Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 19th October 2014

At some level you may feel you're winding down. It may be that you sense a relationship (most likely with a relative) is reaching a turning point. Fresh equilibrium could be reached after Thursday's solar eclipse. These seven days seem to be about a shifting power-base. With Mercury nearing a station (next Sunday) and at the top of your solar chart, a new career phase may be on the horizon. Eclipses tend to shake things up and it may be that someone decides to move on - leaving an opening that, at first glance anyway, seems perfect for you. The only difficulty may be extricating yourself from a promise or contract - or, alternatively, negotiating so that you too can move on when the time is right (probably closer to your birthday). What's especially interesting in all this is your position within an organisation (not necessarily to do with work) where you're asked to accept a place on a committee.