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Cancer Weekly Sunday 15th October 2017

Key this week is Thursday's New Moon which could bring with it some surprising, even shocking, developments. This lunation coincides with the Sun's last opposition to Uranus across the backbone of your solar chart for many, many years. A strong possibility is that an idea that's been kept under wraps and even, perhaps in the early part of the week kept secret, will be exposed. A leak of some kind is more likely than not. Midst all this, someone (born most likely under Scorpio) might require extra attention. It may be that they feel overwhelmed by developments. Though it's clear that others feel they have the talent and abilities, your concern may be for their overall well-being. Their time management and perhaps, apparent messiness could be worrying to you. Though there are no easy answers, a useful conversation could occur before the weekend that makes clear that they at least understand their position.