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Leo Monthly June 2017

Between June 5th and July 21th Mars travels through an area of your solar chart associated with long-term financial planning. This would be the optimum time to look at savings and pension arrangements. Mid-June you may have concerns as to whether or not you will have sufficient cushion for old age. Around this same time you might also consider making an investment that to some seems unwise. They could inadvertently give you a conscience about investing in something which you know will not only accrue value but bring pleasure at the same time. It might be as well to take into account the fact that from the end of the year interest borrowing rates are likely to rise and so wise to secure rates now if they are indeed favourable. Between 21st and 24th, focusing on your gut instincts is advisable. Though this is certainly true all of the time, over those few dates your financial instincts should be working at their best. It might even be that in assessing a valuation over those few dates that you could make a bid for something important between 26th and 28th. One way or another, asset management and long-term savings appear to have priority throughout June.

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