Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 14th December 2014

It's entirely possible that more than one colleague (or partner) is set to embark on a fresh career path in 2015. Hints about this may have been apparent since October. It's entirely possible though that you haven't yet embraced just how much you will be affected. You might even need to uproot if not embrace yet more disruption at home. The good news is that what others seem to truly appreciate is the way you value the traditional and just how much effort you're prepared to go to in ensuring that practicalities and technicalities are addressed. In the process it may be necessary for you to put your foot down - or at least make clear your needs. Far from difficulties being insurmountable, the straightforwardness of your negotiations may be very much appreciated so that soon after next week's solstice and New Moon, the next stage on your career path begins.