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Aquarius Monthly August 2017

With two eclipses this month: the first in your own sign on Monday 7th, and two weeks later a Solar Eclipse in your opposite sign of Leo, it wouldn't be at all surprising if August proved a month of high drama. The good news is that you're two ruling planets, Saturn and Uranus, are still in loose trine formation. This suggests any turn of events might be to your advantage. Whereas others might experience this month as financially treacherous, there is the possibility of you bucking that trend. Indeed, though domestic costs could be high you could yet experience a positive flow of funds between August 21 and 26th. That said, Mercury turns retrograde on August 13 and in an area of your solar chart associated with joint financial matters. It might be as well to be prepared for others to either renege on deals or to ask for further time before implementing them. This might not necessarily be a bad thing. It could be that better terms can be agreed in the very last days of the month. Care should be taken however in the very last days of August when thanks to difficulties quite beyond your control, expenses could once again be high.

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