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Capricorn Monthly August 2017

As you might imagine with two eclipses this month, the first, a Lunar on 7th and the second, a Solar on 21st, all signs could experience a bumpy ride. With eclipses come beginnings and endings. It's common in the period between the two for there to be some disturbance. People behave out of character. This isn't necessarily a bad thing and sometimes genius ideas can emerge. That's entirely possible this August. With both eclipses accenting the financial axis of your solar chart it seems likely that before the end of the month you will be embarked on a fresh path. Note that during the first weekend, and slightly ahead of the Lunar Eclipse, there is a formidable arrangement of planets involving your sign. It may be that family matters dominate or that in some other way your roots are shaken. Resources could be stretched. Interestingly, Mercury turns retrograde on the 13th and in another of the Earth signs. It might seem that the cosmos is serving a reminder that you need to keep on top of skills and talents and that some investment is needed here. This may be something that can be achieved before the next Full Moon in early September. Aside from all this, and perhaps not entirely surprising for this time of year, currency management and indeed how others choose to live and work could have your attention: with you determining that you could adapt some of the ideas to your financial benefit.

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