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Libra Love Friday 24th March 2017

Venus appears fused with the Sun this weekend. At some level, you too could feel blinded. In particular, relationships with those born under the Mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, are accented. Each of these might demand extra care. What may be exasperating for you and equally for them (but at a different level), is their apparent inability to make decisions. Indeed, you might achieve very little this weekend simply because neither of you can decide what to do. By Tuesday's New Moon however, the way ahead should appear much clearer. In taking the initiative, you could move this partnership to a different level altogether. Indeed, over the last few days of March, plans could gather pace quickly. In observing your own reactions to events, you might be as amused by someone close that you're now ready to explore areas which a few weeks ago you suggested were not open for discussion. In short, by the last day of March you could be reinvigorated at every possible level and, where affairs of the heart are concerned reigniting passion.