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Aries Monthly December 2017

It's absolutely not the case that when Mercury is retrograde all communications (particularly financial transactions) go haywire. Much depends on where Mercury is in the zodiac and how it first in with general planet formations. With a major planetary gear change taking place on December 20th (three days before Mercury turns direct), it's quite possible that the first three weeks of the month will bring with them challenging circumstances. True, December tends to be an expensive time for everyone. Yet this year really is different. There are so many unknowns: not least of which are fluctuations in foreign currency markets that affect prices. You will surely need to access the bargain-hunting part of your brain - especially in the first three days of December in the lead up to the Full Moon. It would be wise too, to keep regular checks on credit card bills. There is the danger of error or overspend - especially over the weekend of 9th and 10th. With care however you could negotiate excellent prices between 15th and 23rd. An early 2018 present to yourself could be ensuring that you have a financial safety net in place. Squirrelling funds away, - especially around 19th - may be possible and could you lead to you approaching 2018 with increased financial confidence.

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