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Aquarius Monthly October 2017

It could feel as though a financial tornado has hit in the first few days of October. Developments, no doubt in the lives of those with whom you share financial interest, may be such that you hit financial turbulence. As of 10th however, Jupiter arrives at the apex of your solar chart for a year-long stay. As you may know, Jupiter is the largest of the known planets of the solar system. Its presence at this point in the Aquarian chart suggests the potential for career growth. True, turbulence is to be expected for some time yet. Even so, difficulties could be turned to your financial advantage. Though clearly much would depend on your personal chart, the last week of October looks particularly interesting. Whether this is a high or a low, it would appear that this will be a financial turning point and that your attention to this area of your life will be crucial. Given that financial worries can also bring on ill-health, balancing the books at this point and at least having a business plan of action in mind would be wise. To this end, you may find that the assistance of an accountant or possibly a friend born under Libra, proves useful. In turn, this person could alert you to opportunities first suggested at the beginning of 2017 and yet to be given attention.

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