Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 23rd November 2014

It's Mercury's turn for a last meeting with Saturn in Scorpio midweek. Since this coincides with the Moon moving through your sign and as Saturn is your ruling planet, it seems likely you'll come to a conclusion or face an 'end of the matter' at some level. True, this could be a long-drawn out process: perhaps lasting until Saturn changes signs in late December. It's probable though that you'll have a sense of things moving on, of a chapter closing and that once this is done, you'll no longer be living with a weighty question mark hanging. On the upside too, someone travelling through could bring news that at least makes you smile if not laugh out loud - and could lead to some provisional planning for a trip in 6 months' time. Key in all this may be someone who's birthday is around now and who, though they probably can't join you, really wants you to have this goal.