Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 22nd March 2015

We are now between eclipses: a period that concludes with the lunar eclipse on April 4th. By then, a root and branch adjustment of your career options may be made necessary. The 'good' news is that with Venus moving through Taurus, attending to practicalities should come easily. You may also find you have more assistance from friends and colleagues (most likely born under Aries) than you'd have imagined. Perhaps it's their turn to be understanding? It might also be that they sense they too are moving on but that without your expertise they'd be going nowhere. It's just possible too that you and a team could have something to celebrate before month end. Anticipate being given considerable credit for having got things to the stage that they are. Know too that this could be the start of something much bigger and that the nurturing you give to a project now could yield big rewards in January 2015.