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Leo Weekly Sunday 10th December 2017

Mars joins Jupiter at the very base of your solar chart and yes, expect things to heat up accordingly. Property matters could have your undivided attention. Emotionally too, you may be supercharged. With Mercury retrograde, it may be that there are misunderstandings to deal with. Dealings with children or with those whom you feel are behaving like children could be awkward as a result. These matters might not clear until the middle of next week. Rather than being too enraged and exercising your lions roar, you could put some of this excess energy to good use. A space clearing exercise should work well before the weekend. You might also see light at the end of the tunnel of a marketing exercise. It may be that you've been waiting for the green light from someone who is now backpedalling. Their hunch though could be correct and it may be that this launch would achieve far better results early in the New Year after some tweaking has been managed.