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Capricorn Weekly Sunday 19th February 2017

Since 2008, Pluto has been passing through your sign - a transit that wasn't experienced at all in the last century. You don't have close ancestors who went through this. Pluto is all about power, regeneration and rejuvenation. As this planet makes its way through your sign, it would be understandable if there were occasions when you were faced with issues centred on power and integrity. This week - and ahead of next Sunday's Solar Eclipse you could find yourself caught up in a power struggle. Fact is that others need you and the systems you know how to operate. They might though be unwilling or unable to reward you in the way you would like. It's quite possible too that you will be head-hunted - or offered an incentive to work to revised hours. With the Solar Eclipse likely to bring new colleagues to your scene, marking your turf might seem imperative.