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Cancer Weekly Sunday 23rd April 2017

Mars arrives in your sign on 5 June. From this weekend until then it makes passage through one of the more fragile areas of your solar chart. It would be entirely in keeping with this transit if you felt fractionally overwhelmed by the number of tasks to be done. With Mercury retrograde until the beginning of May, it might seem that everything is never-ending. That though is not true. It might then help to know that at the end of this week Venus arrives in another of the Cardinal signs. What seems hard going before then should then feel more pleasurable. It may be possible to boost energy levels by enlisting the assistance of those who are either experts in their field or who have considerable life experience. With that assistance, and despite the fact that the list of tasks to be done seems never-ending, you could make more progress than you think. It might help to be aware, that on Wednesday there is a New Moon. That too should bring an extra surge of energy your way; - likely in the form of friends who turn up just when they're needed. Not to be seen as a spanner in the work, but an exciting opportunity, on Friday as Mercury and Uranus align. at the apex of your solar chart, a unique proposal could come your way.