Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 25th January 2015

Tuesday's First Quarter Moon coincides with Venus' move into another of the Water signs. Your creative flair might well surface. Indeed, your particular magic and genius could be SO much on display that you're courted by a group you've only recently been drawn to. It appears that your commercial and social spheres are set to expand. Despite the fact that you know instinctively that you can make things work, you may have doubts as to how best to cope with the remainder of Mercury's retrograde period (until Feb 12th). Though this may be a cosmic test you could do without, it's probable that this challenge will prompt you to work more closely with someone who's supposed to share equal responsibility but hasn't as yet (at least to your mind) shown that willingness. It might even be argued that this potential crisis and its solution will change the way this business partnership works - and very much for the better.