Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 21st December 2014

Your ruling planet, Saturn, moves into Sagittarius on 24th: so marking a fresh set of responsibilities and, most likely, the need to review your c.v. and the way in which you self-promote. It would be as well to view this as being a long-term project that probably won't be concluded for a few years. It might also be that a project you've been working on quietly, shows the potential for becoming a second revenue stream. Of course, it may be that through this holiday period you finally have a few moments alone to take things to the next stage. Anything Internet-related should show considerable promise before the weekend. Another possibility is that something that starts as something of a tease midweek, turns into a solid idea for an app before the weekend. In short, your commercial genes could be in excellent form by Friday allowing you to view 2015 with some excitement.