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Aries Love Friday 11th August 2017

Mercury appears to stand still: but it's unlikely that you'll do the same. Indeed, over the next few days you could find yourself rushing around trying to please more than one person: but possibly not succeeding. Fact is that we are now between two eclipses and that most people will be trying to make adjustments somewhere in their life. What those of your sign deal with least well is not knowing where you're going. This weekend you might need to settle for a degree of insecurity. Yet there is promising news on the horizon. With Venus opposing Pluto across the backbone of your solar chart if you want to reinvigorate your emotional life you could find exactly the way to do so. Since this aspect coincides with your ruling planet, Mars, moving through the 'affairs of the heart' zone of your solar chart as one of the ultimate romantic combinations between Jupiter and Neptune takes place, then even ahead of the Solar Eclipse on 21st, you could be scaling significant romantic mountains.