Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 21st September 2014

This could prove a dynamic and exciting week. True, the next stage of career development might not start until after your birthday. The period between now and then could introduce you to a whole new way of thinking and living though. (Freelancers should find this period very interesting indeed). With the Equinox (Tuesday) followed by a New Moon (Wednesday) that accents the apex of your solar chart, and that in turn followed by another major aspect, an offer could wing its way toward you. At the very least it seems you'll be ready to consider options that are unusual to say the least. One possibility is that you'll be asked to head up a project that has a 'top secret' element to it. It may be that this is an idea that's been incubated for the last couple of years but now has both a budget and momentum. All this may lack is a time-line and team. It could be that leading and directing this group has your name written all over it.