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Gemini Monthly April 2017

As of Friday, April 21, and just as the Sun moves into Taurus, Mars arrives in your sign. This particular combination suggests a key moment when partnerships of all kinds demand extra attention. The primary partnership of course is with yourself. You may decide around this time that you need to make serious investment in your image - both in the fashion sense and via your CV and online presence. At another level entirely, this could be about a business partnership and assessing its long-term viability. Recall that Venus arrives at a key station on April 15 not so many days after an important Full Moon. It's probable that the week beginning Monday 10th will prove a dynamic one as regards financial matters generally. Perhaps because you were then so aware of the volatility and even the instability of certain dealings, by 20th you might determine that a full reassessment of your position is necessary. Valuations could have your full attention from that date. And yes, it is possible that before the end of the month a surprising offer will come your way. Between 20th and end of the month, it would be advisable to turn attention to insurance and long-term pension arrangements. It may be that there are incentives for investing in these now.