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Gemini Love Friday 24th March 2017

It might be as well to consider pressing the pause button this weekend. Note that the New Moon isn't until Tuesday and that real action is likely post that event. Before then you could get into all sorts of mischief by not carefully observing your reactions and indeed the reactions of others. The Sun aligns with Venus and yes, you could experience one of those 'eyes meeting across a crowded room' moments. It's quite possible however that you could tune into vibrations that aren't healthy long term. Indeed even as early as Tuesday, friends might advise that you're flirting with danger. It could be that you are craving excitement. The art though is surely finding someone who excites you in such a way that the best in you comes to the fore. It would be as well to take particular care that you're not drawn to those who thrive on crisis and drama: you would perhaps do better in the company of those who have good listening skills and the ability to help you to refine your observational skills.