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Cancer Monthly April 2017

This month's Full Moon on April 11th looks to be super important for those of your sign. That's because the planet Uranus is involved in a quite extraordinary planetary formation. Uranus as you may well know, is the planet of the unexpected. Surprise announcement that week might require you to think fast about the general direction your financial life is taking and how best to secure your position. The good news is that this coincides with a Mercury retrograde period and the high probability of you accessing parts of your brain that are particularly good at both negotiating and thrift management. It's probable that around the Full Moon and before Venus stations on the 15th, that an assessment of your assets will be necessary. This may well have something to do with property management or decisions taken regarding your long-term career. It may be that soon after Friday 21st, you determine to invest in an area that is all about gaining knowledge. This would include paying experts to undertake certain tasks for you. With this information, you might then be well placed to seize an opportunity. Indeed, what might seem as though it's going to be a step too far around Friday7th , could prove surprisingly easy to negotiate on Friday 28th.