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Capricorn Weekly Sunday 24th April 2016

Whatever your working scene, it's probable that interesting developments within a network will impinge on your routine. It could be that there is a political element to this. You might also, before Mercury stations at the end of this week, be put in a position where you're forced to take sides. This might not be part of your master plan at all and could feel decidedly uncomfortable. A twist on this would be giving support to someone younger who gets all caught up in a situation where they are quickly out of their depth. It's unlikely that you will be immune to curious forces presently at work and though not necessarily caught up in a political drama yourself, be nevertheless be intrigued as to how an apparently secretive organisation works. It's perhaps also worthwhile mentioning the possibility of chaos being caused through an inappropriately worded email as Mercury stations on Friday. As of mid-week, it might be wise to be particularly careful about your own use of language and also how messages are distributed.