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Gemini Weekly Sunday 13th August 2017

Your ruling planet is retrograde and we are also in that period between eclipses. It's probable then that you'll be aware of shifting allegiances and, hopefully, ideas that people would like to explore if they had the time and cash to do so. These dreams (or wishful thinking), whether they are your own or those of colleagues, are important. In fact, ahead of next Monday's Solar Eclipse plans could be put in place to schedule their development. The scheduling part may be particularly important. In fact, as the Moon passes through your sign (from Tuesday through to Thursday) notes you make could later be found to be the building blocks that enable things to happen. All that said, this same period could prove expensive. If on holiday you might not mind these costs: if, however, they are work related, it might be wise to double-check invoices and, perhaps, seek alternative suppliers.