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Aries Love Friday 16th February 2018

It would be understandable if you felt that others were running around like headless chickens. Of course this could be fun to watch - especially if you're involved in a social event with a difference. You might even enjoy playing Cupid or be fascinated by the dance steps others are taking to avoid having their attraction commented upon. After Monday though things are very different: then the Sun moves into neighbouring Pisces. This year, that ingress coincides with the Moon's transit of your own sign. You might then be the one to instigate a romantic move. True, you could be rebuffed initially. You might need to find new ways to engage. Yet this is something you could do and with some aplomb by the First Quarter Moon on Friday. The challenge seems to be about finding new vocabulary and understanding that the person in your sites is juggling many things and at least for now, unable to give you all the attention you want. You might need to view this as a cosmic test in patience.