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Aquarius Weekly Sunday 23rd April 2017

Between now and early June, Mars passes through another of the Air signs, Gemini. This is a transit you might enjoy. With Mercury retrograde and returning to an area of your solar chart associated with communications it may be that changes in your locale require attention. Maybe you are best placed to write an important letter on behalf of the community. You'd perhaps do well to listen carefully to all the arguments in the days leading up to Wednesday's New Moon and to deliver your missive after that lunation. Through this period too it would be unsurprising if something you've regarded as a hobby - or at least a pleasurable activity - required extra attention. Your brain cells might well be turned on by news concerning someone who's been travelling and who's returned announcing an opportunity that you sense is once-in-a-lifetime. Concern however might also grow regarding the needs and plans of someone presently moving house. It would be unsurprising if you were asked to assist either in packing, or archiving or checking arrangements.