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Capricorn Weekly Sunday 13th August 2017

By the end of what could be a messy week, you may not know whether you're coming or going. In part, that may be due to Mercury's turning retrograde in another of the Earth signs. That could prompt a change of heart in many people. If recently returned from holiday, you may find that decisions made in your absence also require a complete rethink of a schedule. To make matters rather more complicated, the parameters of a task may have changed entirely. Getting a grip on all this surely won't be easy. Note however that we are in that strange period between eclipses when many people tend to change direction and even break habits. By next Monday all could be different yet again. The art may be to regulate the amount of energy and goodwill you're prepared to give. On a brighter side, if you are away from your desk through this period, the potential for discovering an area you'd like to research more is considerable. You might also come to the conclusion that there is a career direction you've yet to pursue and which could be open to you soon after next Monday's solar eclipse.