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Leo Monthly October 2017

On October 10, Jupiter arrives at the very base of your solar chart. It would be unsurprising if your need for a greater window on the world became apparent. Asset management will surely be crucial. For some, this might well require property renovation or even a move. Given that Venus and Mars begin their new cycle in neighbouring Virgo just a few days before, it may be that until the First Quarter Moon on October 27, you feel there is more going out than coming in. It would no doubt suit you to have someone share the burden. Finding that person though may not be easy. Insurance matters are likely to require particular attention - especially in the last week of October. So yes, as is likely to be the case for most signs, it does appear that there is more going out than coming in. The greater attention to detail that is paid the better: this is not the time to be careless given that a credit squeeze is probable before the end of the year. Negative as all this might sound, recall that the recent eclipse was in your sign and conjoined the so-called Royal Star of Regulus. Though not wishing to disguise the very real difficulties that need to be faced, with determination which those of your sign tend to have in plenty, you could yet realise success. The first signal that you are indeed on promising track could come before the end of the month on October 28th.

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