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Capricorn Weekly Sunday 22nd May 2016

The knock-on effect from last Saturday's Full Moon may be felt for some time. With Jupiter reaching an important aspect with Saturn (your ruling planet) and as Venus opposes Mars, tensions could run high all week. The 'good' news is that Mercury is now moving forward (and in another of the Earth signs) so progress could yet be made. That said you may feel as though you're fighting with one hand tied behind your back and keeping on top of things might not to be at all easy. Part of the issue may be that systems on which you are supposed to rely simply don't perform to required standard or that risk assessment exercises require that normal pace is adjusted. Pressures could be great. Yet through this period, and perhaps because you react so coolly to storms, you might also be 'called in' to discuss long-term options. Though what's offered might not be entirely to your liking, elements of a deal could appeal greatly. What you likely need is time to consider options - and, perhaps, to catch up on sleep. Planning a restorative weekend may be more important now than ever.