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Capricorn Weekly Sunday 7th February 2016

Many factors suggest that this coming week will be exhilarating for all signs. You might recall that Mercury turned retrograde early in January. This week it returns to degrees first crossed in the first days of 2016. Matters still unresolved from that period are due for review. As it happens, Monday's New Moon also marks the start of the Chinese New Year. It may be renegotiation of duties and responsibilities takes place before next weekend. At yet another level, you may be asked to join a higher layer of management where your opinion is eagerly sought. True, power issues could surface. Note though, that Pluto has been passing through your sign for some years now. It's unlikely you lack experience in dealing with difficult people. Finding common ground and a way of working that combines talents ought not to be a problem. The ground work though in putting a team together could be achieved before Friday.