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Gemini Quarterly

First hold the thought that until mid-April Venus is retrograde. Progress is most likely after April 15. Despite a probable hiatus, it would be as well to defer major decisions until after this date. Indeed, it could even be some weeks after that before you feel you're making real headway. That does not mean that the month of May will be a waste of time. As of April 21st, Mars enters your sign. From then, asking questions, comparing prices and generally fact-finding should serve you well. You may remember that Saturn is presently travelling through your opposite sign. There's high probability of you experiencing a major obstacle as Mars opposes Saturn at the end of May. This could take the form of difficulties with travel or legal arrangements. Until these are negotiated you could feel held back. That's unlikely to be the case in June. Indeed, from the Full Moon on June 9th and Jupiter's station a day later, you could make singular progress. Deals struck between June 10th and 20th though requiring due diligence, could yet be exactly what you wanted. It's probable then that despite the very considerable obstacles that might need to be negotiated during this quarter, that by the end of June you will have turned a corner and that more than one person will be applauding your successful efforts.

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