Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 14th September 2014

If you thought you were busy before, get ready for a marathon that's unlikely to conclude until the end of October. Of course there's pleasure to be had from accessing organisational talents. You might be less enthusiastic at having to juggle so much. Yet it seems that like a worker-bee that has to collect pollen before the season ends, there is just SO much for you to do. It's probable your career has already veered in a fresh direction and that you've already been mentioned in despatches as being the 'can do' person. All this could impinge on family life which looks to be similarly busy. It might be as well to factor in something going missing or astray midweek - potentially creating an expense you could do without. It's likely too that a neighbour will ask you to listen to their career woes and help them with a decision they have to make by the Equinox (23rd). The process could teach you much about the way in which you evaluate - and prove a useful exercise ahead of an opportunity that's suggested before the weekend and could become reality early next week.