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Cancer Monthly June 2017

Mars enters your sign on June 5. Though this happens every couple of years, it doesn't always coincide with Jupiter's crossing of the base of your solar chart. It's highly likely then that from June 5th , investment in property will take on particular urgency. For some, this will surely involve obtaining estimates for expansion. Fact is, that many Cancerians will want to expand their view of the world. From replacing windows or even, for a few, taking on an extra property, you may be driven to find essential funding. It's perhaps also true, that during this period investing in those companies that support building projects will suit you well. All this said however, there is the danger of overspending. Care will be needed - particularly in the first 10 days of the month. Taking time out to assess your financial position between June 15 and 18th could prove wise. It may be that insurance costs will be higher than anticipated and that an emergency fund will have to be raided. Of course, these times too will pass though it should be borne in mind that until Mars leaves your sign next month, maintaining financial control will require particular effort.

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