Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 19th October 2014

You may have already decided that the routine of the last few weeks doesn't quite work. Yet you might not be ready to start anew until early next week. It may be that you really need breathing space just to assess and, maybe, tidy up loose ends. It might also suit you to renew contact with someone who seems to have mastered a schedule and who, maybe, could now share some tasks with you. Job-sharing of one kind or another might be much discussed. Take note though that Thursday's solar eclipse is in another of the Water signs. These 'sophisticated New Moons', once they get to work bring all sorts of opportunities. You're likely to be on the look-out for anything that would allow you to expand your very considerable creative talents. It may be that this was something you wanted to do closer to your birthday but that other obligations have got in the way. As of the end of this week and with support from two friends (probably a Taurus and a Libra), you could find that essential space and time.