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Cancer Monthly October 2017

October is special in that just a few days after the Full Moon on 5th, Jupiter changes signs. Obviously this will affect everybody, but, in your case, it's arrival in that sector of your solar chart associated with research and development, pleasure and leisure activities, it's entirely possible that growth will come through using your considerable imagination. One area to which you could give attention is connected to short distance travel. It may be that by forming an alliance you could cut costs here. Domestic expenses might well be great midmonth. Indeed, it might be as well to have a contingency plan in place for the period 15th to 21st. In terms of income and investment, promising news could come your way in the last week of the month. Indeed, at a point where others are convinced that all is lost, you could see a bargain. It's then too that you could be hugely supportive of a partner or colleague who has an idea as to how to develop second revenue stream but requires your assistance. This too could bring out your creative abilities and, though agreed that the first couple of years of this would be tough going, also bring the sense that this is an investment over which you would have control..

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