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Aries Love Friday 29th July 2016

First the good news: Tuesday's New Moon accents your pleasure zone and yes, affairs of the heart are highlighted. If you're looking for romance, a relationship that begins after Tuesday holds much promise (and yes, that doesn't discount contacts made this weekend - they could move from contact to something more meaningful post Tuesday). Then, on Wednesday, Mars (your ruling planet) at long last moves out of Scorpio and into another of the Fire signs (Sagittarius). All this is led by a striking aspect between Venus and Uranus (still moving through your sign). It's entirely possible that as of August 1st you'll set your sights on someone and make the first move. It's as likely that those already in long term union will find new sparks in their partnerships. So much planetary attention in Fire signs this week suggests that socially (and romantically) this could prove a week to remember.