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Gemini Monthly August 2017

As was the case back in February, there are two eclipses this August. The first, a Lunar is in another of the Air signs on Monday 7th. That's followed two weeks later by a solar eclipse. The period between the two is generally found to be unusually eventful. Though your sign at one level doesn't seem to be particularly affected, with Mercury spending an extended time in Virgo (another of the Mutable signs) it's probable that you will be much affected by decisions taken by others: especially where living conditions are concerned. True, you could be caught up in a property issue. As has happened several times already during 2017, valuations and estimates might require attention. Deals that are not concluded before August 13th could be turned on their head later. It's just possible too, that you could find much better deals after the solar eclipse. As an aside: in the last few days of August you may find that something that has been a side-line has the potential to be a second revenue stream.

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