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Cancer Love Friday 22nd September 2017

It wouldn't be so surprising if you found the next few days highly dramatic. This won't apply just in romantic and emotional terms, but affect all areas of your life. A build-up of planets in Virgo suggests that short journeys will require much attention and time. It's likely too that the needs of siblings, neighbours and young children will similarly affect you. Finding quiet time to explore a new relationship might not be easy. All is set to change after next Thursday once Pluto stations in your opposite sign and Jupiter and Uranus have their last opposition across the backbone of your solar chart for many years. As is likely to be the case for all those born under Cardinal signs, it does appear you are slowly turning a new page. Cancerians are not known for doing things at racing speed and so have greater potential for enjoying and savouring every moment of the journey. Relationship-wise you could be particularly turned on by those with great sense of humour and who understand just how stretched you are. If they're smart and offer you something to look forward to in a few weeks' time, then this relationship could be built on meaningful bricks.