Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 26th October 2014

With Mercury's station at the apex of your solar chart on Sunday, it's probable that commercial interests will be uppermost. Buying and selling could be a big theme. Though all those born under your sign can't be currency traders, it's likely that many Capricorns will need to think about moving cash around - and the costs of doing so. Though you could apply yourself with ease - and find good terminology (copy-writing) if you need to put an item up for sale, explaining your actions could be time-consuming. There's potential for you to be exceedingly irritated by someone who asks you to explain things over and over again. Yet it appears that some kind of teacher or messaging role will fall to you before the end of October. It may be that you're asked to train a team. At a different level entirely, you could excel in a quiz. It's possible too that as of Thursday, what to wear for a special occasion at the weekend will require a late night shopping or 'swapping' trip (yet another variation on buying and selling).