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Leo Weekly Sunday 25th June 2017

it might be helpful to imagine yourself building a fire. It's unlikely you'll light this until the Sun and Mars align in your sign next month. Now though, the process begins to collect the firewood. It seems highly likely that you will be ready to launch a new creative idea within the next few months. For now, bringing together the optimum team to assist in the process would be a useful exercise. Amongst this group you perhaps need someone to focus on safety. This person is likely born under one of the Water signs. You could think of them as your own personal fire engine department. It's highly likely that this person will want to dismantle what you've done and rebuild. They may think you're throwing this together without giving sufficient thought to the long-term and the potential for accident. It would be wise to listen then. Listening and taking advice is not the same as having your enthusiasm dampened.