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Aquarius Weekly Sunday 18th February 2018

These are early days. The Solar Eclipse in your sign was only at the end of last week. It'll be at least the end of the year before it's possible to assess exactly what's begun and how, and if, it's benefited you. This week, the Sun joins Mercury, Venus and Neptune in neighbouring Pisces. Such heavy accent on a sign associated with dreaminess and yes, at times confusion, though true, also extraordinary artistic ability and creation, could leave you feeling temporarily disorientated. Exasperating as it may be, it's probable that you will be surrounded by those who don't yet appear to have direction. In short, your patience could be tried several times - every day! Hold the thought that by Friday's First Quarter Moon in another of the Air signs, you too may be developing ideas. It's even possible you'll be inspired. Jotting down notes, obtaining estimates and generally undertaking risk management should work well. That would then leave you primed and ready to put forward a viable plan next Monday.