Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 1st March 2015

First hold the thought that a planetary 'hand grenade' could be thrown mid-month and that protecting your position before this arrives would be wise. True, there may be much for you to be excited about. There might even be something to celebrate. Renewed contact with a team whose ways of working you really enjoy is probable. Be aware that the above mentioned 'hand grenades' could take the form of changes to their plans. However, as early as this coming weekend it may be apparent that they cannot fulfil promises. It's not just the mid-March hassles that threaten disruption, but also the approaching lunar eclipse (April 4th) that also marks the closure of a chapter - and then, the opening of a new one. These though are turbulent times. Interestingly, something you may have been involved in for nearly a decade could gather momentum - offsetting disquiet elsewhere and bringing yet more excitement to your door.