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Cancer Weekly Sunday 18th February 2018

With the Sun joining Mercury and Venus in another of the Water signs as of Monday, and recalling that the recent Solar Eclipse (a very special kind of New Moon) ushered in fresh energy, it would be unsurprising if you were at least talking about making a long journey if not actually buying tickets. Exciting as this might appear, considerable tension is probable - at least through until Wednesday. Fact is, that certain people may not know how they would manage without you. At a slightly different level, you may have real concern about someone already travelling and whose ability to look after themselves is questionable. You'll perhaps have a much clearer idea as to what ought to cause worry, - and what ought not -by Friday's First Quarter Moon. What does seem likely is that poor communications may be at the root of pressures requiring the calm and steady support of a Capricorn who, while sharing your concern, is more confident of a happy ending.