Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 23rd November 2014

Of course busy-ness is normal for this time of year. Even if you haven't actually started preparing for end of year festivities etc, you may be giving thought to what needs to be done and the optimum time-frame. First though it seems there's a contractual obligation to complete - and preferably before midweek if not end of month. Yet it could feel as though you're going against the flow as it appears there are SO many loose ends to tie up. You might also despair that so many people are so wrapped up in their emotional dramas that they aren't in a position to give you the practical assistance that you need. That said, it may be that someone born under one of the Fire signs (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) really does 'get it'. More than that, they may want to help and are willing to go way out of their way to do so. Rather than fretting that they're perhaps not being as sensitive in their approach as you might like, you could delight in the fact that things are getting done and that by December 1st, a few obstacles are negotiated.