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Capricorn Weekly Sunday 23rd April 2017

It's probable that you now have your work cut out. Mars has now arrived in the sign of Gemini and until early June moves through an area of your solar chart associated with day-to-day operations. As you might expect, Mars, the 'red planet' is associated with high energy. It's probable therefore that you will have lists and lists of things to do - much of it related to steps taken at the end of March. Indeed, what was decided around March 29th might well return to your desk for clarification. It's at this point that you might truly value the efforts of someone skilled in due diligence. In some ways, this period between now and early June could be seen as being a period of practising strict schedules and strategy. Note however that Mercury is retrograde and that before the weekend makes another alignment with Uranus (the planet of the unexpected). Having a safety net in place would be wise. Those of your sign are known for practising caution. Whereas others might be a little histrionic presently - it might be incumbent on you to be the calm at the centre of the storm. It's worth mentioning that some of this could be related to an electronic issue that requires urgent attention.