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Capricorn Monthly May 2018

It's Uranus' turn to change signs this month. Just as Chiron's ingress in April brought a ripple to financial markets, so too could Uranus - combined with Mars' ingress and a New Moon. The dates around May 16th should be viewed as red letter days. Whether or not you are an investor, these dates could find you addressing financial matters as a priority. Of course it may be that there are better deals to be had. Certainly it seems probable that these collective ingresses will leave you in new financial condition. Given that there are likely to be other key developments - especially around the solar eclipse in July, -you might well be advised to keep powder dry and to wait for optimum buying opportunities later in the year. For now priority should perhaps be given to negotiating better terms. Entrepreneurial activities are set to advance greatly in the next seven years. It might be as well to factor this into your thinking and to learn more about self-investment from the start of May. It could be that a profitable side-line could be developed. What seems like blue skies thinking - and certainly would require considerable work, - could before the end of the month be something you are addressing and discussing with a close partner.

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