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Aquarius Monthly April 2017

Mercury, the planet associated with commercial activity arrives at the very base of your solar chart at the start of April. By the Full Moon on April 11th, that planet will have turned retrograde. This could coincide with discussions centring on property and investment matters. The temptation to invest is likely to be great - particularly in the first six days of the month. However, recall that Venus is still retrograde and will be so until April 15th. In fact, that planet doesn't complete its retrograde loop until next month's Full Moon. This then, could be a good time if you're in the property market for assessing what is available and watching just how the prices move over these few weeks. Better deals may be available in the middle of next month. For now, constant valuation and re-evaluation is probable. Better deals as regards insurance could also be found from April 17. That week and through until the Sun's arrival at the base of your solar chart on April 20th could prove extremely useful for archiving, evaluating and obtaining expert advice. Those seeking to invest might also consider pieces of art that would give enhance a sense of well-being. Indeed, updating a wardrobe, having a makeover or, at the other end of the scale, investing in companies working with cosmetics could all be things to consider. The last week of April could find you exceptionally busy - and possibly involved in obtaining a discount deal through combining forces with others with similar interests.