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Gemini Weekly Sunday 19th February 2017

Next Sunday's Solar Eclipse is in another of the Mutable signs. This is one of the major markers for the year and in your case, suggests career development will be a priority in the coming months. It may be apparent during the course of what promises to be a very busy week, that change is likely to come sooner rather than later. It may be that before the end of this week someone declares their attention to move on. This may not be the person you at first suspect of thinking this way. Though on the one hand, this could relieve you of a difficulty, it could also cause you to be temporarily flustered. Hold the thought that one of the traits associated with your sign is ability to multitask and to show magnificent versatility. With the assistance of those born under either Virgo or Capricorn you could, before the Eclipse, both plug an apparent financial leak and face down someone whose determination to do things their way could yet be thwarted.