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Leo Monthly April 2017

Until Thursday 20th, there is particular planetary emphasis at the very apex of your solar chart. This could prompt thoughts about property matters and shared related costs. It may be that there's been a lack of clarity and that this needs to be addressed and put right before your birthday. Yes, that is some months away, but with Venus retrograde at the start of this month and not completing a loop in the sky until the middle of next month, it could take some time all this to be resolved. Until at least midmonth, it might seem that far more is going out than coming in. Financially, you could be under duress. Should this not be the case, then surplus funds might well be spent on decoration or otherwise improving your environment. Large-scale investments are likely better done in the second half of the month and perhaps after Thursday 20th. Transport costs might also require particular attention. It's entirely possible that you will be involved in a major sale or purchase over the weekend of Saturday 22nd and 23rd. Whichever direction this takes, it would appear that it's part of a strategy that you agreed toward the end of last year. Realising the potential of this however may not be possible until late July.