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Aries Monthly October 2017

Jupiter changes signs once a year and in 2017 does so five days after the Full Moon in your sign. October 5th is special - not just because of that Full Moon - but because that same day Venus and Mars begin their new cycle. The combined effect suggests a volatile period to be negotiated by all signs. Yours though is the sign of the champion. It's expected that you should lead the way. And yes, it is possible that by Jupiter's arrival in Scorpio on October 10, you will be ready to give others marching orders and to find a comfortable rhythm to march to yourself. That might be made necessary by events demanding quick action. With both Venus and Mars moving into your opposite sign through October from respectively 14th and 23rd, you will surely find that others do indeed have great expectation as to what you can achieve. Pressure then is probable. Under these conditions it would be understandable if you blew a fuse and that this resulted in costly error. Particular care will need to be taken around Thursday 19th. You should perhaps also be aware that in the last week of the month, and by then driven by the need to reconcile with someone, that you don't overspend in an attempt to heal a rift. Investment wise then this month requires particular care. Where you could gain however is in anything linked to physical strength and, perhaps, and only after very careful consideration, the world of precious metals.

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