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Cancer Weekly Sunday 23rd October 2016

Until November 21st, the Sun moves through the research and development area of your solar chart. This really is the time to focus on work-play balance and, where necessary, invest in those leisure activities that bring real pleasure. That said, with so much likely to be happening on the domestic front, finding time to pursue that exercise might not be at all easy. Yet this is surely imperative. It's probable that those close to you are experiencing a period of turbulence. This may well have begun during the eclipse period in September but still be ongoing. There may be joint financial matters requiring urgent attention before next weekend. Again, these discussions could intrude on that research and development time. Even if it's only for 10 minutes a day though, you could achieve much. A further possibility is that those with international connections or simply just passing through, will bring ideas and energy. These experiences too are important. Challenging as it may be, giving yourself space to explore these opportunities would surely be wise.