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Leo Monthly August 2017

This month's solar eclipse on 21st is in your sign. It's being called the great American eclipse because it's visible across most of that continent. And yes, this could mark a new chapter in world history. A solar eclipse could be thought of as a sophisticated New Moon. It offers an opportunity but very often that's led by the closing of a chapter. That could come much earlier in the month: perhaps around the Lunar eclipse on August 7. This comes just a few days after Uranus reaches its station and Jupiter and Pluto arrive at their Last Quarter phase. With regard to one financial arrangement, you may decide that enough is enough and that it's time to move on. Should this be the case, be prepared for the fact that once Mercury turns retrograde on August 13th, on-going financial arrangements might get messy. That said, new agreements could be reached before 25th. It's even possible that by 27th you will feel to be on a financial path of which you have better understanding - if not necessarily control. Be prepared for the last days of the month to be particularly expensive: either through a long distance travel arrangement or because payment on a health premium has to be made.

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