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Leo Weekly Sunday 17th June 2018

Coincident with the solstice on Thursday, Venus, in your sign opposes Mars. This could once again bring to a head any imbalance in key relationships. True, this might affect your private more than your business life. The two though may be intertwined. Decisions might need to be made - and before the Full Moon on June 28th. For now, the important thing may be to know where others are coming from and what their long-term plans are. It's probable that they too are rethinking their position. Recall that Mars is presently travelling through your opposite sign. It's likely that it won't be difficult for you to view others as opposing your wishes rather than supporting you. Turning down the volume control on this disquiet might not be easy. A frank exchange - most likely around the solstice - could prove therapeutic. Yet it needs to be accepted that each side needs time to process what's said. You might also like to know that through this period Mercury opposes Saturn and then Pluto. Accessing and retrieving information will likely not be hard.