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Gemini Monthly February 2018

This month's solar eclipse (15th ) is in another of the Air signs and, from the financial perspective, puts accent on credit card management and investments with a global edge. As you might expect from this sophisticated New Moon, this is a time for new beginnings. Then, with the Sun, Mercury and Venus positioned at the apex of this chart from Monday 19th, apportioning funds in several directions seems likely. In real terms, that means considering at least five different savings pots. You don't need to throw all eggs in one basket. Balanced risk assessment could be achieved by the end of the month and, most likely, with the assistance of someone prepared to 'do business unusually' or perhaps born under Aquarius. Unexpected expenses could derail plans over the weekend of 23rd to 25th reminding you yet again of the need to have an adequate safety net in place. This too could give rise to arranging a meeting with someone to act as your financial mentor or minder for the year.

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