Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 20th July 2014

However well you've coped with recent planetary gear changes, it may be that you need to let others know what this has cost you (at every level). It's not that you necessarily want to be rewarded - but you probably do need to feel appreciated. If that doesn't happen by Thursday then you could throw one of your tantrums. If this happens rarely (likely), then consider that you might not be very good at this kind of display and so might not achieve the desired outcome! If this is something you need to do, then perhaps you could rehearse first? Of course your efforts could be noted and yes, by Thursday you could be really fussed over. The glow this leaves would also see your creativity shine out. With a burst of constructive energy on Friday you could then 'direct traffic' so that a proposed production can be launched soon after Saturday's New Moon and with your name behind it.