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Capricorn Monthly February 2018

From the financial perspective, it could feel as though you've sprung a leak. As Mars transits a very fragile and delicate area of your solar chart, tapping into existing resources may be unavoidable. From the Solar Eclipse in neighbouring Aquarius on February 15th, a revised financial strategy will surely be necessary. Hold the thought that Saturn is now passing through your sign. Though still in the early degrees, your natural tendency towards caution and prudence will surely not be far from the surface. By the end of the month though true, though first having to make use of an existing safety net, the situation should be much improved. This may in part be due to action taken around Wednesday 7th. It's then that an opportunity to accrue extra cash though yes, this might well require over time or weekend working, could do much to save the day. That said, increased expenses around February 17th may be unavoidable.

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