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Leo Monthly December 2017

Of course it's probably true that December is expensive for all signs. This year though any effect could be exaggerated: Saturn moves from another of the Fire signs into a sign in which it said to work well on December 20th. There's high probability that this will bring with it rising costs. Though true, this may have been obvious since Jupiter's entry into Scorpio back in October. Now though the pace could quicken. It may be even more important than usual to invest wisely: especially in essential goods and services. Even if gift buying, these could take precedence. Given that the next 30 months could find the costs of daily living rising, investing in products and services at good price before Saturn moves into Capricorn on 20th could be considered an astute move It's not the case that when Mercury is retrograde that all communications go awry. These periods though do offer pause for thought. Yet, a budding relationship may be developing. Investing in hobbies could prove wise too. Indeed, there is much to suggest that between 16th and 23rd you will make moves that next year are shown to have been clever and wise.

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