Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 20th April 2014

This week a rare configuration takes place. Pluto - still moving through your sign is one of the key planets in this 'pattern' that could have particular impact. Note that all this takes place between last week's lunar eclipse (15th) and the solar eclipse (April 29th) which is in another of the Earth signs. Yes, this is complicated and so too may be events here on Earth. It's highly likely that you'll be asked to take charge or to at least steer a project away from pending disaster. What's highly unlikely is that this will be a week of non-event. At the very least it would be wise to have in place essential back-up as there's high probability that you'll need to delegate. Neither are challenges likely to be confined to the work-place: at home too you may need to deal with both urgent repairs and a family situation that warrants contact with experts in areas about which you - for the moment - know little.