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Aries Weekly Sunday 13th August 2017

Mercury is retrograde and we are in that period between eclipses. At some level, you might think you're running backwards - though that's unlikely to be the case. You're probably right in thinking that others are in danger of promising more than they can deliver and that they lack essential resources. Yet all could yet change. True, you may need to wait to implement plans until at least after next Monday's Solar Eclipse on the 21st or, at worst until after the next Full Moon on September 6 - by which time Mercury will no longer be retrograde. It may be that the cosmos is setting you a challenge in patience. The one thing you could focus on during this period however is conserving energy, - or at least deploying it in areas that give you satisfaction. In short, exceeding a personal best, improving your knowledge base, and renewing acquaintance with someone who may have been instrumental in your early career steps could all prove useful exercises. It's just possible too that someone from the past will return: not to haunt but to remind you of a situation that required particular courage for which you are still respected.