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Leo Monthly March 2017

It might help to think back to March 2009. Though the cosmos never does exact repeats, there may well be similarities with what happens in the global financial world in March 2017 to what happened then. Venus is retrograde from March 4 until April 15. Venus is associated with both money and relationships. Together with the awesome planetary picture provided by Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, this March could yet see financial volatility. All signs are advised to play for financial safety. Those born under the Fire signs, should be particularly careful between 17th and 20th. It's then that you could experience restriction. This could take many different forms but high probability may be around credit card management and limits. The last few days of the month could be taxing in a different way: this time, you may feel a bargain has your name on it. Before taking action however, it would be as well to check your actions with your financial adviser. It may be that you could find an even better price around the April Full Moon. All this aside, your entrepreneurial spirit will surely surface (particularly after the Sun moves into Aries on Monday 20th.) It's then that a second revenue stream should prove most valuable.