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Aquarius Love Friday 22nd September 2017

Before next weekend the two planets Jupiter and Uranus (one of your ruling planet's reach their opposition phase. Supported by other aspects, you could think of this as being the crest of an emotional way. It might be as well to prepare for this from this weekend. There's high probability of someone probably born under Pisces but could be any of the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces looking to you for support. Of course, is probable they been doing this for some time. They might also have ignored your earlier wisdom. Once again though you may feel it's up to you to make them see sense. Is it really? You might do better to focus on your own key friendships and perhaps take an old friend by surprise before next weekend by suggesting a rendezvous. Between this weekend and next the moon passes through your sign. This coincides with Pluto stationing in Capricorn and a major aspect involving Jupiter and your Ennis and the backbone of your solar chart. It's probable then that this will prove an emotional week. That need not be a bad thing. This high probability however that you will be asked to be extra understanding of someone who's either been away for a long time or not well enough to attend various events. Helping them pick up the pieces may be part of what this week is about. Their reaction to events and their description of recent adventures could have knock-on effect on your romantic life. In particular, relationships with those born under the Cardinal signs similar to your own that Aries, Cancer and Libra could reach a crucial staging post by the first of next month.