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Aquarius Monthly January 2017

The bottom line is that you could rescue a tricky financial situation before the end of the month. To do that though is likely to require that new you negotiate bends and curves quite unlike any that you've experienced in recent years. Fact is that with both Venus and Mars travelling through the sign of Pisces, there is likely to be more going out than coming in. You are unlikely to be the only sign that could experience this but in your case, costs may well be linked to utility or other essential bills that can't be avoided. It might also be and particularly around the Full Moon on the 12th, that a hefty deposit needs to be made for an adventure planned for later in the year. Yet it's all far from bad news. Coinciding with the Sun's arrival in your sign on Friday 20th, the Moon arrives at the apex of your solar chart. Whether or not this is your actual birthday, your financial acumen could then move into top gear. Between 20th and end of month, you could negotiate financial deals, get rid of unnecessary costs and, soon after the New Moon on January 28 make an investment that others might view as a wild guess but which to you seems total common sense.

The quarterly scope is expanded to cover 2017.

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