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Libra Monthly February 2017

It would be wholly understandable if you felt you were riding the crest of a wave - especially around 6th and 7th as Jupiter stations in your sign. With Mercury moving into another of the Air signs on 7th, the temptation to speculate could be strong in the lead into the Moon's arrival in your sign on Tuesday 14th. Whatever the romantic climate, February could prove a very special month. Deals could be struck particularly in the week between the 14th and 21st. It might be as well though, to be prepared for your scales to be destabilised in the last days of February. The solar eclipse on 26th, could, on this occasion, coincide with you feeling that one area of your life is under acute stress. It may be that you've taken a brave step into the unknown and need to accept that it will be a few months before you know whether or not you've made the correct move. Doing nothing may not be an option! There is though, high probability that the last few days of February will find you concerned about your financial position and eager for an expert to give their opinion on where you're at. Rebalancing those scales could then be done in April.