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Capricorn Monthly January 2017

It is unusual for Mercury to be retrograde in your sign at the start of the year. That however is the case in 2017. A key date in this Mercury cycle is January 13th - just after the Full Moon. It's likely then, that the start of the year could be a trifle muddled. Many signs will be reviewing their position. As a result, you could be left waiting for answers. These though may come thick and fast midmonth leaving you much clearer about the way ahead. It could prove a worthwhile exercise reviewing the last decade and how important this birthday month of yours has been. It's only since 2008 that Pluto has been in your sign. Since then, no doubt major developments have taken place. This year is unlikely to be an exception with ideas put forward around 7th, being implemented by 29th. It would be unsurprising if these were property related. Yet it's as likely, - and particularly in the last four days of the month, - that your natural entrepreneurial flair will surface and that you'll seize on a commercial opportunity that others appear to ignore. If this proves challenging, it might only be that a partner or co-worker doesn't share your excitement or see the potential.

The quarterly scope is expanded to cover 2017.

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