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Aquarius Monthly May 2018

You may remember that in April, Chiron entered Aries. This planetoid doesn't change signs every year but, as with all slow-moving in planets, when it does cross into a new sign it brings financial turbulence with it. That can now be seen if you look back on market behaviour in April. Further dramas are likely when Uranus moves into Taurus mid-May. This ingress coincides with Mars' move into Aquarius and a New Moon. The collective energies may well bring with them an unexpected financial wave that threatens to throw some investors overboard. Experienced financial surfers might sense this coming a week earlier. It would be wise for all signs to have financial safety nets in place at the very start of May. For those born under Aquarius, it would be as well to check if you are investing in anything, that you have a sound business plan in place and that you can afford the risk. The cosmic weather conditions in May are unlike any you've experienced in your lifetime - even those of the great financial crisis a decade ago. Safety first should be your motto.

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