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Gemini Monthly October 2017

if there is indeed a music of the spheres than this October should bring a key change. Once a year, Jupiter changes signs. Its move from Libra to Scorpio takes it from the research and development area of your solar chart and into the day-to-day working area. And yes, you'd be right to conclude that for the better part of 12 months your workload is set to increase. That though may be something you'd welcome. Venus and Mars don't conclude their journey through that R & D department for some weeks yet so, through October, you can try out new ideas, dispel myths and, where applicable, make things work. It's probable that the period 11th through 18th will be particularly turbulent. And yes, that could also mean that this is an expensive time. A degree of crisis management may be necessary over 18th and 19th and yes, it may be necessary to dig into savings. Rather better news awaits at the First Quarter Moon on October 27th. Then, though it may be clear that you need to put in extra effort, work perhaps longer hours et cetera, financial improvement is possible. Bear in mind however that this quarter especially it's essential to live within budget. A credit squeeze before the end of the year is far more likely than not.

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