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Capricorn Monthly April 2017

You may remember that Venus turned retrograde last month. It stations and finally turns direct on April 15 just four days after a Full Moon accenting Cardinal signs like your own. It's likely that the middle of this month will prove an exceptionally volatile financial period - particularly with regard to property matters. You might even override natural caution at least through until Friday, April 6. Yet all could change yet again - and perhaps because others move the goalposts around that important Full Moon. Note too, that through this period Mercury (planet of commerce) enters another of the Cardinal signs. That planet turns retrograde on April 10th. This is likely to add to considerable confusion making the period between 10th and 15th really tricky to negotiate. From Monday 17th however, the way forward should become clear. Indeed, by the time the Sun moves into another of the Earth signs on April 20th, ground-rules may well have been established. Though all this may be very far from what you contemplated back in February, it seems likely that developments will be pleasing - even if you know that some delays are still inevitable. Financially then, April could find you turning a sharp corner with grace.