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Gemini Monthly February 2017

Travel and general communication costs are likely to be the subject of much discussion over this next month and beyond. An important solar eclipse takes place on 26th. It may be some days after that however and possibly into March, before you arrive at conclusions as to where you want to live and work. A determining factor may well be increased travel costs both in terms of fares and time. Of course, much depends on your actual birthday and it isn't necessarily the case that you will change career entirely. Even so, developments mid-month could both take you by surprise, whilst delighting you that there are opportunities for you to at least consider. Exciting as all this may be, and particularly whilst the Sun is travelling through another of the Air signs until Friday 17th, practicalities, valuations and hard-hitting discussions are probable in the last 10 days of the month. Armed with new information however, and perhaps around the solar eclipse which may be thought of as a sophisticated New Moon, you could take the first steps forward on a slightly altered career path with probable and near immediate effect on your finances.