Love Horoscope for Friday 12th December 2014

If you're looking for deep and meaningful conversation, you may need to wait until early next week. The next few days are for something light and frothy. Of course, you might enjoy the flirtatious atmosphere on Friday. You might also pick up on new vocabulary. You could find the perfect words to capture the attention of someone (probably born under one of the Air signs of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius but certainly someone who reads a lot and loves words). With every effort being made to maintain the party atmosphere, Friday and Saturday could well pass in something of a whirl anyway. However, the mood could shift on Sunday: not only are you likely to be reminded of obligations, but your physical system might remind you that you also need to take care of yourself. In fact, it's these duties and responsibilities and the fact that a close friend feels you've gone over the top, that could bring you down to Earth. It's this that could set the scene for those deep and thought provoking conversations on Monday.