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Leo Weekly Sunday 23rd April 2017

Every couple of years, the planet Mars spends a couple of weeks moving through an area of your sign associated with distribution and networking. Mars began this transit on Friday and will conclude it in early June. It's probable that the next few weeks will find you exceptionally busy. If it's been a long time since you looked at your online profile, or even your CV, it could be argued that this would be an optimum period to review and to let those you've worked for in the past know what experience you've gained in recent times. That's not to say that this will necessarily be an easy or pleasant process. Indeed, until Wednesday's New Moon you could experience intense irritation, - even anger - should you conclude that you have in some way been misrepresented. Though Mercury is retrograde, its alignment with Uranus at the end of the week suggests an unexpected turn of events. It may be that this is linked to either a legal procedure or to a decision taken by someone born under either Cancer or Sagittarius. Though these two signs are of course very different, both may be in the process of making important choices presently. Either could affect your own. Positively - and with the Sun's arrival at the very apex of your solar chart - you could consider the end of the week as being an alternative New Year moment and good for announcing a mini resolution.