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Aries Monthly June 2017

Every couple of years Mars, your ruling planet, moves across the base of your solar chart. It could be said that this puts 'fire in your belly'. At one level, it could leave you susceptible to rashes and skin inflammation that is actually a manifestation of irritation with the outside world. Yet it's also likely that this will bring with it the need to improve nesting conditions and asset base. This year, considerable care should be taken as on July 1st (in a months' time) Mars opposes Pluto. This is not the time to overstretch yourself, - particularly if debt will be involved. Bearing in mind conditions later in the year, priority should be given to paying off debt rather than increasing it. That said, it might also be imperative to undertake renovations or repair before these prove too costly. In short, it's probable you have much to think about, - especially in the days leading into the solstice on June 21. Note too that on June 9th, Jupiter, which has appeared to move backwards in your opposite sign the some months, at last stations and then appears to move forward. You could feel nearly press-ganged by others to take risks. Arranging a meeting with a financial adviser might be wise for June 17 or 18th. Those in a position to invest should perhaps focus on property or firms dealing with building supplies.

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