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Gemini Monthly December 2017

The promising news is that Saturn leaves your opposite sign on December 20th just slightly ahead of your ruling planet, Mercury, turning direct on 23rd. It's probable then that before the end of the month you will cut a financial deal. True, this may be more expensive than you would have hoped for. It does though mean that you will start 2018 on a fresh footing. Mercury turns retrograde on December 3 and in your opposite sign. It is absolutely not the case that Mercury's retrograde periods (there are three in any year), are all bad for communications. They do however offer periods for reflection and review. In your opposite sign, you may find that it's not you who's doing the obvious rethinking but someone whom you feel has messed you about for much of the year. Though you might not be entirely happy about disclosures made after Mars joins Jupiter in Scorpio on December 9th, at least then you should know better what you're up against. All signs will surely have to deal with rising interest rates before the end of 2017: requiring review of budgets. Though it may be the last week of the month before contracts are even drafted, you may sense by the time the Moon reaches your sign on Saturday 30th, that a new way forward is on the horizon and that all is far from lost.

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