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Leo Monthly February 2018

This month's Solar Eclipse is in your opposite sign and yes, is a very big deal. Coinciding with Jupiter's passage through another of the Fixed signs, it's probable that there will be fast-moving developments any time from Thursday 15th. Clues as to potential upheaval should be apparent on the first day of the month. Indeed, this could be a crisis moment with hefty expenses involved. With Mars travelling through another of the Fire signs too, the flow of cash could be fast and furious. It's more likely to be going out than coming in before the Solar Eclipse. Thereafter, and perhaps because a financial partnership has to be realigned, focus turns to making new arrangements and, perhaps, giving them a trial period. In investment terms, focus should be on long-term needs and care. Investing in these at simple, personal level, or, in companies providing these services should prove a wise move. A key date for collecting financial information and perhaps reviewing your half-year status, would be Monday 26th .

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