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Leo Monthly May 2018

May could provide moments of high financial drama for all signs. Those born under your sign could be particularly affected. The arrival of Uranus at the very apex of your solar chart suggests your foundations might well be shaken. Following on from the New Moon on May 15 Uranus makes ingress just ahead of Mars' arrival in your opposite sign. It may be that it's relationships which prove most costly. You may have seen this coming from the start of the month and following on from intense discussions between 7th and 9th . It may be that a partner has plans about which you are doubtful. Finding compromise might not be easy. It's perhaps also true that you will have a bee in your bonnet midmonth and so prove difficult to negotiate with. Resolving all of this could be done between 24th and 26th but again prove costly. One way or another, resources could be depleted before the end of May. Keeping a rein on costs won't be easy. Though not part of your natural behaviour, from Sunday 20th, attention to daily costs would be wise.

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