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Libra Love Friday 18th May 2018

Now that Uranus has left your opposite sign, it's perhaps time to think less about a significant other, and more about the needs of special relationship. These should be viewed as separate entities. Rather than perpetually seeking compromise with a partner, you could instead turn your attention to how well you work together. With Mars arrival in the play zone of your solar chart and for an extended stay, fun should become priority. It wouldn't be a bad idea to plan something special for the weekend. Note too, that even if you and someone special have to be parted for a few days that lines of communication between you could be such that you fuel romance through talk and anticipation of when you are together again. Curiously, in all this it seems that you will be very much the instigator. Your lazy Libra sub- personality will surely be pushed aside. Then it should be possible for you and that special person to plan something significant for the end of the month and beginning of next.