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Cancer Monthly August 2017

It's reasonable to expect that with two eclipses accenting the financial axis of your solar chart this August, that such affairs will be in the spotlight. It may be that with the Lunar eclipse on 7th, you draw a line under an old arrangement. The Solar eclipse, two weeks later should mark the opening of a fresh cycle. Obviously much depends on your personal chart: it's probable however, that this will prove an expensive month - at least through until Mercury stations on Sunday 13th. From then, recovering your position, stabilising and determining a new budget may be all-important. This can be done by Friday 25th and should leave you , - by the end of the month, - feeling more confident about the future. Bear in mind however that with Uranus stationing for the last time in one of the Cardinal signs for many years on August 3 and that being followed by the Last Quarter phase of Jupiter and Pluto (also in Cardinal signs on 4th), that key decisions will surely need to be made. This needn't affect your home or nest but might require you to take a different approach to your life journey altogether.

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