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Leo Weekly Sunday 15th October 2017

These are still early days: it's only a week since Jupiter arrived at the very base of your solar chart. Its alignment with Mercury this Tuesday is the first in over a decade. Bottom line, is that cosmic winds are not ones with which you are familiar. Yours is one of the Fire signs. You want and need to respond quickly. Presently however, it might be as well to hold fire even - if provoked into taking action at Thursday's New Moon. All facts might not yet be known. The upside of all of this is that this would be an excellent time to prepare research or gather estimates. Moving things on could perhaps be done next week after Mars changes signs. Of course, you need to know that what's promised will really be delivered and by the person doing the promising. It would be as well to check that they have no plans to delegate or, if they do, that quality control will be met. The advice from an adviser, possibly born under Libra, could prove useful. Though it's not their job to look for long-term difficulties, they might still alert you to potential developments that should be considered before you make a major move.