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Capricorn Love Friday 22nd September 2017

Friday marks the Equinox which in itself usually signals a change in the cosmic weather. This time though, and with Jupiter and Uranus about to straddle the backbone of your solar chart for the last time in about eight decades, and coinciding with Pluto station in your sign, you could, feel blown away. Indeed, emotional disorientation is more likely than not. Those already in partnership with others born under the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer or Libra might not experience this too badly as in a sense, as, though your reactions will differ, there is general understanding. Relationships with those born under other signs though could experience turbulence. This needn't be in a negative way and might in fact be because one or other of you is embarking on an adventure. Whatever, for the next few weekends, there are signs of domestic change and increased attention to emotional connection.