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Capricorn Weekly Sunday 25th September 2016

Mars arrives in your sign. It makes a transit of this area of the zodiac every couple of years. As you might imagine, Mars, as the planet of energy, demands action. As it happens, this transit coincides with an alignment of the Sun and Jupiter at the very apex of your solar chart. This particular aspect hasn't occurred for over a decade. Aside from the fact that family matters might require particular attention, it's quite possible that at work you will be seen as having superhuman qualities and asked to rescue a situation that really is in a mess. Yes, this does seem to be a recurring theme. What's slightly different this week, is that you might now be empowered to choose those you want to work with. Whether you're choosing a study group or selecting those whom you could train up to do certain tasks, you could make brilliant headway. If there is a downside, it's that the paperwork involved could be onerous mid week. Perhaps more than any other sign though you understand that if this is put right at the beginning things are more likely to run smoothly later.