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Cancer Monthly May 2018

It won't be at all surprising if all signs are forced to negotiate a financial bump in the road mid-May. There is an old adage: 'to sell in May and go away'. In short, consider taking profits at the beginning of the month with a view to reinvesting later in the year. Whilst obviously it would be necessary to discuss this with a financial adviser, it is worth taking note that mid-May, Mercury, Mars and Uranus each change signs. Since the latter only does so approximately every seven years, the financial waters could be treacherous. It would be wise for everyone to have a solid strategy and safety net in place before the New Moon on May 15th . Turbulence is probable before the end of the month. All that said, by combining forces with others in similar situations to your own, there is the potential to reduce costs substantially in the last days of May. You should then find bargains. Contrary to this, this would not be a good time to sell. On the horizon - and possibly suggested as early as the very last day of the month, - a new business opportunity and revenue stream could arrive.

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