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Aquarius Weekly Sunday 15th January 2017

A quarter moon is every bit as important as a New or Full moon. Thursday's could be particularly significant in that it accents the very apex of your solar chart. As might be expected from a Last Quarter Moon, this could signal the last stages of a project. It may be that some kind of handover needs to take place before the weekend. Since this lunar phase coincides with Mars at apparent right angles to Saturn (one of your ruling planets), and given their relative positions, it may be that this marks a closing of a phase. One way or another, you may need to quickly take stock of your position and determine exactly your responsibilities and obligations. With the Sun's arrival in your sign on Friday, you turn a fresh page. Arguably thanks to support from a Pisces or a large charitable organisation, you could at least know what needs to take place before the end of the month. Those born under the Water signs of Scorpio and Pisces may be particularly helpful. Their understanding of how distressed you can be as you await news should be comforting.