Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 20th July 2014

You may remember that last week's entry of Jupiter into Leo from Cancer marked the start of a period of 'cosmic unsettlement'. Though the worst of the rapids are likely to be passed by this Thursday, it will most likely be after Saturday's New Moon when the effect of developments is most marked. It might be as well to prepare not for the unexpected this week but more for a change of pace and, quite probably, a decision that will mean going back to square one with a project that has already demanded so much energy. It would be understandable if you felt this to be the last straw. Yet indicators point to your profile being raised and your words listened to with care. You probably don't need to be told that you were 'right' all along but could nevertheless enjoy being vindicated. If there's a down side it's that Friday could find you at 'all hands to the deck' and working fast and furiously.