particular, around Friday 17th , focus should be on credit card management and, for some, foreign exchange rates. The Sun reaches the Equinox and your opposite sign on March 20. From then on and through to the Full Moon on April 11, you could make significant progress in dealing with an old issue, - probably debt related and might manage to clear this before the last day of the month. At the very least, you may be able to put it on a better footing. Investment wise, what's discussed on 14th, 21st and 25th may be something you pursue in earnest next month.