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Gemini Love Friday 16th February 2018

Following on from the Solar Eclipse on 15th (a special kind of New Moon), the next seven days should prove interesting - especially after the Sun crosses into Pisces on Monday. It's entirely possible that you've already captured someone's attention. The problem there, (if there is one), is that you may not yet have noticed their interest. It could take until next Friday for you to realise the impact you've had on someone you've met recently. Though this may be something you laugh about later, it could astound certain people (especially those born under Aquarius), that you appear so immune to this attention. There is of course, another possibility: if in a long-term partnership, you may be deliberately choosing to ignore certain activity. This though is arguably not your best move. By the First Quarter Moon next Friday, having good lines of communication open may be imperative if you're to keep this partnership away from the rocks.