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Gemini Quarterly

Of course much depends on your actual birthday however, with Saturn presently passing through your opposite sign, no doubt you've already felt the brakes being applied and are reviewing your position. It's very likely indeed that by the time the lunar node moves from another of the Mutable signs on May 9, that you will have arrived at definite conclusions as to how and where you want to live. Actually, making essential changes could be thrust upon you during March - and particularly as Venus turns retrograde on March 3rd . The decision to move in a different direction might have already been taken of course. If not, it could be driven either by international relations or health considerations. It may be that you could improve the quality of life considerably by reducing the amount of responsibility you carry. What is perhaps imperative, is that you have a clear idea as to how much work you're able to bear before Jupiter changes signs on October 10. What you presumably don't need is an increased or to heavy workload. That though is a distinct possibility unless you practice the fine art of delegation: something you need to put into practice as early as February. A further, and strong possibility is that around June 6 an unusual or rather unexpected opportunity will present itself. As for many other signs, you may need to take an educated risk. This though could be done with the support of those born under the Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. Indeed, the people from these signs (though all very different), have in common an awareness of managing practicalities. In particular, a Capricorn could give sound and helpful advice in the last 10 days of 2017 that result in you adjusting to and enjoying a new pace.

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