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Capricorn Monthly October 2017

The start of the month could prove exceptionally expensive with the period around the Full Moon on October 5th requiring particular care. Less than a week later however, Jupiter changes sign. Though clearly this affects all signs of the zodiac, its arrival in that part of your solar chart associated with distribution and networking could mean that you need to advertise less (as word of mouth makes up the difference) or that others are willing to share costs with you. True, essential repairs and investment in training might also deplete resources - particularly midmonth. However, by the time the Sun reaches Scorpio on Monday 23rd, you may feel that those expenses have been worthwhile and that you've made sound long-term investment. That theme of investment and, particularly, tax saving measures, could be heard even louder from Wednesday 25th. It might even be that you are due some kind of rebate. Those who need to rebalance their financial affairs should find the last few days of October particularly productive. It's around this time too, that those in financial partnership may find that their significant other is contributing to the union in ways quite different to those expected as October begins.

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