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Gemini Monthly May 2018

All signs are likely to experience a bumpy financial ride from the New Moon on May 15. If there are global financial repercussions from Uranus' move into neighbouring Taurus, these could be felt in your investments and savings. There may be little you can do to protect yourself from this. On the positive side however, with Mars' arrival in another of the Air signs on May 18 - and for an extended stay, - the potential for you to identify areas for future growth increases. Indeed, it may be possible, - particularly in the last 10 days of the month with the Sun in your sign, - to identify sectors that are set to take off in the coming years. It may then be possible to buy in at low prices. At a very personal level you might need to give particular attention to the changing costs of imports and exports. Gemini is likely to be greatly affected by movements here. Though it may not be possible to protect yourself entirely, yours is one of the more versatile signs of the zodiac and finding alternatives should prices rise may not be beyond you.

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