Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 28th September 2014

It's quite possible that you'll choose to join a network this week but then find that for the first three weeks of October there's not as much time as you wish to follow up on those connections. Joining up is unlikely to be a waste of time though and could bring real rewards late October or early November. It's probable that you now need to be more aware of developments in your particular industry. It might even be that you need to go 'under the radar' to find out more. Though perhaps not entirely happy with a team that's not quite gelling (as yet), you could still make progress before the weekend - and probably by setting an alarm system whereby others need not be afraid of pointing out errors (their own or those of others). It might be necessary to make allowance for someone who's clearly having difficulties presently. You might also find that someone you thought wasn't up to a task at all is more than capable.