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Libra Love Friday 28th April 2017

Since 2008, Libras have had to cope with more than their fair share of emotional turmoil. Endlessly you've needed to dig deep into reserves. That could happen again this weekend. The advantage now is that you have considerable experience: it's unlikely you'll be knocked off your axis as you may have been in the past. In fact, you might now find that you are skilled in surfing these planetary waves and are mastering the art of reviving partnerships that are important and letting go of those which no longer meet your needs. With both Mercury and Venus passing through your opposite sign, it's probable that others will state clearly what it is that they need. This does not however mean that you should subjugate your own wants: you might need to make it clear (especially this weekend) what it is that you want to happen if a special partnership is not to be derailed. Note that as Mercury appears to slow down before standing still mid-week, this could be the perfect time to address imbalance.