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Gemini Weekly Sunday 15th January 2017

It's not necessarily the case that you have negative health issues to address, but it would perhaps be wise to review your physical condition and what improvements could be made. Doing this before the Last Quarter Moon on Thursday may be wise. It may be that you would benefit from a detox. Certainly by Thursday, thinking carefully about what you ingest both as food and as food for thought would be wise. You may remember that Saturn is presently moving through your opposite sign. Perhaps for some time you've been attempting to move forward whilst the brakes have been applied. You may well need to face further restrictions. Of course, it's entirely possible that a certain person is trying to save you from yourself. They may have determined that you speak first and think later - when that's not necessarily the case. What does seem certain is that by the end of the week you will need to show clear vision and competence and the ability to find compromise and ways of working with those who could help you achieve your long-term goals.