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Cancer Weekly Sunday 13th August 2017

It would be wholly understandable if you had lists and lists of things to do but lacked the energy to complete them all. Bear in mind that there is a Solar Eclipse next Monday, 21st and that conditions should improve after that event. For now, you could feel swamped, and possibly slightly irritated: either because transport is hard to organise or because every time you start a task you're quickly distracted. It might also be that you're waiting for information which won't be available - possibly until after Mercury turns direct early next month. That's not, however, to suggest that this week is all bad. Indeed, the reverse could be true. By the time the Moon reaches your sign on Friday, you should be clear about priorities and, particularly where domestic matters are concerned, know which campaign you want to launch and when. Work-wise too you could be given a heads up about a project that will take off - most likely at speed - soon after the Full Moon on September 6th.