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Aquarius Monthly February 2018

This month's Solar Eclipse is in your sign. Coinciding with Jupiter's transit over the apex of your solar chart, there's high probability of you taking an entirely fresh approach to financial matters: particularly after Monday 19th. Before then, and especially before Saturday 10th, undertaking fact-finding exercises should prove rewarding. Those of your sign have a known ability to think out of the box. Around the Last Quarter Moon on February 7th, an idea that's been playing in your mind for at least a year could return. It may be that something you've considered a promising investment opportunity is then even more compelling. It is of course, always wise to discuss investments with a skilled and experienced adviser. Even if you decide then to go off and do your own thing anyway, a discussion around Wednesday 21st should prove useful. It's not often recognised that those of your sign are skilled at 'robbing Peter to pay Paul': you can be truly excellent at switching accounts to get maximum interest. True, this requires both energy and focus. Around that Solar Eclipse on Thursday 15th, you may be willing to do precisely that. If there is a danger period financially it's likely to be Saturday 17th. If you do decide to shop that day, ensure that you get receipts and that items can be changed later should that be necessary. Care should also be taken if Internet shopping on Sunday 25th. A rather better period for shopping at all levels would be Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28 when you could seize bargains.

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