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Aries Monthly April 2017

. Mercury, the planet associated with commerce, has now arrived in one of your financial zones. The night before the Full Moon on April 11 it appears to standstill before turning retrograde. You could view the period between April 10 and 20th as an excellent time to get financial affairs in order. In fact, this could be imperative as early as Friday, April 14th. Following on from a likely hiatus at the Full Moon itself, Venus arrives at its direct station. It may be then when you realise you've overspent in terms of a makeover and that it's now essential to take better control of your affairs. The good news is that this is something you could do with ease. True, this might require returning an item or selling off something that no longer brings either pleasure or feels like a good investment. Your entrepreneurial spirit though is set to surface in the very last days of April bringing with it the potential for balancing the books. Throughout all this you may have reason to be super grateful to someone who understands credit card management well or, at a different level, someone who is familiar and can recommend the best way to invest in growing global markets.