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Aries Weekly Sunday 15th January 2017

It wouldn't be so surprising if you felt to have hit something of a brick wall around Thursday's Last Quarter Moon. It may be that a career or work situation simply has to be accepted even if it's far from what you want. As the Sun moves from Capricorn into Aquarius on Friday fresh cosmic weather is promised. It's then that you're most likely to realise the extent to which you are the power behind a throne. Whereas at the beginning of the week there may have been moments where you felt almost out of control, by the close of the week you could feel very differently indeed. Note that in 2017 Venus turns retrograde - and from halfway through your sign. The potential for you to build bridges with those who really could advance your long-term aims and objectives will surely increase even if there are difficulties to be negotiated first. Rather than being simply maddened by obstacles you would perhaps do well to make notes. It's entirely possible that what someone proposes as a rule or regulation will prove entirely unworkable: giving you the satisfaction of saying I told you so.