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Aquarius Monthly December 2017

You could experience a financial shock wave. Indeed by the Full Moon on 3rd (which also happens to be Mercury's retrograde station), you may be rethinking a purchase altogether. With one of your ruling planets, Saturn, changing signs at the winter solstice on 20th, focus on savings may be essential. You likely won't be the only sign to become more interested in minimalism. Even when it comes to gift shopping, you may be more interested in giving someone an experience than a thing. You could also find between 16th and 20th that you really do have treasures in the attic. It may be possible to sell these by 20th giving yourself a cash cushion by the solstice. It might be wise then -, and perhaps on Tuesday 19th, to seek financial advice particularly with regard to long-term pensions and tax -planning. Between 25th and the end of the year, a joint financial matter could have your attention. It may be that by placing a deposit early, that you could secure a discount.

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