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Cancer Weekly Sunday 24th July 2016

At the end of what should prove a busy week, the planet Uranus appears to standstill and at the very apex of your solar chart. It may be that by the weekend you're standing on the threshold of a career opportunity. Unexpected events are more likely than not. Those of your sign do best when well prepared. It might be as well then as of Monday, to think contingencies and to ensure you have the contact details for those who would provide backup if necessary. Midst all this, you might also decide it's time to update your image. This needn't be dramatic but a small change that makes clear to others you look after you! Highly likely is contact with those who live and work far away. Arrangements might need to be made before the weekend if you're to take advantage of a rare opportunity next week. With that in mind and given the importance of home and nest, ensuring you have around you the things that leave you feeling safe should be seen as paramount.