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Aries Love Friday 23rd September 2016

The sun is now moving through your opposite sign and highlights relationships issues whilst Mercury is no longer retrograde. You could be forgiven for thinking that improvement in partnership situations is on the way. That may well be the case. Even so, it might first be necessary to make either an apology or a massive overture. It may be that a certain person needs reassurance that they really are high priority. A strong possibility is that your attention has already been captivated by someone vaguely exotic or different. It isn't necessarily the case that you intend to abandon another partnership in favour of developing this new relationship but a certain person probably needs to know where they stand. On Monday, Pluto arrives at its station making superb aspect to Venus as it does. Reigniting old passions and rediscovering shared values then becomes a strong theme. So much so that you and that special person could spend much of the middle of the week planning treats for one another next weekend.