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Capricorn Weekly Sunday 28th August 2016

By the end of this week, it may be apparent that information given has been less than complete. For some, it may be that a training scheme has not lived up to earlier expectations. Others may decide that though a course once looked perfect, the actual environment in which it is offered is not. This week's Solar Eclipse coincides with Venus' arrival at the apex of your solar chart and Mercury's retrograde station. It could take until the end of September for you to feel on sound footing. For now, considering options will surely take priority. It is just possible that a closer working relationship with someone born under Libra (or perhaps Taurus) will make a difference to your long-term planning. A Solar Eclipse is of course a type of New Moon. It's usually at least some days after the lunation before early promise is realised. To this end, it might suit you to arrange a key meeting for early next week when cards can be laid on the table and when you're likely to feel sufficiently empowered to declare unhappiness at certain proposals - as well as confidence in what can be achieved and within which deadline.