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Capricorn Monthly March 2017

Those born under the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra or your own sign, could be caught in the midst of a financial storm by the end of March. This needn't necessarily be a bad thing is it may be that a significant investment will be made. Property issues may well dominate. This could be anything from major renovation to an actual move. It is quite likely too that on the career front significant developments will soon take place - though temporarily this could leave you (in the last few days of March) feeling to be in a perilous position. Note however that you may well have been here before. There are similarities between March of this year and March 2009. Just as you negotiated past challenges, there's no reason to suppose you won't negotiate these ones either. That said, it may be particularly important to get good advice - particularly around March 17th - when you may need to pay for expertise to negotiate rules and regulations of which you were unaware. Whilst much of this might sound bleak, March should not be seen as a bad month. Investments made before mid-May could yet prove life changing in a positive way