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Leo Monthly January 2017

Saturn passes through all 12 signs every three decades. There are particular points in this cycle when global finances tend to take a nosedive. One of these is on the way in 2017. It might be as well to 'make a note to self' to be circumspect about taking risks and, were possible, to put a safety net in place. Determining your plan and then putting it into practice after Mercury turns direct on 8th and before the Full Moon on 12th should be considered wise. Note that with both Venus and Mars moving through Pisces, this month cash flow might well be more on the out rather than the incoming side. All signs should experience another decided mood change as of 20th. Care will need to be taken that an offer that looks too good to be true isn't exactly that. However, accessing latent financial acumen and finding bargains is likely around 28th. If you're not into foreign currency trading, then it may be that an item produced overseas can be purchased at excellent price. Note though that this is only a bargain if it can be done without recourse to a line of credit.

The quarterly scope is expanded to cover 2017.

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