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Leo Love Friday 22nd September 2017

The days around any Equinox tend to be super-powerful - bringing an electrical charge to most people. That may be particularly true in your case presently as for the last time in several decades, Jupiter opposes Uranus accenting a particular area of your solar chart. This promises excitement - though yes, could involve either legal or publishing issues or even greater contact with those who live many miles away. The point here is that at least for now, you could be very much hyped up. This should make you super attractive to some but be repellent to others who may feel that you're being too single-minded and unwilling perhaps to consider compromise. Relationship-wise then this period through to the end of September could bring a bumpy ride. Though all could be put right in the first few days of October, those in long-term partnership should be aware of the potential for destabilising that union midst all the excitement.