Weekly Horoscope from Sunday 24th August 2014

Monday's New Moon coincides with the start of yet another cycle. Whilst the New Moon dictates the month, this other cycle dictates the next couple of years. It's entirely possible that by the end of the week you will indeed be thinking long-term and determining a strategy for a time line of around 27 months. How certain people organise themselves may be an issue. Tempting as it may be to say that you'll take over certain aspects that they clearly find really hard, this might not be in either your - or their - best interests. What's vital for you is that your time to be creative is not compromised. You perhaps also need to let a certain person know what would give you peace of mind. It's quite likely that someone you haven't seen in ages and who works in a similar field to your own will return with an offer that would require a professional commitment from you of at least 18 months.