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Gemini Quarterly

The Sun has now passed its opposition to Saturn. And yes, it's probable that the challenges of the last 18 months can now be put firmly behind you. True, there may be a few more to face between now and when Saturn leaves your opposite sign in December. Now though you may have more control, or at least understand better the parameters under which you're working. The Sun's alignment with Mars in Leo on July 27th is followed by a solar eclipse in that same sign on August 21st, together suggesting that relationships with work colleagues and with neighbours are about to take off in new direction. This could be truly exciting. Yes, you might have concerns before the end of July that an item or service is not quite as valuable as you'd hoped. This though is but a temporary blip compared to what you coped with earlier in the year. It's possible too, that around this same time you'll choose to make a major investment which others think is risky or foolhardy but which you sense would make a difference to your overall approach to life. Note that from July 26 until the end of this quarter, Mercury, your ruling planet, dances backwards and forwards at the very base of your solar chart. Comings and goings in your domestic life are likely. Anticipate more guests and frequent short journeys. All this though could make for a delightful third quarter of the year.

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