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Capricorn Monthly June 2017

As is likely to be the case for all signs, any promise in the early days of June could dissipate by midmonth. With both the Sun and Mercury opposing your ruling planet, Saturn, between 15th and 18th there's high probability of you experiencing a financial crisis. It may be that property repairs or tax matters require further funding. After the solstice on 21st however, both partners and close associates may be in better position to pull their weight and alleviate some of this tension. Note too, that with Jupiter direct at the apex of your solar chart from June 9th, that your personal value may have increased. It might even be time to negotiate either better hours or a pay rise. In terms of business investment, the Internet could once again have your attention. There may be opportunities to publish your expertise that that could, in time, provide a useful extra revenue stream.

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