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Leo Monthly February 2017

The temptation to go on a wild spending spree could be great - at least until February 19th. Whether this is through the purchase of luxury items or investing in shares whose prices you feel are ever-soaring, it could be very hard indeed to apply any kind of caution. And yes, you could make some extremely wise and exciting choices - particularly in the week beginning Monday 6th. Technology products and services may be particularly attractive. That said, it might be as well to take a good friend or financial minder with you if shopping around the Full Moon in your sign on 11th. The cosmic weather is set to change after the Sun changes signs on Saturday 18th. From then until the end of the month challenges in the form of essential repairs and rising transportation costs could threaten financial stability. Indeed, soon after the solar eclipse on Sunday 26th you could draw the conclusion that you need to find other sources for items or products given that an exchange rate could be moving against you.