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Aries Monthly August 2017

This month's solar eclipse on 21st could be viewed as a starting point for a new type of financial transaction. You might now be ready to take more risks than has been the case in the past. Clearly this has the potential for danger. Yet, perhaps because of what you learn in the very first days of August, you may sense that if you don't take a risk then you can't reap above average reward. Note though that those who are successful risk takers are usually also well educated in the areas concerned. Yet it t likely suits you best to be self-taught and so you could designate the period between the Lunar Eclipse on the 7th and the solar on 21st as being the optimum time to gather information prior to making an investment before the end of the month. True, it might seem to others that you're going completely against the tide. Yet this is often the optimum way to trade. In short then, this month could find you on a fast financial learning curve but, by the close of August still well-positioned to take advantage of rare opportunities.

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