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Capricorn Weekly Sunday 24th July 2016

At the end of this week, Uranus appears to stand still at the very base of your solar chart. Though this occurs annually, the positions of the other planets vary. In this instance, much points to an emotional and family mini earthquake. Of course this could be of the nicest kind. It may be that this is holiday time. Yet it could also be that an announcement stops you in your tracks. Hold this in mind during the early part of the week when discussions about arrangements for September gather pace. It might be wise not to commit to too much as you may need to make alterations later. Tensions within a group or team are probable on Friday. You may need to be ultra-flexible and even attempt the impossible by multitasking in situations with which you are unfamiliar. It would surely be wise to plan time out over the weekend to recoup energy and to bask then in the acknowledgement that you've stepped way out of your comfort zone yet excelled.