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Aries Weekly Sunday 17th June 2018

You probably know that the four most powerful days of the year are marked by a solstice or equinox. This week's solstice is given extra emphasis in that it coincides with Venus' opposition to Mars. Venus is travelling through the research and development - or affairs of the heart - area of your solar chart. It's probable then that you will experience some kind of creative crisis. It may be that you choose to do more work from home or that work that has been done at home needs now to move to where it can be given greater space and attention. If there is a difficulty, it's that you might fear others are about to run off with your work. Ensuring that you retain intellectual copyright or credit is important. In this respect, and given that the Moon will be passing through your opposite sign at the solstice, it might be as well to take time out early in the week to ensure that you have an advocate in place should a 'war' situation arise.