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Aries Love Friday 9th December 2016

Hopefully, you really will be in your element this weekend. With both the Moon in your sign, and the Sun in another of the Fire signs natural exuberance should surface. Yet this weekend the Sun aligns with Saturn. Saturn often gets a bad press - sometimes seen as a cosmic headmaster -demanding you accept responsibility. Yet where affairs of the heart concerned, its influence can be positive. It works well when any kind of traditional event is taking place. It is after all, the planet with the rings and often signifies commitment. It's not the only slow-moving planet impacting those of your sign. You may remember that Uranus is presently passing through Aries. A fabulous aspect between this planet and the Sun early next week contributes to a picture suggesting the realisation that a certain person brings something truly special to your life journey and which, at the start of 2016 was barely imaginable.