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Gemini Weekly Sunday 23rd April 2017

Mars is now moving through your sign. It does this for a few weeks every couple of years. You probably know of Mars as the red planet. Imagine yourself now as being heated up. Since Gemini is the sign associated with communications and short distance travel, over the course of the next few weeks you may well do more buzzing around than usual. Given that Mercury is retrograde until early next month, those journeys and contacts may be all about tying up loose ends. It's whilst doing this, - and before next weekend - that you could experience a lightbulb moment. Your value within a group or association has no doubt already been noted. Now though you may be asked if you would take on a greater role - possibly linking with other groups with similar aims. A frustrating element may be connected with technology. With this in mind, it might be as well to check that both soft and hardware are virus free. Note too, that possibly because you were so highly energised presently, you might need grounding before the weekend - particularly if it seems that electronic equipment behaves strangely when you are near.