Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 19th April 2015

This could prove one of the better weeks of your year: perhaps because you have a new project to work on. Boosted by the weekend's New Moon and the promise of enterprise, you could tackle even the most complex of tasks with relative ease. Not only might there be the usual rewards for this, you might also know that success will add to your c.v. Slight, but totally understandable concerns raised before next weekend may require you to face a situation where emotions surface. What might soon become clear is that the person at the centre of this is worried about the long term effect on one of their relationships rather than the task in hand. Though it's entirely likely that their response to a developing situation is entirely appropriate for their age, it could be more than a little irritating to have to cover for this person - or, if not cover - then give them time to get over this experience. In short, the more you get done at the start of the week, the better you're likely to feel at the end of it.