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Aquarius Weekly Sunday 26th March 2017

As you might recall, Mars is presently moving across the base of your solar chart. It would be wholly understandable if you were exercised about some matters. For some people born under Aquarius, this might even result in skin rashes or occasional outbursts of temper. It might help to note that a rare planetary configuration takes place before the end of March. Many people may feel the need to take action but perhaps few seek advice before so doing. Sensing that friends born under the Mutable signs of Virgo or Pisces might be about to embark on journeys you feel are not in their best interests long-term, it would be understandable if you got involved in argument - particularly around the New Moon on Tuesday. You could gain however by taking a trip and seeing the world from literally different perspective. In liaising with a very old friend or colleague you could also gain better understanding of a situation and perhaps feel less exercised about it.