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Cancer Monthly February 2017

With both Venus and Mars moving across the apex of your solar chart, career-wise you could be more energised than usual. With that energy could come a fast-moving revenue stream. True, costs might also be high. The tricky dates are the first two days of the month and 22nd through 24th. Caution is advisable on these dates. That said, decisions taken over the weekend of 11th and 12th could yet prove wise. This would surely be particularly so, if financial 'homework' is undertaken in the early part of that week. You would be an unusual Cancerian if you adopted a high-risk strategy. Yet it is likely that this month will find you reaching out of your usual comfort zone. By the solar eclipse on Sunday 26th, turbulence (and not necessarily of the negative kind) could be experienced in your financial affairs. Those involved in financial partnership may also find that around the 22nd, a partner's decision-making has impact; prompting thoughts about spending more on service providers to release you both from certain chores and enabling you to focus on a strategy that would save money by the end of the year.