Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 1st March 2015

Those of your sign are prone to worry - or at least show obvious concern - even when things are going well. With considerable planetary action affecting your 'career' zone early this week - and most likely in a good way - you could experience something of a 'high' yet also wonder if this is going to be accompanied by a major low. You may well be right to detect that a planetary storm is on the horizon (hits midmonth). Yet that ought not to stop you from enjoying the moment. It's probable that you - and a close colleague - will be in the spotlight and that your talents and contribution to a success story will be remarked on. That said, a time line or schedule could yet be adjusted which would surely put you under pressure. It might also be that someone who has been working with you won't be able to give attention to your needs. For this reason you might need extra emotional support over the weekend and, could, perhaps suggest to those who could provide it, that you'd really appreciate this!