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Aries Monthly February 2018

Your ruling planet, Mars, spends the entire month in another of the Fire signs. It's possible then, that money will flow out faster than it flows in. Just where it's going to may be hard to quantify once Venus arrives in Pisces on February 11th, and harder still when that planet is joined by Mercury on the 18th. In short, you will need your wits about you if you're to maintain financial balance this month. There is however very good news on the horizon: a solar eclipse on February 15 marks the beginning of a new financial journey. If you're prepared for this, then by Saturday 17th you may well have identified a co-operative savings bank or group that suits your present financial style. In terms of investment, and especially from Monday 19th , you could consider anything to do with pharmaceuticals. For some, this might mean replenishing beauty supplies for others, investing in ethical pharmaceutical companies might suit better. It might be wise to focus on those businesses that are long established and to resist the Mars-driven impulse to take a risk.

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