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Capricorn Monthly December 2017

After nearly three decades, Saturn arrives in your sign: coinciding with the winter solstice. From the financial perspective, there may be reason to tighten your belt. Of course, it could be that you determine it's essential you plan better for later in life. With Mercury retrograde from the Full Moon on 3rd, it may be that you are served with reminders of the need to take this action. This is not to say that December can't bring with it a few windfalls. Indeed, between 16th and 19th you could make gain. With priorities changing however, you might decide around the New Moon on 18th, that it's imperative to have a better savings plan in place. What may be as important is ensuring that you have complete control over that investment. For this reason, you may be attracted to buying products and services that focus on essential needs. True, in a few years' time you may be thinking more futuristically. For now, focusing on repairs and essentials and launching that savings plan may be the optimum financial way forward.

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