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Aries Monthly February 2017

. For a variety of reasons, the weekend beginning Friday 10th February could prove expensive. True, this might be linked to Valentine's Day early the following week. It's as likely though, that there is a significant expense on the horizon. Before making payment, and perhaps around Tuesday 7th, it would surely be wise to do a final risk assessment and ensure that there is an adequate safety net in place should there be difficulties later. The temptation to speculate could be greater than usual. There's perhaps nothing wrong with that approach, provided that you are as well informed as possible and that you don't bet the ranch. The last 10 days of the month could find you significantly financially challenged. This is where you may have reason to be particularly grateful to an adviser whose experience and caution could yet save you from difficulty. Over the last weekend of February it would be as well not to overspend on fashion items or on investments linked to either oil, pharmaceuticals or media.