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Aries Monthly January 2017

For almost the entire month, both Venus and Mars moves through neighbouring Pisces. You may know that this is one of the Water signs of the zodiac. It requires little stretch of the imagination to anticipate that with Mars, your ruling planet in the sign, that the cash flow will be fast and perhaps even furious. Until January 8 with Mercury retrograde, the direction of that cash flow may not be as you would like. Whatever steps you can take in the very early days of January to ensure you have some funds available for personal investment over the weekend of 6th to 8th should be viewed as wise. Note too, that with Uranus, planet of the unexpected still travelling you through your sign and opposing Jupiter whilst at right angles to Pluto, that the temptation to play for high-stakes will surely be high. Of course, it's entirely possible that you're effectively betting on someone investing in you or one of your dreams and that what takes place in January is a precursor to all that. All that said, and exciting as this may be, around the Full Moon on January 12th you would do well to ensure that a safety net is in place. Losses quite beyond your control between 19th and 27th might require you to make use of this and in turn could lead to you taking a tough financial decision during the last week of the month.

The quarterly scope is expanded to cover 2017.

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