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Aries Weekly Sunday 23rd April 2017

Your birthday period might now be behind us, but with Mercury and Uranus aligning in your sign at the end of this week, the spotlight could be very much on you and your ideas. Tempting as it may be to make announcements over Monday and Tuesday as the Moon passes through your sign, it might be as well to press the pause button and to listen carefully to those whom you see as competitors. Carefully analysing their position - particularly around Wednesday's New Moon could yet be rewarding. True, with Mars and Pluto in aspect to one another, then it might be very hard to say little. Yet like the 'master general' of an army, assessing positions and not declaring your hand too hastily might make it possible for you to undertake a successful ambush. It's probable too that information, which may have been held up by Mercury's retrograde status, will arrive on Friday -complete with an idea that near genius and timely.