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Aquarius Monthly March 2017

Venus turns retrograde this month. If the past repeats, then it's likely that this will be a volatile period. It would perhaps be wise to view this as being a period of potential austerity or at least exercising thrift management. Practising this early in the month and before Mars arrives in another of the Fixed signs on 10th could be considered wise. Those involved in lending, may also find that between 10th and 17th that it becomes apparent that money will not be repaid as had been scheduled. In short, it would be as well to be prepared for several crisis situations to arise. These could be ongoing until the Full Moon on April 11. Staying calm and thinking logically will surely be imperative. Of course, it is entirely possible that it's not your own finances that will be under pressure but that you will be involved in the winding up of a project or an estate that costs a significant amount in time if not money. One potentially alleviating factor is the alignment of Mercury with Uranus on Tuesday 28th. It's then that you could be taken by surprise by entirely unexpected news that makes clear that one cost will not be as high as you had imagined.