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Cancer Weekly Sunday 4th October 2015

If everything seems topsy-turvy, then maybe that's how it's supposed to be - at least until Mercury stations at the weekend. This week could be all about going with the flow and resisting a power-struggle (could even be internal). Organisation and clarity will come - but not, perhaps, until Mercury completes its apparent pirouette in a few weeks' time. That said, from Venus' move into Virgo on Friday, the seeds of a routine could be sown. What may be draining are plans discussed that you don't feel have any practical base. A twist on this could be coping with a water leak: manifestation of energy not flowing in the right direction. Note that the Moon's nodes are moving from the base of your solar chart and that this cosmic gear-change will no doubt require some getting used to. A strong possibility is that neighbours and work colleagues will soon offer assistance in ways you'd never have expected.

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