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Cancer Monthly December 2017

Mercury turns retrograde at the Full Moon on 3rd. From then, and through until the 23rd it might be as well to anticipate the plans will have to be rethought. It's absolutely not the case that every time Mercury is retrograde that communications breakdown: much depends on the area of the zodiac involved. It is probable however, that arrangements will need to be remade especially if overseas connections are involved. Planning could prove exceedingly difficult. That being the case, costs could easily rise. It might be as well to be prepared for emergency repairs to deplete funds between 6th and 10th. However, with Saturn arriving in your opposite sign on 20th ( and just as Mercury slows down prior to appearing to move direct again), close friends and partners should be shifting financial gear too. Discussing joint investments, though initially pleasurable especially between 15th and 20th, could leave you with something of a financial headache around 21st. The good news is that thanks to information gleaned from unexpected quarters (most likely around 16th), you could find a way of cutting one cost entirely - though true, that may be so that you can underpin an expense elsewhere. All told, and by the end of the year you might agree you need to tighten your belt further, yet also agree that this is something where you excel.

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