Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 19th April 2015

Just how integrated you are within a team should be apparent by midweek. It's even possible that you will receive extra reward. At the very least accolades could come your way. That said, pressures may be great and high standard professionalism required as you deal with a situation that's quite out-with your experience. Yet it's likely that not only will you excel but that someone who acts as if they are 'all powerful' will acknowledge that they really could not have achieved success without your considerable assistance - perhaps prompting tentative discussion about a project that's very long-term but where it's felt your input would be invaluable. Given this weekend's New Moon in another of the Cardinal signs, it's quite possible that opportunities to develop your career will obvious. True, you might wonder midweek if you really can maintain the pace - perhaps prompting talks with someone who would provide back-up when things get really busy.